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good morning good morning good morning my name is Sean deck Center welcome you to the manga crew on this beautiful beautiful sunny gorgeous day man is gorgeous outside and hey we have a lot to talk about today I welcome you to the mango grove well be talking about Bitcoin it feed him as well as chain link so hey Im going to venture a guess and say its gonna be a longer video than usual so buckle up and get ready let me take a sip of my drink oopsies alright so today will be on discussing Bitcoin I will be giving you guys an update on the trade I took yesterday if you guys missed yesterdays video please go ahead and watch it you guys will get to see how I construct a trade idea the things I look at how I look for my invalidation points and how I lose a trade right so I did take a loss on the trade Ill be giving guys an update on that but hey if you miss that video please go ahead and watch that we also we talked about a theorem I did take a trade on theme today and will be giving you guys an update on my chain link BBC trend trade ok so here we have the mango dashboard and again we have leased the new feature to all three users you have now the four hour the 12 hour the daily the two day the folder is a weekly timeframes all the way labelled and yeah I do want to give a shout out to deep Roy yes thats his name sharra - to deploy he mentioned in yesterdays video in the comments down below hes like Sean Bitcoin switched long on the dashboard around eight hours ago so I think he was referring to the four hour time frame and I completely missed that I did not check the four time frame maybe I should have because he said eight hours so Im guessing for the four hour time frame does make sense so the four what happened was shot just before that and it switched long so clearly I was creating against it but I do also want to mention that guys you do not want to be trading the dashboard in isolation right you dont want to be looking at the dashboard and say hey its going its same long so Im gonna go long here its saying short so Im gonna go short no you should look at the holistic picture and look at everything else along with your trading system and you the dashboard as a confidence booster until you integrated to your system at least thats how I would do it guys like thats what I did again for the vine and the vine is like my creation and took me a while in front of you guys could fully incorporated into my system right so what Im employing you guys to do here is to be cautious so Id be cautious always risk management first okay that being said I clearly should not have I was on the wrong side of the trade and the dashboard was on the right side of the trade right so well be talking about that and is there anything else Im going to update you that in the dashboard no essentially yeah the favorites feature is again also available its a request that we got a lot o highly highly featured or wanted request rather and we implemented and we we put it on top for this and implement right away so all you have to do now is click on the stars to favorite your favorite favorite coins and then you click on the star here and Ill show you only your favorite teardown points all right so lets start with Bitcoin well start with the update on the trade before I talk about the overarch the hierarchy picture whats going on and what was my trade idea essentially I was looking for a rejection of this trendline over here but more so I was looking at this entire consolidation over here as a consolidation and that we are likely not going to break just yet and were gonna go down to the bottom of the range somewhere around 8,500 right so clearly I was wrong with that but if you guys go ahead and watch the video again I started the video I started the trade idea of it where am I wrong on this right I didnt talk about profits just yet always look for where are you wrong first right and where was I wrong had to evaluation points one if he closed a candle above this horizontal over here nine thousand and sixty seven remember guys you do not want to be relying on a diagnosis you know I have a dying though there its for me to have a little bit more confidence in whats going on for me to shape the idea psychologically but I want to rely on something a little bit more objective so thank you Jeremih trade very very clearly you do not want to give yourself any reason to be like but just a little bit and that works that works because if Id done that look at what look at what happened I was wrecked and I see a lot of traders do that and yeah so that was that was on one invalidation point and the second validation point was if we took out this week over here I dont know 9221 that would have been the second armed reason I get out either or happening Im done now of course if the better scenario is us closing a candle above the horizontal over here without it getting all the way to the wick over there but every now and then guys you gotta have a back-up plan in case you just see a massive candle right the massive candle came after actually so if you guys actually break down break down on this candle over here youre gonna see that right after we close down above but you dont need to break down the cannon you can see the wick right here right so this is this big huge candle here right after we closed above here the market gave us a very nice exit around nine thousand and seventy nine right I got out around nine thousand eighty five right so you can be a little bit patient if you want and market will pull back a little bit and let you exit your trade now thats not gonna happen all the time right so you dont be too greedy like what if Id waited for to come all the way back down to my entry price so my entry price was I entered over here right and might around nine thousand and seven th 