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Cardano ADA vs Polygon MATIC, which of the two will stay Apr 15, · Cardano ADA and Polygon MATIC are two of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the market today. Both have made significant strides in their development and have gained substantial I need money now. Should I use my stocks as collateral for a ,2 days agoThe person could sell vested Amazon AMZN, +0.11% shares at the market value of the day, pay tax on the gain and use the leftover cash for the down payment. Or, they could use whatever portion of vanguard chainlink BITCOIN NUEVO BULL RUN?, binance comprar banco, compañia se une a ChainLink, noticias 22 de Julio
vanguard chainlink XRP Price Prediction - Forecast for , , 2025... BITCOIN NUEVO BULL RUN?, binance comprar banco, compañia se une a ChainLink, noticias 22 de Julio
and what s up people welcome to a new video today Im going to talk about the market and what has happened in the last hours where there are several news to see and analyze a bit after that we can move on to the graphs to see bitcoin quickly looking at the market we see that it is mixed laterally moving 12 percent where bitcoin remains above 9,300 while at beta par we see the similar market so that would be the general picture where dominance is in 62% before starting I want to share this platform of public 0 x where you will be able to win some free kryptos for voting it is very easy below in the description I leave the link as well as a video where he explained more details well lets start We see this news and it is that three key indicators show the beginning of a new bitcoin bullish trend, this is according to what the crypto CEO discloses when he believes that we would be preparing for the next bull room, so lets see those points that share the The first is that the miners are selling less bitcoin, which is a really very positive fact because it first shows that they are going to take a bit of the downward pressure on those sales. The second is that it is very good not to be selling large quantities. it makes you see that the network is sure that it is very good in fact he has been increasing the difficulty has been adjusting and everything is fine because the important thing is that the network stays safe and that the miners do not have major inconveniences so The second is really very, very positive, the low tickets to which it seems that many whales do not want to put their beats coins in order not to want to sell at these prices, so they are not doing it. Well, they think that due to the price it can continue to rise more and still good They remain on hold or in their portfolios in their cold watts, so share this graph with us where you can see that data, so some have been depositing, but we see how it returns and remains low, the reserves of the sections continue to decrease, another the third factor positive that instead of depositing bitcoin, in fact, they are withdrawing it without further ado and more whales continue to withdraw, in fact, on the good side, the reserves of the 80s and 4%, which is positive because many have withdrawn their portfolios from their peers in July to do not sell yes then we see how the reservations have been falling here and it remains at a fairly low point in fact it seems that they continue to fall so they are the points that they share with us and thats good according to the CEO decree what would it be for the next grand ballroom in fact We see that Googles search interest in bitcoin is the lowest since before 10,000, as you can see, the boom room issue is already beginning to be discussed, and the last time bitcoin was searched for in google, and curiously, it rose from 7,200 at 10,300 so that is not an impediment for the price to go up despite the fact that right now bitcoin interest has reached a minimum of 7 months if then well interest has dropped but bitcoin can move you can raise the analysts At the moment they are projecting it at least to 10,000, which is the most difficult area or the most complicated area of ​​ the 10 thousand 10 thousand 500, we see that Pitt Cohen points to one thousand trillion in liquidations in 2020 at the same time as the growth of the stable coins explodes it seems that more than 712 billion have already been liquidated this year and the stable coins have their best year and that is a positive fact because you can see the enormous amount of money that moves that is growing and that according to massari says that with these large amounts, the blocks have not failed as a payment system, so it shows the great security it has and it is really very, very positive on that side, so well, things that they are sharing with us and how liquidity has actually been increasing lately we see that Russian legislators finally approve the countrys main cryptography bill it seems that after several months they have finally approved this new project that provides a legal status for encryption although this will not allow it to be used as a means of payment At least not yet, the case is that they have approved this law and they are also beginning to regulate crypts in Russia, so it is also something positive in that part and well, in fact, we see that the Supreme Court of China favors the strengthening of the rights of ownership of cryptocurrencies the supreme court has asked to strengthen said laws related to digital currency, virtual property of the network and data, so some countries are starting to regulate and strengthen all this issue of cryptocurrencies, in fact also the government of Paraguay offers financing to the project blogs in so this technology is beginning to be added, well, not to all this Paraguayan issue that is beginning to finance startups projects, which can also be positive because it can allow new capital to enter the market, so Paraguay is also beginning to enter here we see this news where it is not a joke elon musk knows how to make the dove coin new the tail a somewhat curious headline but it practically says that every time you talk to you about dove coin it makes the price move recently he made him write something about dog and It is up 16 17%, we see here that he came, he says that buying a traditional bank is not a new idea, says cz, so apparently he wants to buy a bank or, in the best of cases, have his own bank, yes, he says that to interact better with the global regulators so well curious what