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crypto regulations weve seen Gary gensley today tell show um being questioned about is ether security all of this stuff refuses to say anything you know I think the questions are so pretty right is why can you not give guidance to people do you want to drive away um Innovation from the United States and I dont think anything with the SEC makes a difference the US is not the world I know sorry to break it to you guys um youre um you may be the worlds biggest economy but as I explained in um financial markets these things are liquid they shift they can go anywhere where capital is treated well and they will now theyre not going to ban crypto from individuals in the United States but they try and make it hard for businesses to grow so theyll just move to the UK or Hong Kong or Singapore and the world moves on weve seen it all before so I think its a total red herring to even care about what the SEC does its a shame for the United States uh for the rest of the crypto markets just all noise thank you thank you whats going on guys kdub here with another episode of crypto zombie welcome back to the channel hope youre having a great start to your week bitcoins still hanging out around this level you can see we attempted to have this break up here we got up to about 28 000 and we just got rejected so now some people are saying is this starting to look a bit like a bear flag that is a possibility look we did say that we were at that critical level we were looking for a potential pullback right you need to have that healthy retest however theres two things that are going on right now number one is a signal okay that weve looked at before now the last time that Bitcoin did this Bitcoin pumped 1200 Im not making this up Ill show you in the charts in just a minute however there is a little bit of a catch not only with what happened specifically but also the fact that we have some on-chain data right now thats actually showing something just a little bit concerning all right so were going to talk about what this means it has something to do with the retail investors and how the whales and the big smart money are responding to it now obviously guys the U.S continues to struggle right now right with the SEC and the lack of clarity and there is that talk of you know moving to these other countries moving to these other places but what I do want to talk about is why a massive wall of liquidity could be coming in for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies either way and I just wanted to say this before we even get into the video guys did you see this video from the world economic Forum where basically theyre talking about um data centers but its literally theyre showing Bitcoin mining Rigs and Miners and the company that was responsible for it is involved in Bitcoin mining so did the world economic Forum actually just promote Bitcoin we will get to that and one funny thing just want to just mention this before we thought this was cool so this is the Bitcoin block you can see all the blocks basically these are them and were at 786 823 but if you actually go back here I thought this was pretty cool this message was in Block 666 666 yes so obviously thats not a good number right but right down here you can see do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good so I thought that was pretty freaking awesome guys so if that sounds good to you you know what to do if youre not subscribed definitely get subscribed and did you also see real quick before we get to the charts I just thought this was a lot of interesting things and ethereum Ico participant woke up after 7.7 years of dormancy he received 2 365 ethereum uh at the time it was 31 cents so he paid like 700 and change dollars and now its worth 4.42 million although the bigger question is why after 7.7 years is this account finally waking up and sending one ethereum as a test transaction are they looking to dump well I dont know guys well see about that and make sure if you are going to the Bitcoin uh at least the after party for 60 bucks guys get that 10 percent discount below so lets dive in lets have a look a lot of cool little stories I wanted to start off with but now its time to focus and get serious because we got to talk about the charts so as you guys can see right here again not going to beat a dead horse but we are we did hit the top of this blue area right I said anything above here is like probably super short term take profit area and we said anything below here is super by the dip area right so we are at the top which is where you would expect it to get a little bit overheated and I was saying that Im expecting a retest minimally down here at around 25 300. now we may never get it but I think the likelihood of us getting it is pretty good now could we go even lower than that well its possible because one interesting thing when weve been looking at these moving averages you notice that weve actually uh fallen down to the 300 which is very interesting right so weve had the support on the two here technically closed above here and currently we are above it as well but youll notice that when we came down here its almost like the 300 was providing support slash resistance this time around right so I personally think that weve spent enough time down in this area to convince me that we are most likely and of course this is just my humble opinion I I could be wrong I dont think youre going to see those prices that everyone is calling for could we come down and retest again in the 19 thousands sure thats possible Right retest the top of this band but are we going to get lower than 15 are we going to ten thousand nine thousand I dont think thats happening guys because we are seeing something right now and weve spoke about this over on the weekly now this is the EMA ribbon chart now generally speaking when