9060 nine if I got greedy Im like no I would get out breakeven Im gonna get out breakeven look who would have happened right after such a small loss or a turn into a massive loss right so what did I end up losing only like I got around nine thousand eighty five ish so fifteen dollars of course fifteen dollars probability see that you are trading but still I just want to talk about the psychology over here that a lot of new traders fall into that even I felt for even Chris yourself or we all make these mistakes so dont arm feel bad if youre making these mistakes guys so lets talk about psychology what do traders end up do they look at this small loss over here right lets say you have a five BDC trade on and you are losing around ten dollars on your trade poor PDC right so like five BTC $10 $10 per BBC thats fifty bucks okay 50 bucks youre like 150 bucks thats a lot money the stake I can buy I could take my girlfriend out and we could have two huge massive boulders and were thinking about all of this into your life as to we all know us yet youre personalizing your loss because I dont see any other reason why $50 if youre losing $50 when youre putting on a five billion trade it shouldnt bother you right because the flipside is this is what happens when envy if if the trade went your way okay if the treatment your way and it reached your target and you supposed to you lose the thing you know what youre supposed to take youre supposed to take your profits away now you have 200 ish or $250 per BTC so now you have a $1,000 profit but youre not thinking the same way at this one dont think ya know what if it breaks I can stand today I can stand way more what if this crash is all the way back down to 3,000 so now $1,000 is not enough $1,000 a profit its not enough for you but over here $50 of a loss is significant for you right you need to flip that mentality guys take the small losses take the small losses and then you let the big winds come and then over here you know what its fine if you want to take half your profits and let it ride for a potential bigger and thats fine I I applaud that because every now and then the market will give you a massive win right but you cant have the mindset where you are not willing to take a small loss but when it when its time when its time to take a big profit youre not willing to take that either right thats how traders end up wiping out their accounts because they do not stick to their rules okay so a little bit of a rant over there but yeah I think the psychology stuff is important guys and yeah yeah you know what theres another thing I didnt want to talk about somebody messaged me yesterday and referring to the video right he talked about what he said this is like Sean you mentioned how simple all of this can be and I do want to apologize for that statement because I think I may have arms it may have been perceived the wrong way right I said that to inspire confidence in in you guys but I think some of you guys may have gotten a little bit demotivated right like losing motivation or disheartened because this is what happened to him at the way at least Im not taking any names or of course he said that its not coming easy to me and its coming easy to you its not coming easy to me the things that you are saying that youre saying is so simply and so offhandedly its not coming easy to me its all so complicated its all so confusing to me the things that you are seeing I am not seeing and that was basically the the tone of the conversation and I felt really bad cuz I I do not want to make it seem that I do I dont work this hard on you guys okay the idea here is not to dishearten you guys and I do want to talk about this a little bit if I am giving you guys the impression that I am some crazy genius and its coming really easy to me just because Im Im smart its its not guys Im telling you its not because of that its because of the one I took it step by step I learned the foundation concepts I really sat down I spent yours yours of my time learning this stuff right but I took it step by step I took a step by step and I swear the reason it took me longer than it will take a lot of you is because I wasted a lot of time doing the wrong things following the wrong people right listening to some really bad advice you guys wont have to make that mistake hopefully hopefully and I want to reference a situation that happened last night as well Christian I were playing a game I have a lot of experience playing this game right have a lot of experience like from years and years ago playing this game shes never played this game before shes now played this game before and there was a scenario where she was really really struggling to do something again Im in my office space and Im playing were here and shes in her office space and shes playing with it and Im watching her and Im like wondering what is she doing and then occurred to me that damn like I thought back to when I just started the game and I was struggling with that concept to write but at the time at the time it all comes so naturally to me that I didnt it didnt even occur to me that I should have explained it to her right but because Im not because I was able to like go up to her and be like hey coach at the sword you need to do blah blah blah it was like oh okay right but and they keep in mind guys Krisha is a good game alright its not like shes a brat shes brand-new to gaming blah blah blah shes she actually gives me for a run for my money and many many games she is a good game Oh whos just that that game was new to her right so the point Im trying to make oh heres dont let this dishearten you just because ah to me Im and Im drawing my lines fast Im seeing this Im seeing that very fast wont let that dishearten you and make you feel like youre stupid or anything do not um I also kept on that um Vina actually kept this