finance wants to do buy a traditional bank or create its own to get closer to the regulators and everything is a little easier we dont see here that t-systems is now an operator of chain nodes link so very good news since this is a subsidiary of the 80 billion dollar deutsche telekom company that became a chain link node operator and will engage in generalized mining so well it is important for link we see that Therons block ching is the most used due to the stable coins, although at first it was the theme of the altar, not all of this theme, but recently it is more due to the theme of the fic that have caused or the sensation of the moment, we also see that the therion 2.0 latest testnet will be released on august 4th so also positive for this long awaited update it seems that well the tests are still being carried out to the last one to be carried out right now for august although it is not really known when it will be officially launched according to vital and says that it will be this year but other developers say that it is next year the case is that the network over there is entering its last phase we also see that vitali butter in warns that the high rates threaten the security of tel since the fees of transaction to reach 100 way the co-founder warns this part could cause network security so this is something worrying negative because the issue of stability is a complicated issue do not see eterio has been working on that part for many months and years And well, they always seek to improve, right now with the estuary at 2.0, but it seems that I am moral, so thats a good negative, that part for the issue of tariffs and internal security, we see that an open bot there jumps 10,000 million in market capitalization he wrote in the bitcoin talk forum and surprised everyone with intelligent messages, this would be the third generation of the open model, there he wrote an article of 750 words about himself, managing to deceive many readers, the truth is that it is a curious topic but even worrying because imagine inside In a few years, when this is perfecting, not even putting in artificial intelligence, well, in fact, it is an artificial intelligence bot, not that an article that we see on the internet will no longer know who wrote it, if a real person or one of these intelligent bots Incredible no, how will the future be, what do you think about this issue? We see that Jamaica is entering the race for central bank digital currencies, so they are already beginning to become aware of this issue. 70% of thermoplastic knots lose support from their developers. so quite negative for the project in fact almost 30% of the remaining knots belong to the same company so the issue of immutability well it has brought with victor however the currency has started to rise a little nothing more despite how good this is we see that pitt members forget the largest bitcoin mining company is divided due to problems with the co-founders themselves yes where one of the co-founders arrived has taken a part and the other co-founder do you believe that you andy took another part well the one from the factory no then continue this internal fight for beat moon we see that more than 7 million americans own bts but do not have any in their retirement accounts china considers implementing blogging technology in stock trading centers so good important also that part we see that kazakhstan needs a crypto national currency to deal with corruption and that is the great benefits that technology brings, not since it offers that transparency, they are already thinking about it to remove the terrible issue such as corruption, we see that twitter hackers try to launder the funds to Through p2p operations and betting platforms, well, after all the controversy that happened on Twitter recently, everything that was taken seems to be wanted to be removed in one way or another, the Australian Reserve Bank rules out that printing money is the solution. We see here that the bitcoin ers are not looking for a store of value says the defender of gold Peter Chips who asks for more pending bitcoin than gold we see that the cases of reason word and crypto jacking are growing in Mexico so be careful out there how good they are very attentive to this issue and finally we see that india leads p2p volume records among emerging markets which shows that there is growth and great interest or technology and writing so those were the news lets go to the graphs we can know here the bitcoin one where I am in 4-hour candles we see that after having this rise and it fell to 9,200 80 point at which it was able to sustain and in fact, well, here it has gone up a bit again, not lateralizing now, but in this area So good for now, its something positive because in fact now it remains above the two moving averages that seem to be starting to have the golden cross right now, which I had lost at this point, not that they had the death cross and here they begin to have the golden cross at the bottom of the moment it begins to be negative because it begins to lose strength in the bullish direction we are going to see here in one-day candles where good remains positive for the moment above the blue and above 200 there are 8,700 20 at the bottom it remains positive with strong bullish directionality we are going to see here the longs that in fact have been good at this point and the shorts have fallen a bit we are going to see the graph of wine remember that below in the stalin description and some tutorials we see that here it remains positive above 35 here of the rosé one and these two that begin to have an important thickness and we are going to see here in one-day candles where it also remains positive above 3, where blue is reaching nine thousand dollars, so well, I think Im going to leave it until you go home, but you liked it, so dont forget to comment, share from Germany its up and we cant until the next no olvides suscribirte!!BITCOIN NUEVO BULL RUN? binance comprar banco compañia se une a ChainLink noticias 22 de JulioEn esta ocasion voy hablar del mercado y de lo que ha sucedido en las ultimas horas, donde bitcoin y las criptomonedas se mantienen lateral en una jornada mixta, bitcoin se prepara para un nuevo bull run?, binance quiere comprar un banco tradicional, una compañia muy importante se une a chainlink, entre otras noticias importantes. 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