chainlink march 2021Bitcoin, ETH & Altcoin Price Prediction For March 2021

Bitcoin's Price Increased More Than 4% Within 24 hours - MSN As it stands right now, the coin's all-time high is $69,045.00. The chart below compares the price movement and volatility for Bitcoin over the past 24 hours left to its price movement over the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit: John Deaton predicts these 4 possible ,2 days agoThe SEC settles with Ripple before producing the documents voluntarily or under pressure from the court. This would end the lawsuit and potentially allow XRP to chainlink march 2021 Bitcoin, ETH & Altcoin Price Prediction For March 2021
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so its the first of march and the first of every month we can look at how the monthly candle closed and what it shows for the month and the multiple months ahead so in this video we are going to look at the monthly candle closes for bitcoin ethereum and altcoins and see what that has to show for the month ahead whats up guys dirk here from welcome if youre new to the channel subscribe below click the notification bell so that you do get alerted whenever i publish a new video and if you want email notifications whenever i upload a new video simply go and sign up for my free masterclass its the first link in the description below all right so before we get into todays prediction looking at the monthly close which just closed for the month of february yesterday lets go and revisit the video that i made i published this on february the 1st where i said the following about bitcoin and ethereum i do suspect this candle could go all the way back up and we could see 42k maybe even higher in february i think that is a very decent possibility so that was at the beginning of february when we were still trading around thirty to thirty three thousand dollars now obviously if we go and look at the monthly chart that was over here at this level and indeed we did go all the way up back up and higher in fact we went way higher we actually went to as high as 58 321 dollars and then we pulled back to 45 000. we are back at 47 000 so lets look what is the candle telling us so basically looking at the chart last time there was a possibility and some other people were talking about that too that this previous candle could perhaps be a top like here and like here and for that to have happened we would have needed a red candle next to it just like in both these cases now obviously that did not happen we went up we went higher and theres no red candle in sight just yet and a similar thing based on this previous candle i think this month for the month of march we could go straight back up and once again higher so i completely would not be surprised this month to see us back at 58k or maybe even higher maybe maybe past sixty thousand dollars this month now one thing we havent had yet which could come at any point is a small red consolidation month you can see in the 2017 bull run we had one here and over here just before this huge run up we had one over here now i actually dont think thatll happen this month because we just had a huge pullback from 58 000 all the way back down to about 43 000 and because weve just had that correction literally yesterday and the day before the last couple days i dont think this month is going to be a huge correction candle or a small correction candle even because this is usually the case what happens in a consolidation after things have been moving up green for too long you kind of get that and we have been having a lot of green but it is just very much looking like this does want to continue to go higher also based on where we are in the cycles ive made lots of videos about that im not going to go over that again but basically were not even 12 months into this current cycle past the previous halving so there should still be time on this cycle so i think for bitcoin theres a good chance that we are going to go higher once again maybe 58k but maybe even into the 60 thousands lets have a look at ethereum so before we look at ethereum lets go look back at last months video this was published on february the first when ethereum was barely barely just touching the previous all-time high you can see back then it was at 1325 so quick quick summary um here a little clip if you want to watch the whole video i will link to it up here and in the description below so if that theory is correct that were lagging well see in this in this next two months obviously well know them in hindsight but if that theory is correct we could double the ethereum previous all-time high by the end of march this year which means that we could be seeing as much as 2 800 per ethereum by the end of march so heading over to ethereum right now that was an interesting prediction but the the monthly candle had a weird weird weird candle right so we had this big pump we went up to two 000 exactly like i said last time were on track for that 2 800 at doubling of the previous all-time high pretty much by the end of march but we had a big uh big pump to 2000 and then we had this huge huge pullback where we closed literally just above the old ultimates quite interesting you can see we closed there at 14 21 and the spike high was literally 1420 so literally a dollar passed the spike high of of 2018 the all-time intra month high um we closed the dollar above that so i think that is still a bullish sign irrespective of how this candle looks a lot of people will say hey this is a reversal candle but i think theres actually a good chance we go straight back up this month next to it and maybe even higher and i do think ultimately still we will hit 2800 but it might not be by the end of march because of how last candle close so from here to go to 2800 in one go i mean its not impossible right it is not impossible it could actually happen if things really really go insane this month but um i am doubting it so i think maybe itll take another two to three months to get there so maybe were looking at the end of april or the end of may but i do feel still think this trend is bullish i think we will still exceed um this this high from february and i think theres a good chance this month we go up very close to or maybe even exceed this high so from what i can see based on the monthly ethereum and bitcoin are still looking bullish and this month this month of march should actually be a green month now looking at the bitcoin monthly returns on average by year you can see the the the month of march is mostly a red month a negative month and remember last year we had a huge negative march we had the the whole crisis um global stock market crash which in march you know crashed all of crypto too right so there is only two green months in march since 2011 we had 2013 which was a hugely positive month and we had 2019 which was a single digit green month for the rest you know its all being read so a lot of people have been kind of expecting hey march is going to be a negative month for crypto and i actually think the opposite is going to be true for this march we will know in 31 days exactly we can revisit this on the first of april and see how well this aged but i think march is more likely to be green because weve just had this big sell-off in february we had the big pull up pull back already before march right so its almost like that pullback had kind of been front run before march and now i think the the stage is clear the the indicators have been reset you know the over overbought conditions have been normalized so i think there is much more room to move to the upside and i think this march is going to be a green month so well know in 31 days and uh lets lets see how that goes and finally lets look at some altcoins basically they all have similar patterns so im not going to go through dozens or hundreds of altcoins obviously but they they all kind of have a similar pattern so you can see over here this is icx so we had a big run up over here in february a pullback just like we saw on bitcoin just like we saw in ethereum so those those move together but this still looks like a positively building momentum and i think this month for icx we will likely see this but also i think we will actually exceed last months high for icx so i think its entirely possible you might have a huge green candle over here all the way up to four dollars this month if not this month probably in the next one to two maybe three months but this this chart is looking good for me i think we are going to head higher the same with other altcoins right the same with arc same thing big spike high pullback i think this month we should go next to it maybe even slightly higher in march and its literally the same with so many of these altcoin charts you can see neo for example we had one two a pullback but i think this is just gonna go up right next to it and maybe even higher in the next one two three months i do see this going a bunch higher not just for neo but for icx for arc for altcoins in general it is looking pretty bullish to me so that was basically a very quick summary of the monthly chart i like to do these updates on the first because thats literally just when the previous months candle has closed and then obviously well do another one on april 1st and we can revisit that so if you enjoyed this video please smash the like button subscribe to the channel if you havent done so already and if you do want to get on my email list sign up for the free master class okay youll get that presentation its an hour of value basically showing you how to profit from the cryptocurrency bull run in 2021 and when you sign up to that at the end of the presentation also i tell you about my program intelligent cryptocurrency so basically thats a membership where everything is included you get access to courses on beginners course technical analysis course you get access to a monthly newsletter where every single month i share my insights and updates of the crypto market as well as a cryptocurrency project that i think has high potential like for example last month we covered a binance coin at seventy dollars literally within two three weeks after it came out it went from seventy to three hundred and thirty dollars um right then okay so we have this months newsletter coming out on the seventh of this month so if you want to be in time for that then just go ahead sign up for the master class and youll get all the details on how to join us inside intelligent cryptocurrency thanks for watching i hope you have an awesome day and i hope we have a very big green month of march see you in the next video peace 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