uh ready let me go ahead and pull up Telegraph is it here yeah oh yeah so um I will not show this message from Giorgios to you guys one because this message really made me smile made me feel really happy and 2 because the underlying message over here is very very important relevant to this conversation so this is what she said I finally finished the trend analysis module mate its brilliant okay this is the me patting myself in the back part but George was saying that Im not saying so she said I finally finished the trend analysis more you mate its brilliant the entire model so far has been beyond amazing ok here so this is the part I want to show you guys as I was learning it it was so simple and easy and now when I look back to all the concepts I know I understand how they all weave and interact with each other like a spiders web I cant believe I learned it all how the heck do I know all these complex ideas its kind of like learning to read as a kid and now so part of you that youve forgotten you learned it and it is so so apt to what happened yesterday with one the game was playing with Krisha right Id forgotten that I went through the same struggle learning that concept and - with the guy who messaged me right hes hes looking at what I do thats coming naturally to me but and I make it out to seem like oh it hate so simple but I went to a lot of struggle in the beginning to have this forgotten that I went through that struggle anon big thing and I am doing it everyday right guys so take it step by step like look at look at Jojo like a lot of a lot of times she posts a lot some trade ideas Im like damn hes come a long way right because she learned it every we learned it step by step she did not get disheartened in the beginning um I know shes not gonna mind if I say this but she struggled to it she had her um her battles and she fought through it dont what Im trying to say oh yes dont let any thing or anyone this heart and you you can do this guys you can do this you you do not need to be a genius if if you played any games guys you can do this let me let me tell you that and Im gonna go off let me listen take this out for bit okay going back to what I was saying if you guys can if you guys have played any games in the past you guys can trade right if youve been good at the game you guys can definitely definitely trade like I should play daughter and daughter as early as in my opinion dota is one of the hardest games in the world right hardest games in the world and because I had gotten to a proficient level at that game it was really hard for me to find anything to fill that void that dota void it was thats thats thats a hell of a game and it was only until I found trading that was able to actually let that game go right I was able to have a game go but when I look back I look back and watch some of my replays right from five six years ago five six years ago II even though it was me Im watching that Im like how the hell did I do that theres so much information that I had to process to be able to pull off that move or to do this or to that I and my own behavior is baffling me and shocking me and making me feel disheartened to play the game again right but I have to shake that off if I do ever want to play the game again I mean I know I know I can get back to level with the practice and exposure to the game right so again lets actually get back to the trading though now a lot of love ranting today alright so Im back on over to the trade idea again I was wrong if I if we saw candy clothes right above this horizontal here at around 9072 or we took out this high over here I the reason Im mentioning this again is because a lot of people would have been looking at him what about this high over your Sean why dont you put your stop-loss over here at the beginning of the video guys I talked about how Im expecting that was part of my 3:8 thesis right Im expecting a wick into this area were here and then a candle close underneath and we actually got that right we saw a wick right into that area or there took out all the stops and we closed need that horizontal but like I said again in the C chat as well as in the groove chat I said this is so typical Bitcoin the close is not convincing enough for me really likely this is gonna rally from her from Wario so what happens is both traders end up losing the traders that um put their stops over here they get stopped out and then they feel the formal because you closed right underneath and then you you you put your position back in right its tend to happen you get stopped out here you put your position back back you know here because you closed on the horizontal that youre looking for and then we closed above and boom to the upside right so luckily I do not fall victim to that I had my stop somewhere around here and my invalidation point was if he closed a candle above here or if we take out this way over here right so I was able to get out over here market gave us a nice opportunity to get out around nine thousand and seventy seven I got caught out at nine thousand eighty five and look at what happens boom right and the idea here is that yes you were wrong on the direction but you werent wrong on how key that level was you werent wrong on how key that level was right so dont feel bad about losing the trade its nothing to do with you being a bad trader guys you took a trade at a really really key pivot point and you were proven right about the move right now these kind of trades also prove as a good area to take the flip side of the position right now I didnt actually went to cook but because I saw the scam the clothes over here usually out of taken okay cool weve cleared this range theres a good long opportunity and we go up to our next level of resistance which was a monthly resistance right right over here nine thousand three hundred seven we got