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uh looks like were live were live were live hey guys nicola here uh welcome to conscious crypto traders live stream that we do every wednesday at 11 30 u.s mountain time im in costa rica were live oh hi ive got uh welcome im listening to myself on another live stream on another thing hang on a second let me get rid of that i apologize for that guys im listening to myself on all the channels oopsie and here we go yay i just moved and uh its a bit chaotic at the moment youll see in the background its a bit messy though and my kids will do so i do apologize for that but i have an exciting show for you today im on the s p 500 you can see we bounced off of support very nicely got a rally which is why i think were seeing a rally in uh in the crypto market its also coming up to full moon and i want to talk about what price action we can expect between now and saturday after saturday through to may for bitcoin i want to have a look at ethereum i want to have a look at xrp and i want to have a look at chain link so if all of that sounds exciting and and thats going to be really worth your while to get you in a really good framework to be able to make really good decisions conscious decisions with your crypto experience like this live stream click the bell and hit all as uh as we as weve got dive into this really important that you start thinking about your exit strategy if you dont already have it and have your cell orders in and ill tell you why so before we get on to that two announcements number one were having a community sale day of our nft projects so if you head on over to quantum freedom link is in the description below you will join our white white list youll get an email all about how you can receive two free nft for every one that you mint and that offer is off the table in a few days so youre going to need to act now to do that so you want to head on over to the white list uh talks we talk a lot about the project why we think its going to be really of value to collectors and certainly the community were building is going to be value of value because were raising consciousness and then uh the other announcement is that for the month of april weve got 50 off my private mentoring and um mastermind crypto ninjas group which takes you from uh good huddling to good spot trading to good um trading with leverage a years worth of training videos and four mastermind and mentoring sessions live on zoom per month and there is a 50 discount off of that just for april so go down and click the button and check that out after weve gone through our live technical analysis for bitcoin ethereum chain link xrp and uh yeah so i said last week that uh we want to watch this paint zone here for the s p 500 because we were falling right weve been in a downtrend and now we want to get up above here about 447 472 points so that we can um we can know that we are breaking this up this downtrend right so weve got uh a downward trading channel and as you know that is a bullish sign even though we have a bearish market for a moment as were going down creating lower lows ultimately this breaks to the outside and hits all the way back up to where it started if the pattern plays out around about 80 of the time right so thats cool lets get on to bitcoin because this is what i really want you to be thinking about and i have been doing a lot a lot a lot of technical analysis and study of all of the various different opinions as to whether or not were going to get a parabolic run-up or if weve already topped out in the market and you need to start looking at when are you going to sell out of your hotlink position when youre going to start focusing more on shorting if youre trading with leverage and so on uh feel free to ask questions as i go along too guys because i will i will answer those so uh lets just get rid of this several months ago i was warning everybody about the full moon to new moon phases especially the um this one here the uh where are we uh the hang on a second let me just get in here oh im on the four hour thats why its all weird let me come into the daily the full moon phases by the way guys is an indicator you can get on your trading view chart its called moon phases and you will see whether you believe in in the power of the moon over human psychology or not is irrelevant if you just look at the charts you will see new moons dump full moons pump and if were in an upward trend the former the new each time we get into a full moon we usually get a higher high but when we start going into a downward trend were getting um lower lows and lower highs every time we have a full moon but we still get a pump out of it so where were at right now is um a defining moment for bitcoin to to look at this and go are we in a um are we in a uh breakout here see weve got this uh triangle symmetrical triangle where were breaking out and now were coming back up to test this to keep going up or are we going to be re-establishing a downward trend and if youre in our discord server you know that ive been watching um you know watching these chats very closely to have a look at where were at and i think i warned everybody that this new moon we were dumped and weve dumped and now im warning you that weve got a pump and it looks like that pump may have already started so lets look at this in terms of your longer term strategy as well as your short term day trading strategy right i want to go over these dates because these dates have been accurate and weve been warning everybody about them and theyre working out really nicely full moon is on saturday early in the morning late friday night saturday depending on what time zone youre in um and full moons we often dump down into the full moon create a bottom and then we start coming up now we can start pumping before the full moon and it looks like we could possibly be creating a v-shaped bounce here so it looks like we could also all