youre below it its bearish when youre inside of it kind of neutral right kind of got to take a guess when youre above it it is generally speaking bullish you could see you know we got above it right here and we stayed above it for quite some time right here we finally did below it we have you know we tried to break out but we got rejected right so as you guys can see right here we are actually closing above it and were closing on the 89 right thats kind of that outlier so what youre looking to do is you actually want to see the bands twist right fold over so for example you could see this yellow band is on top right and when the yellow is on top you notice that we tend to stay above it when the band flips and the yellow goes on the bottom you notice that thats when we tend to stay below it right well currently right now you can see that this yellow moving average is attempting to break its weight to the top while were being supported on the 89 lavender and if we actually come over here to the last time that we did this you would basically say um that it was you know this point right here right where we finally broke above it and then look what happened so we got above it right here the band twisted and what ended up happening so from that point I mean I dont have to do this math but you know you guys can see from here to the top you know that was one thousand two hundred percent now I do want to just point out that we did go up to 14 and come back down right so you know from that point you know down here we did take about a 30 dip and that took a while right that was about almost a year it was almost a year so if we were to take lets just say hypothetically a 30 dip from this point just to you know kind of play devils advocate here that would bring us down to about nineteen thousand two hundred dollars it still wouldnt put in the lower low and you know this is assuming that we do something like this right we do something like we come down over here we come up you know maybe we dont reach the previous High we get a fake out at around 48 which by the way you know we have said that if we take this right here that is a possibility right from this breakout right we have a Target up here and around potentially fifty seven thousand forty seven to fifty Seven roughly so if that is the case and then we would have the giant pullback you know we could see something like we saw back here but keep in mind that this was because of covet so you know really if you kind of just look at this and you ignore this uh little kova dip it kind of looks like we were just accumulating to the upside anyway right so and Michael vanderpop also says you know maybe Bear Flag potential dumped to the bottom so we are kind of agreeing on this now what is the concern though besides the short term it seems pretty bullish right well according to Glass node the Bitcoin amount of Supply last active two to three years has obviously really really increased so this is showing that a lot of people are now moving their Bitcoin around so is this a good thing is it a bad thing what are they looking to do well if we just look at data from sentiment if you look at historical highs and the losses were basically in a nutshell right now were seeing about three loss transactions for every one profit transaction which means that people are actually still selling for losses right right now so this is telling me that there are short-term people that maybe bought above 30k we got to 30k and they were like screw it I made back half my money thats enough for me because you can even see like last node points out so the blue is the uh long-term realize loss and profits and the pink or whatever color this is is the short term so so basically this uh sort of very light uh you know Peach or whatever color right here um is is at pretty high right now up around the price and you can see that that is short-term realized losses which means people that just recently bought Bitcoin are selling for a loss so that tells me that thats retail right thats not the institutions now interestingly enough we had fire charts by material indicators pointing out that it does seem like there has been some intentional suppression so what this is telling me is that you are having big players buying at these levels but then also trying to suppress the prices right uh a block of ask liquidity suppressing it but like mustache says smart money is probably done or at least very close to being done accumulating he says if you look at this qqe when its above zero accumulation generally ends um and you know just to show his indicator down here it looks like thats exactly what were doing right now were entering into that phase so they say you know he says bears are happy about a few red candles but um yeah its probably by the dip time not Financial advice now Raul Powell who you saw in the beginning of the video hes talking about liquidity coming back into the markets and he says were going to see the next rise of the crypto story and it will go from 300 million users to a billion users or more this cycle and there will be applications you havent even dreamed of or things that you thought werent coming that will come at scale whether its digital identity massive cases of web 3 defy something entirely new ticketing via nfts etc etc right now of course you might be saying to yourself well what about the situation um you know in the US and you know unfortunately he kind of just says that they will probably just end up moving their businesses offshores not to say that thats what we want but its whats gonna happen inevitably if things continue the way that they are crypto regulations weve seen Gary gensley today tell show um being questioned about is ether security all of this stuff refuses to say anything you know I think the questions are also pretty right is why can you not give guidance to people do you