rejected over here to nine thousand three hundred seven and now we are consolidating right against that can become brick but going back to the trait idea lets say you missed it like I did yesterday you do get another opportunity right look at that look at the ad this trend line perfectly tested guys perfectly tested and again you get the same trade to the upside the markets can be generous to those who are patient and willing to follow their rules right now did I take the straight no I took the trade based on this on the etherium chart because the etherium chart I like the setup better and well be talking about that when we get on over to a theorem now I do want to talk about this resistance over here we already mentioned or talked about discussed this in our video from a couple days ago right over here I should probably take off that ugly handwriting ugly text but yeah we have resistance over here nine thousand two and eighty five at the topside middle of the range is seven thousand seven hundred and the bottom of the range 6388 right in the justice a little but its okay so we are two two videos ago I went over how I came up with these levels and you guys can go ahead and watch it again I dont want to spend too much time doing this non non todays video at the very least because I want to talk about etherium and she and link as well this videos already go on far longer than I wanted to go in terms of the Bitcoin part because of my long rant on psychology etc so why are these levels important youre seeing them be respected over here right candle closes moved move to the upside God rejected close underneath over here too as soon as we close above we respected the level for one to two months we close underneath came back tested again to the top side and where we where we finding support in the middle of the range right on these kind of closes and how do we find them at the middle of range well what do we do we essentially first marked at the top of the range the bottom of the range and then we this is so simple guys you could you its not its not always this simple but sometimes the charts will be generous to you and it can be the simple and you can see that in the middle right over here the tool that trading view offers you out of your measurement tool draws a center line for you on your measurement and it lined up perfectly with these key levels were seeing Bitcoin respect it very very well now heres how we are looking to play it right based on how the monthly closes the monthly closes about this level we can look for further upside the monthly gets rejected over here the next major level is the middle of the range around seven thousand eight hundred seven thousand seven hundred now we showed how that level is very key on the lower timeframes as well I believe the tool a 21 year me is still oh there forty levels will probably be there as well but for now lets stick to the monthly if we break the monthly region over here the main region then we can look for moves to the bottom now some people are gonna say here or definitely gonna get a retest and down no it doesnt work that way its dont always give you the perfect setup so but when they do you take them right so if you do close underneath this level and we get the retest boom you can then take the trade if you havent already on the break and take the downside some people like trading month lives on a breakout night thats completely fine if you did that over here you would have been rewarded right yes you have to sit through some down some move the move going against you but as a trend trader you see the trend breaking you enter the trade right all you miss out on the trade going on without you you have to make that choice and be okay with it I either want a good entry or I want to be part of the trio or I want to be part of the trend what do you want more you want a good entry and be part of the trend or do you want to just be a parallel trend if you just wont be part of the trend no matter what you need to be ok with the trade moving against you right so the the idea the mindset as a trend trader and my set as a range traders completely different yesterday you guys see how in the video I took a very very good I would say good it was good position but it was clinical and I was so close to where I would be wrong right thats me playing it as a range trader as a trend trader Im like no I want part of this move I dont care where I enter Im gonna enter as long as its again longer conversation if you guys are in the risk seed program risk management module targets all of this how I how I position myself right ok so those are your monthly levels guys 9360 wave a key over there on the phone while you can see that we are getting rejected but we are consolidating against it too so it is this is something I do want to talk about youre seeing consolidation on the lower timeframes against monthly resistance usually I would be like you know what guys be cautious time I still say be cautious because people see something they said like I spending so much time so much time so much time over here I like all these four candles all these one are candles even if its a deal he can many daily canons closing near this resistance from the monthly you gotta ask yourself though this is the monthly resistance how many monthly candles are we spending over here right if Im looking for true consolidation on the monthly level Im looking for monthly candle spending time over here not Billy candles or one her candles definitely dont wanna count at the fork but now heres the thing so far people who have been playing the four hour time frame against these weekly levels this is a this was a weekly never lie effective um yes it was the weekly level playing the four times in against these weekly levels against these monthly levels are being rewarded as you can see this was