really be going into it now this full moon is all about prosperity so its my sense of it is is that if we are looking for a big pump to get up above 48 000 this is the time that its going to happen and if it doesnt if we get another black swan event you know if we get some other stuff happening then then obviously um you know we are in for a little bit more of a uh a volatile ride but lets look at these dates as we go full moon pump we put it here 15th of april full moon there we warned you about um that should say the 18th of may it says april um the first of april new moon dump weve got that so now were warning you about the 15th of april full moon pump as i said could happen a little bit earlier but the next date that we need to watch out for is the new moon 30th of april through to june where we start going into retrograde season the last time we had a retrograde season this is what happened to bitcoin mercury goes retrograde we dump satin goes retrograde boom massive dump that is where im saying i think thats where we could actually officially top out in the market and head down into a prolonged downward spiral there are some analysts that are saying weve already topped out and we might and this impulse may only take us to uh 60 000 i think it is 58 800 to 60 000 so thats an area i want you to write this down write that down so that you can watch that and make sure that you are uh you are watching around these dates for when we could possibly reverse and not get a parabolic run up right my my leaning is more towards we havent had the parabolic run up but at the same time my plan and my strategy to exit all of my holding positions is to watch this level for bitcoin at around 58 000 to 60 000 very carefully setting alarms because if we get a reversal and we hit and we head down to me thats an indication we could possibly go lower and ill im going to be looking at selling out all of my positions now im not a financial advisor so obviously you want to take what im saying go do your own research and make your own decisions but i want to make sure that you dont miss the top of the market because 90 of people miss it right and they end up and they end up selling when we dump instead of holding for another four hours to uh four years to reach your to reach your um your capabilities now look at this this is this is pure speculation by the way heres our full moon lets say good case scenario the full moon pumps for two weeks all the way up to the new moon right i personally would really like to see this to be the parabolic run-up but i dont know if were going to get that with everything thats going on in the stock market right but we lets say we create a higher high and we come above 52 000 i would like to see us come above 52 000 because a new moon is a dump so we hit we hit the new moon and then we dump but heres the deal on the 10th of may of may mercury goes retrograde and mercury rich grade is usually a reversal pattern so we could start this parabolic run up 10th of may and head back up to where the new moon is on the 30th of may and then that goes into our retrograde season on the 3rd of june for saturn and that could be when the big dump is now im going to take a screenshot of that im going to im going to redo this and im going to post it on trading view and i will post it um in our discord server the link so if youre with conscious crypto traders over at discord um you you can get the link directly so that you can mark these dates and see that is a potential for what could happen now that means that we would top out at 71 to 74 000. i think its possible that we could go to 150 180 000 if we have a parabolic run-up but i am going to be watching what happens here based on dates and im selling out on these dates because when i worked in the stock market we had this saying selling may go away because for a couple of months over the u.s summer season um the charts usually head down right so i i will be looking at scaling out from the 30th of april through to the 30th of may based on whats going on in the charts of my hodling position and my spot trading positions and then we dip ill buy back in the dip if i need to if it looks like were still going to be heading up right thats one scenario this is also another scenario and when you go back to your portfolio you want to be thinking about this and if youre trading with leverage you also want to be thinking about this of putting in shorts that is that this new moon pump may not get up to 48 000 may come back down and create a lower low confirming were actually already topped out and were in a bear market so this is why you want to be marking on the charts when we hit 47 000 to 47 300 you want to be watching very carefully any resistance and any potential pullback because you might need to rescue some of your hodling position and and and then buy back in on the dip if we get the dip thats scenario number two this is another scenario that we just get a parabolic run-up in the next three weeks all the way up to the new moon maybe get a little bit of a dip keep going and then uh plum it down somewhere in may between may and june 4th june 3rd to june 4th right and uh thats possible because when we look at xrp xrp took 24 days to uh to go up to 3 000 right heres xrp and xrp right now is probably going to return you more than bitcoin in my opinion because weve come back down touched the bottom of this triangle right see weve broken out came back down re-tested his support failed but found support here bounced off of it we get above here for this new moon and then xrp could take off it could take off and it could go all the way up to 2.54 in a smaller symmetrical triangle here this is the golden ratio at 279 we could go up to 310 but this bigger triangle here this big one that goes all the way down to the bottom if we treat that as a symmetrical triangle then we could be going to 8.22 and theres a lot of analysts saying that xrp could top out at between