want to drive away Innovation from the United States and that is what Ive been talking about for a while Ive talked about on Daily Briefing Ive talked about unreal Vision Ive talked about on Twitter is I think the UK is almost uniquely positioned to take a lot of the um crypto businesses we saw Brian Armstrong from coinbase over in the UK talking to the government and that is not the only organization thats been over there and you see weve seen this before England has one great trick it has a incredible um Financial system democracy and they speak the English language and they have great trade linkages with the entire world so when the U.S stumbles in particularly in financial markets the UK picks up the slack and does something called regulation regulatory Arbitrage all the US banks at this stage over the 90s and 2000s after Big Bang which was the deregulation of the banking industry in the UK everybody moved to the UK to set up business so Goldmans main office London JP Morgans main office London Morgan Stanleys main office London Merrills main office London credit Swiss London sock gen London paribar London HSBC London everybody went to London but here we are again theres a trillion dollar industry called crypto it has been three trillion dollars at Peak this is not a small industry and most people projected to grow to lets say 10 trillion would be gold now gold is based in London as well regulatory Arbitrage so the UK is looking at this thinking okay we need a relevancy in this world we lost most of it because of our divorce from Europe and then having to renegotiate trade agreements with every country in the world because we didnt have the European agreements all of this and also the loss of manufacturing in the UK and the loss of the financial industry so here is the UKs gift and the UK have taken it the last two or three governments have said we want to embrace crypto and theyre setting up their stall for very sensible regulations I mean even just with the recent Mika regulatory framework you also have British multinational Bank Standard Chartered claiming that the crypto winter which began in 2022 is officially over according to a report from Reuters in the report released this Monday standard Charters head of digital asset research Jeff Kendrick highlighted several factors that could potentially boost bitcoins value in the near future these include the recent turmoil in the banking sector a stabilization of risk assets following the end of the U.S federal reserves rate hiking cycle and an improvement in the profitability of crypto mining so he goes on to say while sources of uncertainty remain we think the pathway to a 100 000 Bitcoin is in fact becoming much clearer and now that we have Mika the French financial markets Authority could fast-track crypto registrations for companies like binance that already run regulated digital asset businesses in France Regulators in France are considering the sped up regime as the eus landmark bill was overwhelmingly backed by legislators beckoning a new crypto regulatory era across European States so there is a lot of fun out there there is a lot of focus on the US right now but just remember that I think you know statistically theres like 85 percent of crypto thats happening outside of the US its hard to imagine that right I mean we have like 30 of the mining here but still this is a global Pandoras Box and its been opened and its not going anywhere and they cant ban it um and actually you know technically they cant legally choke it out either just to point it out theyre like oh they well they can say things to persuade people they can keep regulatory Clarity uncertain which makes businesses not want to participate because they dont want to get hit with these well notices and fines but it actually is technically illegal to intentionally create a choke point which is why theyre making it very convoluted and saying its this and that Etc but at the end of the day Ryan sulcus points out you know people who say oh just move crypto offshore and build where its friendly are taking a short-term costly view the U.S has the largest financial Market Reserve currency top software economy for now and we have the first second fourth fifth and tenth amendments enshrined as constitutional rights right freedom of speech bearing arms they cant search you you know without a reason number five is right to a fair trial and 10 is um I dont remember what 10 is why cant I remember 10. somebody tell me what the 10th one is I gotta go back to school guys crypto is at least 2x more valuable and faster growing when the friendly Us in the context of a one trillion Market a 100 million campaign to yield 500 billion of incremental value is the only five thousand acts you will be able to invest in in this decade so yeah uh crypto for me is is is our generations opportunity you know to really have the greatest wealth transfer weve ever seen and its unfortunate because these guys are supposed to be protecting you but theyre really not right so you had the uh whos this the head of public policy over at Ripple saying the USs failure to adopt clear regulations means driving activity offshore which restricts our ability to monitor for illicit and criminal activity the exact opposite result of what the critics are calling for while the U.S continues to focus on enforcement instead of clarity the EU has taken a big leap forward with a sensible Progressive approach to crypto regulation we look forward to building and growing in the European Marketplace and you know coinbase may not be the company that you necessarily want to love I understand they have their pros and cons but you have to admit that they could just be up and saying screw this and leaving it and and going but no Brian Armstrong right here spent the day in DC meeting with members of Congress we need regulatory Clarity in the U.S for the centralized