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Bitcoin while breaking out out of this megaphone formation guys is printing massive divergences often the relative strength index and other momentum indicators what does this mean for Bitcoin is Bitcoin going to dump right here are we going to see a correction in Bitcoin right now or can we still see another push to the offside guys Im going to talk about that in todays video and Im going to give you some clear levels to watch in order to check whats going on with Bitcoin but first of all guys lets just look at the structure and the structure looks still bullish because we had a mega for information we had a rising research since we broke above the device remove systems and so far were still trading above it why do we only know with momentum the momentum is slowing down why because we have bearish defergencies only four hour time frame most of the time if you look at historical um Barrister furnishes on the four hour time frame it goes along with the price either going sideways or coming down with a correction so for example right here we also have a four hour bearish Divergence right with this high and this high we can see afterwards the price is coming down but we see that it takes some time until we really start to get that correction we dont get that directly so I also think we have to be slightly careful right here careful with being bearish because the structure is still bullish and bearish divergences sometimes can be first of all ignored in a bull market and second of all it can take some time before they play out the only thing that this shows us is that the momentum is slowing down and the only thing you actually need to worry that is going to be the most important signal guys is whenever Bitcoin is losing the support again so when we lose the support of like 26 600 and we break back into this megaphone pattern that is a warning signal that shows us okay most likely we are going to see a further correction this is not the only chart saying that guys if we have a look at the stable coin dominance right here we can see that weve printed lower lows but we on the relative strengths we are printing higher low so this chart also signals to a Bitcoin correction sooner or later I dont think that we have to assume that its already going to happen today for example because we just have to wait until Bitcoin really lose that support I think that is very important otherwise we uh we are just assuming with bearish diverges in a bull market or in a bullish Market at least that a Bitcoin is going to to correct and if you have a look at previous rallies in a Bitcoin bull market if you would have reacted on all the bearish divergences in that bull market uh you would have lost a ton load of money because we we this is a mechanic that we are seeing normally when the market is extremely bullish the relative strength index goes up right but we need to create space for more bullish momentum how do we do that the relative strength index needs to correct but if the market is really really bullish the relative strength index can basically correct while the price moving sideways are sometimes even moving up so if you just look at beverage divergences without confirming them for example when losing support yeah that is a uh that is a mistake a lot of Traders basically make because they are still used to these market conditions and every barriers that value every top right here came along with a bearish Divergence right we have right here Barrister engines but massive drop right here bearish Divergence about massive drop but the market conditions right now are changing Bitcoin is going up with positive funding rates that was not happening back here as well so that is something we got to recognize I would say the most safe thing to do is wait until Bitcoin is losing support if we are losing support combined with bearish divergences uh then we have a higher likelihood of a correction actually playing out um but like I said also in my previous video yesterday if we look at Bitcoin support and resistance lets go to the Daily time frame we are a little bit trading in the middle right we do have we do have Yeah we actually we thought maybe that wig right here and the level right here at 27 27.6 K but we really didnt touch that resistance and therefore I think it would make sense for Bitcoin to at least to come up right here maybe touch that resistance before we can see a correction in the price but I have to say guys I do expect a correction also tomorrow the S P 500 is going to be open again which will be a very interesting moment right because if this one starts to sell off I really would like to see what Bitcoin is going to do can Bitcoin hold these levels or will Bitcoin dump together with the S P 500 if the S P 500 is going to dump that will be very very important guys so guys this is what I think is going to happen with Bitcoin like I said I would watch that structure right now watch the support if we lose that support further correction comes as long as we are trading above that support we are going to see higher levels then lets have a quick look at whats happening at uh well we can see that the Bitcoin balance on exchanges increased right this is still a trend this is confirming the scenario that we are going to see a correction uh funny way is a positive would confirm that as well the premium index is actually above zero which basically shows us that spot price is lower than the index price which generally also is a bearish sign you can see this as funding a kind of funding rates too when its positive it is varies when it is negative it is bullish we can see that they take by cell ratio is coming down but Im more more interested in whats on the daily time frame we can also see on the daily time frame it is slowly coming down so we can see already that the momentum slightly is losing in Bitcoin on if we look at derivative exchange data we can see that Wheels probably are preparing to sell some Bitcoin or at least taking some profits we can see that the momentum is slowing down and the price with that Barrister versions uh coming in um so yeah guys I definitely expect a correction in Bitcoin I just dont expect it right now because we are just in the middle of support and resistance um so it would make sense for Bitcoin to get another push to trap a lot of people uh because a lot of people right now I might be turning slightly bearish and we get that last bullish push and then uh Bitcoin afterwards can see a correction one thing I wanted to do which I havent done before was actually checked the Fibonacci retracement from the uh from the top from the bottom right here okay so this also makes some sense guys we did got rejected at the 38.20 that is 27.5 K so this makes already more sense right the 50 would be there so yeah we might get rejected from these levels that is possible so I would take it I would be taking it level for level but most importantly is right now the structure uh if we lose this structure decisively yes we are going to see a further correction well how low can that correction actually go well that really depends on the S P 500 guys because if the S P 500 starts to go Mayhem and just do like a big capitulation event I just very convinced that that will drag Bitcoin Bitcoin down as well I think that will be the case but I can be wrong about that okay so yeah guys that was it for todays video If you enjoyed it make sure to drop a like very much supported if you want to join will alerts guys you can do so by joining the best exchange out there which is buy a bit with the affiliate link down below and if you join with the affiliate link down below you can get a deposit bonus of up to 30 000 US Dollars and you can join will alerts right here which is a telegram Channel where Im sharing extra information extra videos automated signals from charts from uh right now recently weve actually shared a really nice gem a altcoin gem which has a 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