eight dollars and ten dollars it is also possible we could go around about you know thirty five forty seven dollars as well depending on you know how this uh ex the ecc law lawsuit resolves itself which i think is were going to have some resolution in the next two weeks which corresponds with the new moon pump right so thats what were looking at for xrp so in my opinion xrp is a really really good entry point right now and you can always dollar cost average down if we break this but were were at the pinnacle of this breakout here so uh given that if you look at the full moon weve got a full moon pump full moon pump full moon pump full moon pump here to the left full moon pump here to their full moon pump and then dump because here is where we started in a downward trend but in an upward trend we we pump higher each new moon does that make sense so so thats uh thats really really awesome so now lets look at bitcoin to see what we could be expecting over the next week um and because it is possible and actually i want to use my other chart my ch my day trade trading chart this one here anybody got any questions on that uh by the way because um i i want to make sure that youre going to go away from this and spend the next couple of days as we head into easter to spend the next couple of days uh really thinking about your exit strategies if we dont have a parabolic run-up and we top out or weve already topped out and we dont get above um you know we dont get above this next high here so this is lets uh this is looking like a w to me can you see that boom boom boom boom and we could now also be creating the beginning of a bull flag on the four hour and that is going to take us two and its a nice w as well because the bottom of the second v and the w is higher than the first one so thats very nice and that could take us to at least forty two thousand nine hundred and uh fifty one so watching this trade here to see if this is a bull flag uh it it is uh it is going to be really important i wouldnt jump into a long if youre not uh anyone right now personally for me i would wait for a confirmation because often we dump on that last day into the new moon before we get a pump and so with pump now we could still retrace back down to 40 341 we could even retrace back down to 37 500 38 500 something like that and then take off for the ball run so these next few days are very uh very difficult days that we need to be very very conscious of uh when were trading hey uh susan kelly raz great to see you here uh so yeah so thats kind of like what im looking at this is also a downward trend see how this downward trend here weve been creating this as support were acting as support we break above that come back down re-test it and take off then i think its off to the races i think we are going to get a very very nice pump and remember on the daily if we come down into the daily i have created this line here which we got we broke above this line here was acting as support this line here acting as ascending support sorry this line here acting as resistance this is a trend reversal um ascending triangle we broke out too early and i remember when we broke out of this i was telling everybody this could be a fake out because weve broken out the pinnacle of this doesnt actually happen until may so we may come in may we may come up here trade down again and here for a while before we break out but remember selling may go away sometime in may we could see the top out so this is the bearish scenario not the bullish scenario on the charts right now not looking good for a parabolic runner so often with bitcoin in the crypto market youve got contradictory um indicators that happens all the time you get a bearish pattern and a bullish pattern paying out so we need to be looking at our bullish and bearish divergences on the daily and the weekly so lets have a look where are we where are we on that because if you if we go back um we go back to the weekly to where we had the big dump the first big dump here we had a hidden shoulders boom so we knew that when we when we touched this line here we knew we were going lower but we knew we were going lower here because look we were creating higher highs on the weekly and we were creating lower lows on the rsi which is a bearish divergence so we knew we knew this may dump selling may go away right we knew this made dump was coming way back in march okay so then when we have a look at this as well we didnt get a divergence for this dump here this was kind of like a neptune gnarly gnarly dump here but now what we want to be doing is watching very hard for those divergences on the weekly so lets get up to date where are we here so we we dont have any bearish divergences here on the weekly we dont have any bullish divergences on the weekly yet but we might have a look at this see this here low weve got a low right here a low on the chart and a low on the rsi and then when we come down here we have a lower low on the rsi but we have a higher low on the chart so thats where we knew we were going to get a bullish divergence where everybody here was saying were going into twenty thousand its going to ten thousand i dont know what they were looking at because there was a bullish divergence on the weekly and divergences on the weekly and the daily and patterns on the weekly in the daily play out more often than patterns on the one hourly or the lower time frames right so we knew this that this was coming so now we want to be watching out for modern day um indications that we are getting a divergence either way to give us an indication where were going and we dont have it on the weekly so lets have a look at the daily is this helpful for you guys id love it if you like you like the videos uh were doing tutorials here um and uh if youre new to the channel wed love your subscription click the bell and hit haul and uh make sure you go over to our discord because we do we dont do videos every day here