our monthly never never - now that we marked it right 7700 a way he monthly weekly daily and had a breakout pretty much on the fall I do believe it was on the daily - but either way it wasnt a breakout on the weekly but you saw the continuation regardless so people are being rewarded for impatience I you could say or just playing the trend a little bit more aggressively either way aggressive traders are being rewarded because theyre sticking to the right side of the trend right if I stuck to the right side of the trend on the lower timeframes how would Ive been rewarded - I mean cautious time being prudent as you guys know Im keeping a small position size on all my Bitcoin trades Im not taking any trend trades on Bitcoin Im looking for trend trades only on my old coin pairings against Bitcoin and USD parents are not too keen on any trend trades regardless whether its an altcoin not so over here as you can see we did have an opportunity to rebuy the same area that we broke out from yesterday the trade that I took to the downside and then broke to the upside same area right same pivot point so you can the area wrong at was the arrow to be profitable off again remember from the video from two days ago or was yesterday I quoted Jesse Livermore but he said the best thing about being wrong is being profitable from being wrong right this is exactly that you were wrong but you were wrong in the key area that it can be profitable from being wrong right being wrong in I guess Twitter as well but YouTube is looked upon looked at as a bad thing and its not guys its not if you look at it as a bad thing thats when you hold on to a loser and you and youre sitting in your shot from here still at the price over here right waiting waiting for you to get a chance to get out Drake even well probably had a chance this morning yeah you did so lets go ahead and talk about why I didnt take the straight over here this was a good good trade I was on I woke up specifically in the morning to look for a trade option like this they tend to happen in the mornings but what what my my old mornings at least what I like though was the theme because Ive been watching it to him and the the trade the trade said Ive just looked a lot better on a theme so right over here we came down to a horizontal so theyre going on with him fYI I know Im talking a little bit fast right now Im just trying to get you know Ill slow down Ill slow down Sean you have time you have time I expected todays video to be to be long so weve gone going on over to the theme and Im going to talk about why I am took the trade on aetherium was this Bitcoin essentially Bitcoin was attempting trade but on etherium I had a little bit more confidence in confluence going with it for me right one we had the horizontal wheel daily level as well as our weekly levels to one hundred ninety eight point eight nine we also had the tank in the 21 EMA and it theorem for the most part has been trending really well against these levels right not so much but hey the 21 EMA and tanking is part of our plea you guys know especially this one over here alright and this few guys on the C program trading trading strategies module trading the wink would have been a good example or half example of this right but you guys can put put them together to kind of get a play on this that was a good win so Im going back to what I was saying in the sip of water talking a lot today so yeah because if you just gave me a better trade setup I liked it remember USD pairing Im being a little bit more cautious and I took the trailer on team instead if because was gone about a team was likely to bounce too now yes it theme may not have bounced as much but team recently has been very very aggressive and has been playing off these levels of well remember right over here we broke up hanim pushed all the way to the top of the range over here and Ive this since we checked the top when she came to the bottom of range was clearly respecting these ranges that we drew like the years ago right or more than week ago I think I am out of the trade Im not sitting in this trade I took my profits on the 10 SME so again Im being cautious on the USD pairing so thats a theorem we can go ahead and talk with the weekly quickly arm should I even just get all these lines team weekly we are sitting against even resistance now its sitting right smack in the middle against the tenkan and the occasion I saw at the tank you know here in the kitchen over here these are the kind of trees I do not like I dont like to be in the middle of the range and again because you have ten SME and its the us repairing at the moment Im waiting for Bitcoin having to be done with I look for trend trades and more aggressive positions once thats all done against the USD pairing until then Id rather if Bitcoin wants to go to the upside Id rather play though all current pairings - um the downside right if I see a setup like that a chain link was a good setup like that like we took like a week ago now still in it but for now the team could come down could go up let it go without me we have fusion resistance we still again guys again this is still a lower high right we have a high over here and this high is not set in just yet but if you do see a rejection we arm and come to the down inside over here we are likely to we are going to confirm this as a lower high then what I want to see is a higher low compared to these guys over here so if we do put in the highs either on a candy clothes or wick sorry high lows on can be closed or wick basis after confirming this as a lower high then that case it theme becomes a lot clearer from you what I dont want to see and and even though this is bullish what I dont want to see is this also go all the way up over here guys and then come down because now the Bulls have so much room to play with and it makes the