players in crypto for many reasons consumer protection National Security economic growth the SEC has call has caused Untold harm to America with its policy of Regulation by enforcement we will fight to fix that right and then also another video uh excuse me picture in front of the SEC building right here um met with the SEC will continue pushing for a clear rule book in the U.S the U.S cant afford to fall behind on this important technology to update this financial system also important for Regulators to set policy and then enforce it not start with enforcement before there are clear rules at this point seems like Congress will need to step in so yes this is what we need you know um Anthony he made a reference basically he was saying like the SEC trying to rule or or have um regulation around crypto regarding you know the Howie test or like things that happened in the 30s 40s and 50s is basically like having a car manual on how to drive a car and applying it to an airplane or a spaceship right well all you gotta do is step on the gas pedal you know get the clutch going and whatever well it doesnt work on an airplane theyre different it doesnt work on a spaceship right they fly cars dont fly right so digital assets are not the same as the traditional assets so there needs to be a new framework um but again you know getting back to Raul pal he does speak out against the SEC and explains once again they only have so much jurisdiction and so much that they can do do you think the recent noise from the SEC will affect the usual four-year cycle and and the halving so were talking about crypto here no I think the four-year cycle and halving is driven by liquidity the liquidity cycle is driven by the business cycle and the business cycle has gone negative and therefore liquidity cycle is is playing out um I Ive talked a bit about this part of my everything code is the fact that this is like clockwork every three and a half to four years and its driven by the refi cycle of the US government debt markets because everybody reset their debts in 2008 at zero as did all the private sector the governments 100 of GDP in debt um and if interest rates are two percent and economic growth is at two percent 100 of economic growth goes to pay interest which would cause huge problems so they end up refinancing all of this and they use the central bank balance sheet to do it so I dont think anything with the SEC makes a difference the US is not the world I know sorry to break it to you guys um your um you may be the worlds biggest economy but as I explained in um financial markets these things are liquid they shift they can go anywhere where capital is treated well and they will now theyre not going to ban crypto from individuals in the United States but they try and make it hard for businesses to grow so theyll just move to the UK or Hong Kong or Singapore and the world moves on the hedge fund industry moves there like it did with the with the financial markets and then they start trading with the firms lets say coinbase based in the UK and the volume just moves the institutions did the same in the UK so U.S Pension funds would set up operations in the UK they could then do certain things weve seen it all before so I think its a total red herring to even care about what the SEC does its a shame for the United States uh for the rest of the crypto markets just all noise remember when they banned China or trying to band it yeah weve done it three times nothing happened the market went up India same its too big its too big too decentralized by the way during that video I had to Google it the 10th Amendment says that the federal government only has those Powers delegated in the Constitution if it isnt listed it belongs to the states or to the people so someone in the comments who got that right before the reveal youre awesome um so yeah you know again there are going to be tough times for potentially the US bitmax founder and Veteran Arthur Hayes says that Americans are facing an imminent wave of inflation that will severely damage their savings he says the West cannot allow General Capital flight from its markets to places like crypto or foreign stocks and bond markets then you need the reader the the reader as exit liquidity the Colossal debts accumulated since World War II must be paid and its time for your Capital to be eviscerated uh by inflation if the West starts to sense the mass Exodus of capital is on the horizon it will almost certainly make it more annoying and difficult to pull money out of the system the crypto billionaire also notes that the US is already making it harder to store money in decentralized crypto wallets perhaps in anticipation of a potential Exodus from the traditional Finance system moving forward gold and crypto will be the focus they are not tied to a particular country they cannot be debased at the will of a central bank desperate to prop up their financial system with printed Fiat money and finally as countries started looking out for their own best interest rather than serving as slaves in the Western Financial system central banks of the global South will diversify how they save their International Trade income the first choice will be to increase gold allocation which is already underway and of course if Bitcoin does continue to prove that it is the hardest money ever created he says I expect that more and more countries will at least start to consider whether its a suitable savings vehicle alongside gold right and you can see right here while countries work on Central Bank digital currencies and other like El Salvador Embrace Bitcoin as their legal tender Zimbabwe has announced a plan to launch a gold-backed digital currency now why not just use Bitcoin I dont know guys maybe its too volatile volatile so the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe towards the end of last week announced