on uh youtube we do go live uh weekly for a big overview but we do do daily ta in the discord channel because that way uh its closer like we can we can go backwards and forwards you can ask questions and and you make less mistakes rather rather than just watching these flash in the pan videos that dont give big pictures you go trade off of them and then you lose your trade we dont want that karma so we want to be engaging with you so make sure you go to conscious crypto traders so that you can do that ive got a couple of ninjas here love it yeah susan said that uh that that absolutely love crypto ninjas so uh we dont have any divergences bearish on the daily and we dont have any on the daily for the bullish divergences but we do have that bigger bigger divergence playing out as we speak and the question is where will we top out and i think the top will come somewhere before or around the 30th of may of may so i think were going to see continued upward action until around about then april excuse me the new moon in april which is on the 30th weve got a w were heading up have we got any divergences here no we dont do we have any bearish divergences no we dont but this to me is early indication of a ball flag which would confirm this w and a w is also a bottom trend reversal pattern as well if the second v is a higher low than the first one which it is so now lets look at the one hour and then well look at a trade setup for you yeah so that could be a that could be a ball flag and it would it might not be were going to wait for a couple more hours of candles to to see it could just be a little stop off on the way up or we could be reversing back down as i said to create another higher low which is what were doing here right so that bull flag these ball flags are really horrible to play out unless it starts flattening out because the resistance line is on an angle and that means that if you want to we dont know where this is going to break out but this is going to take us up to around about 42 300 to 42 373 depending on where we break out right because if we break out the higher we break out then obviously the higher thats going to go now if you dont know how to trade a bull flag you wait for a breakout you wait for a re-test of the previous resistance as support and bounce off of that come back up and enter here when weve got above the first breakout candle we look down to the rsi the rsis not at the top its around about 60 50 so weve got room to move and the reason why you would want to wait for that confirmation is that the trade could roll over on you if you trade the breakout and you go oh look its breaking out let me trade this it can roll over on you and come back down right which happened uh to a lot of people who traded this breakout on the uh on this breakout here they traded this breakout forgot to take profit here came back down re-test but when we retested we did not create a higher high we created a lower high signifying we hit resistance were probably going to go down lower oh let me show you that again people traded this breakout for did not wait for a retest did not take profit here then when we head back down to re-test as support the previous resistance level as support we bounced off and did not create a higher high and if you didnt take profit here and get out of the long it rolled over on you and you would have got stopped out or be sitting in loss right and thats an m and that m has played out this is why you want to wait for the confirmation to go above where we broke out to signify its not going to roll over on you were going to keep going up then youve got to look at volume and youve got to look at the rsi to make sure youve got room to go up and theres volume pushing it up so the trade doesnt roll over on you if youve got that if you like that uh go press like breath light breath like wheres light awesome so thats where were at i think with bitcoin on the daily i think um i would be looking at watching to see if there is a little bit of a retracement but on the daily this is looking good if we get a close today above um 40 599 and we get an open above that that is a good long to ride this up for the full moon dump and even if we come back down and and we create a little bit of a lower low you can dollar cost average and those kind of trades are a bit risky so therefore you dont want to be using more than two to three percent leverage if it takes off on you you just up your leverage right again not a financial advisor giving you my opinion showing you my strategies you go and do your research and you make your own decisions and you take responsibility for those decisions kelly i swear i need to hear this stuff a hundred times before it sings and its why i say it a hundred times kelly because you do i mean even with me its like oh yeah oh and theres so much to think about and youll forget things right its like oh yeah i forgot to take profit at the new moon oops too late boom now the trades sitting at a loss right so i have to remember that these new moons and these full moons are really good indicators of price action because the price action on the charts is 100 human psychology and we know that the moon affects human psychology so thats that so watch these zones here of resistance 51619 oops i have been getting very very slow bandwidth because i need to upgrade my computer its like three three months uh three years old and i usually find with my the high usage i need to replace the laptop every three four years 57 248 and 58 800 to 60 000. i would be putting in alarms in your training view charts and if you dont have trading view you should you or some charting thing so you can put alarms in because we want to see how what is the time frame of hitting this resistance if we get up here and we go above this before the 30th of may 30th of april that means that the parabolic run-up could still be on if we fail to get above sixty thousand and trade above sixty thousand retested his support and get above it by the 30th of april we run the risk of coming down and creating a lower low because so many traders are looking at this as the um the elliott wave correction out of the top of the market which was whats sitting in around 65 68 000 right believing the markets already topped out and that this is the retest so theres going to be a lot of psychology of people going ah this is it now were going to have a big short so theyre going to be shorting putting shorts in under the belief that its going down then therell be those moon boys and girls who think that this is a parabolic run-up and longs are going to go in so theres going to be some kind of a friction here and lets see who wins this is why you as a trader whether youre if youre experienced thats great you know what youre doing if youre not experienced you need to be watching these labels very closely and as soon as you start seeing a pullback for me personally ive made my decision to sell out of all of my huddle positions and a lot of my spot trading positions so that i can buy back in on the dip based on the belief that these guys believe thats it the markets over were going into a bear market i dont want to be caught with a whole lot of you know loss in and profit and value if that is what happens now if by the 30th of uh april we get above this um then were good i think were looking strong for a parabolic run up hey stefan great to see you here we miss you we miss you we miss you um and yeah so thats that is that making sense questions is that making sense and is that helpful guys right so heres the caveat on the fact that im selling out all my positions and thats chain link because i said well do some ta on chain link chain link acts a little bit differently on full moon to new moon its kind of like got an independent flare to it and then if you have a look at the monthly we know that bitcoin has a halving every four years and so that has in the past given us very clear cycles a halving a pump and and the top of the market and then it moved down to the downside in a bear market to the next halving when we go through that four year cycle so every four years we get a high a new all-time high for bitcoin and then ethereum and then other other coins that follow it now look at this for chain link the market topped out in chain link in february the in 2018 it then topped out again in june 2019. so within a year and a half we got a whole bull bear cycle not four years year and a half this next one was june 2019 through to march 2020 so that was under a year to create another all-time high and then here again 2020 to 2000 and sorry hang on sorry if we create this one here june 2019 2020 sorry lets go back im getting dyslexic june 2019 to august 2020 is one year and one month but we got a top here as well too then the next cycle top so that was one year one month we went from one year to six months to one year on one month 2020 august to the top of the market may 2021 that was less than a year to go from all-time high to the next all-time high so now if we look at this for chain link this looks like the bottom is in for this next year and a half cycle so if we look at 2021 and we go to may 2022 we could get a parabolic run-up in may for link that creates another all-time high and takes chain link to 52 and above right 52 or above 52 right so a lot of people a lot of traders have this idea that when the bear markets over you just go away and you disappear and theres nothing to trade well firstly you can short the market if thats what youre interested in and secondly chain link also xmr which is monero they tend to have shorter training patterns so you can get in at the beginning of the cycle and get out at the end of the cycle within a year to a year and a half cycle you dont have to wait four years like you do for bitcoin and ethereum so thats why youre going to start seeing me doing more ta on chain link because as we segway into the bear market uh for the rest of the cryptos there are still going to be cryptos that you you can do and obviously encrypt if youre a member of crypto ninjas we do cheeky buy orders where were dollar cost averaging down on the dips so it doesnt matter whether its a beer or a bull market you you can still make a profit but from a hodling position um you know link looks like a really good one to be getting into now in my opinion ive been selling out a lot of coins that i dont think are going to do more than 200 between now and the end of may um and getting putting it more into link because links at the bottom and we could be getting into another cycle within the next month or two um maybe august september uh somewhere between may through to september for the huddle position to get a return on your investment which is a lot shorter timeframe than holding bitcoin and ethereum so thats uh speaking of ethereum lets look at ethereum ethereum also follows the full moon like new moon dump full moon pump new moon dump and now it looks like the full moon pump started to happen we got rejected off of the 50 at 2935 found support here could this be a bear flag yes could be remember we tend to dump into the um full moon um and then we reverse full moon is pump right we get to the bottom and then we pump so we look look at that that we could be stepping down that is a possibility im to bring in the ichimoku cloud in just a minute to have a look at where were at oh no its around about the same so let me just do this beautiful that was very nice coming back down here this could be a bear flag and it is possible it could take us down to this next level of resistance at 27 000 and uh two thousand two thousand seven hundred and thirty maybe four short where the link is at two seven six two if you look to the left weve got quite a lot of support here as resistance and then support resistance and support here and back here so that is a possibility so if you are looking at trading ethereum you really need