that it was working on a gold-backed digital currency that will become legal tender in the country the move is part of the Zimbabwean government strategy to keep the local currency from depreciating further against the US dollar so it is technically already happening Arthur Hayes is not wrong but its interesting because theyre not just loading up on gold theyre looking to have a token that is tied to the gold price or back or backed by gold so okay so maybe maybe this isnt tied to the price maybe its just physically backed by the I dont know they may have to have it one to one in a reserve but as you guys can see the marriage of cryptocurrency and yes even gold you know but um it really just seems like this is the way that were going and I do want to just end on this so if you guys didnt see this world economic Forum it says that they were showcasing facilities and Tech employed by a cryptocurrency mining firm but they never actually said the word Bitcoin or crypto but you can see right here this was what what are these people what was their name oh I cant remember it oh uh Crusoe Energy Systems now we know that they are involved in mining and you can see right here video screenshots but theyre referred to as modular data centers that are located with waste energy sources to use wasted methane systems to generate power um it was noted this enables the production of ultra low-cost Computing infrastructure by utilizing stranded energy sources that would otherwise go unused so Michael Saylor is like you know even the world economic forum is recognizing the environmental benefits of Bitcoin mining promoting mining without using the b word but we all know what youre talking about so maybe its because they were talking about moving from proof of work to proof of stake and this makes them look a little bit silly but I think we all know what these are data centers come on guys its Bitcoin mining and the company thats in it is known to be Bitcoin miners so I think thats hilarious uh so summarizing everything its crazy times were living through dont get too much dont have too much to spare dont get down too much on yourself you know I I I am very optimistic about this future tough times Never Last right we live through these times and were living through a historic moment but this is definitely that moment youre going to be telling your grandkids about you know I lived through this crypto Exodus choke point 2.0 crazy Madness SEC genzler finds for everybody nobody knows whats legal and whats not right eventually guys I think it will come to a place where we will all recognize and understand where crypto belongs and I think it does personally belong in everyones portfolio and all throughout the world I mean I dont even want to get into my personal stuff right now but theres just a lot of like Im trying to do a lot of like business moves in the background and just trying to explain crypto to these people its like wheres your bank statements and all this its like okay so if I show you digital things in a bank right and and digital digits that are moving from one part of the screen to the other part of the screen thats okay thats legit right but if I show you you know some Bitcoin or some usdc in a wallet well what is that what are they well actually the usdc in the wallet is technically more reliable than the money in the bank I mean if you have a thousand dollars in usdc you have it if you have a million dollars in usdc you have it if you have a million dollars in the bank go try to actually pull that money out in the form of dollars you can you can only transfer it on a screen and it just makes me so frustrated but I really do hope that Society can progress forward and you know we can get these dinosaurs out of the system no offense you know I respect the elderly but maybe its time to just move on to especially when it comes to technology you know not saying that Warren Buffett wasnt a good investor but he just doesnt get it now you know theres a time and place for everything and this is the next part of of the financial Legacy I believe this is the next part the monetary policy of Bitcoin and the introductions of cryptocurrencies and D5 so again guys really crazy kind of rant just if you stayed around for the rant I love you guys youre awesome you know I just like to talk to you personally sometimes were pretty down to earth on here again if you guys do want to go to bitcoin uh you know Miami get that 10 off on the uh the tickets below uh its pretty cool so or just 60 bucks for the after party if youre interested or not um you know maybe you could just catch us hanging around so thats it for me thank you so much for coming back to the channel you guys rock you the reason that I make all these videos every day for free for you guys because I love you and if you do want to watch a free tutorial on how to trade I highly recommend decentralized exchanges a few exchanges are starting to kick some people off uh theyre getting a little tougher with the kyc um I think like by bit for example is uh implementing like full kyc I believe so obviously that could be an issue um there are some solutions to it which I could explain to you guys later um maybe in another video but for now you know just head on to something over you know like Apex you know you can totally trade over here its decentralized you dont have to worry about it theres no limits they have great liquidity so um you know not trying to oversell it but theres options guys theres options so until next time guys thats it if you do want to watch that tutorial check it out right here right now my name is K Dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and of course peace out Last time Bitcoin did this price pumped 1,200%!!!! It just happened again! However, on-chain data shows we may not be out of the woods just yet! 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