to be watching your rsi and you need to be bringing in your ichimoku cloud and interestingly enough ichimoku cloud is showing the 15th of april heading into resistance so we could indeed get another dump into the full moon before we pump out so that means if youre trading in longs or shorts you if youre trading it along you want to take profit at resistance and um and then get back in on the dip if youre shorting you definitely want to be taking profit as a hit support levels um in case you get the bounce back up and then you get stuck for two weeks in a losing trade if you havent got a stop loss because we end up getting a really big pump does that make sense yeah okay cool great the ninjas are all in here saying hi to each other thats funny okay cool this is a w though so um this is my sense of it i want to come down into the one hour im watching like a hawk for divergences right now on the shorter time frames because i know that weve got one playing out im really looking at this this could be a bull flag or a bart simpson so remember a ball flag weve traveled across breaks to the upside more often than the downside but if in the next three hours weve not broken to the upside out of this and were heading into resistance we could be coming back down for a bart simpson and hit two nine nine five or uh two nine six six maybe even lower right so just let me show you that just for those of you we we i predict but simpsons and inverse bart simpsons um really well in the conscious crypto traders discord server on our daily tax i do a video every day for you uh and then for the ninjas weve got buy and sell orders every day and theres a 50 off right now guys so the link is in the description below for you to join our private mastermind group we have an awesome group of people so look at that that that could be a bart simpson if it is a bull flag it needs to break out in the next couple of hours in which case its going to take us up to this resistance level three one seven three so thats what we need to watch out for and at the moment not looking good to break to the outside ichimoku is the baseline red is above the conversion line green theres bearish were in the cloud red cloud bearish lagging span is in the um uh price action bearish right so now what we do is we go down into the shorter time frames to see if its going to flip bullish and is that going to play out and you can see that the um the ichimoku cloud buy signal has actually just been put in um but i wouldnt feel confident about that because um i would wait a little bit for me personally uh yeah look on the 15 minute its starting to look bullish lagging span above price action bullish green sky ahead bullish now we just want to make sure that we see the green conversion line see how it was on top here then when we down so we knew we were hitting down a bit more now we want to see it flip up above this here and then that could confirm an early um an early warning signal that we are going to be breaking to the upside awesome uh and we dont have any divergences on the 15 minutes so that is that watching this bull flag and well do the daily ta on the breakouts and the training ideas in the discord server crypto ninjas so thats it from me for today just a quick note in the link description below youll find the link for getting on our white list to get uh three nfts for the price of one and our awesome project which uh is a photography project and photography nfts are set to take off big time this year and were certainly hoping that ours will were doing everything we can to make sure it is it is it does that so its inflationary for our collectors were also raising consciousness around freedom and creating paradigm shifts and doing all sorts of amazing um in real life events coming up as well for our collectors so want to get in on that you can go to quantum freedom link below get on the white list gives you all the details of what you need to do and that expires on the 21st april so youre going to want to do that kind of quick smart um and then my trading crypto ninjas group down there 50 off the coupon code that you need to put in to get 50 off is in there and wed like to see you in there its a great group and we go from beginners to advanced and right now were gearing up to be able to still make big profits during the beer cycle instead of packing up and going away because there are ways that you can do that nfts is one of them chain link looking at metaverse another ways as well so yeah we hope to see you over there and uh hey chaotic coda great to see you here i was thinking about you earlier this morning wondering how you guys were doing uh so yeah thats it from me and until then i trade consciously and ill see you in discord server for our daily ta bye for now Nicola will give live bitcoin technical analysis, look at chainlink and xrp as well using the Moon Phases and Ichimoku Cloud indicators in Trading View. Shell also give you dates in April, May and June for warnings of potential Bitcoin Dumps and look once again at whether or not we are in the 2 year Bear Market Cycle or if the Bull Run is still on for a final parabolic run up.Get on our Whitelist to receive 2 Free NFTs per Mint at Join the NFT Project on Tiktok at Become A Crypto Ninja in our private mastermind and mentoring group Use this code to get 50% off for this month only : fifty ️WARNING: Please be aware of FAKE YouTube profiles pretending to be Conscious Crypto Traders or any other Crypto YouTuber soliciting Bitcoin and cryptos from you; offering to invest on your behalf; requesting you to Whatsapp them or join them on Telegram, or any other connection to extract your crypto/communicate outside of YouTube. These guys are scammers. They are trolling crypto channels and stealing peoples’ crypto. Despite Crypto YouTubers warning their viewers of these activities, there are still people getting scammed out of their crypto. 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