trade harder for it makes it harder to bottom fish now yes if you want a theme holder you just want that to happen and I get it Im not a theme holder right so Im looking out for good trade setups to collect more bitcoins right not even collecting chain-linked not yet not yet Ill let you guys know when and when I do start okay so thats the theme on the weekly we talked about a theme on the daily - lets talk more targets right again my talk is alway hit but Im towards the upside if you guys are looking for for the target if he close above the 10s me over here Id be looking for our next move - at least 215 but likely gonna give a test - around 219 220 ish region again if we lose this area over here guys if you close underneath the 21 EMA and the tanking Id be looking towards the 200 moving average what I dont like is that the key zone is making its way all the way down over here but doing a moving average will likely prove support for a premium on the daily timeframe usually the two day 200 moving average works really well on a theme as well lets see where this head is there it is right so a lot of confluence on this level over here seeing the mounts off it to the key zoom though this is becoming tempting if you do come down over here again Ill take the trade again Ill take the same trade again again Ill keep an eye on it on bit chronic as well to see if it all confluences but this is looking really good the team in the past has played really well off it you guys have followed me on my theme trend trades you guys know the frustration Ive had with this flicking today 200 moving average right over here rejection rejection rejection remember this was two days right two days so each two-day candle is you sitting for a long time so four days six days eight days 10 days 12 days 14 days finally two weeks later broke retested and then had the optimist right so the to date one moving average on a 3m has been really really key specifically the Ichimoku if you guys are playing it to him you wont be keeping an eye on the HMO cool on the theme I dont like this regional here dont like this region over here 10 resistance but the two on a moving average ki-joon tanking underneath all there as support okay so thats etherium now we can go ahead and talk about chain link should we started channeling USD or sub chain link BD see I am gonna start with chilling BDC even though I know you guys want me to start with she and Inc USD and the reason is because hey link PDC was the trade guys I dont want you guys to get too stuck on just trading the USD pairing and because you guys are gonna miss out an opportunity all right and this was it right over here I was like on this video or on this day raga I came up to you guys and said hey and all of you guys are looking at you think USD but I think the traders to chain link is on shilling PDC and I think its true the downside and was right over here where we had rejected the daily 21 EMA as well as the daily arm tenkan right over there come Ill come back to the oscillators in a bit right right over here this is a really good trade option you also we close underneath everything lined up okay so lets go over close I mean the daily 21 Amin closed underneath the daily tenkan also this horizontal right over here lets go and draw it crudely close on that as well so that is really really powerful sign to me a really really good setup and boom right here to her downside so yes I do not think the Bitcoin long but when you are shorting an all coin that is giving a good set up against Bitcoin in a way you are longing Bitcoin but youre also protecting yourself against the fact that become goes down why cause if Bitcoin goes down and the all coin is showing weakness against Bitcoin anyways the all coin isnt likely to go down as well is it for sure no nothing is for sure but you want to put the probability on your side right because remember he had gone back to the dashboard at the time if you guys do remember its not cost controlled over here but um at the time link USD was showing bearish was showing go short and link BTC was she was going short as well so we are seeing weakness in link and I gave me my big first sign but what are you short - short - link USD pairing or do you shot the link PTC pairing well then youll go ahead and look at Bitcoin right and Bitcoin was saying hey go long so Bitcoin the dashboard not anything of a nail at all man Neal at all when it went and flipped long for Bitcoin Bitcoin start having its big big freaking turn to the upside right I didnt take that trade right but if Im seeing Bitcoin is showing strength and Link USD is showing weakness maybe I want to short the link BTC pairing but what does that give me it gives me that hey if Bitcoin keeps going up the weakness on link is going to work in my favor and Link PDC is gonna probably have its move I then pan on and over to the link PDC chart see the set up what do you what do you know beautiful set up and whats a move whats our trade so far a good 17% thus far now I have taking profits along the way you guys are aware of that and Im likely gonna take profits again somewhere around here right after this video and Id be explaining my mindset as to why let me go ahead and clear charge so weve had a really really nice move to a downside and if you switch on over to lets lets go on straight over to the weekly this has been a Im gonna hide the manga ribbon and weve been watching this wedge to the upside right essentially this trend line to the downside of here and this rising trend line to the upside now you can look at as a symmetrical triangle or sorry a rising wedge or a ascending triangle like this and I do think Ive always lean towards it being an ascending triangle and it does match up we actually did have a measured move right here right over here the measurement was 55 7:06 and we me we are looking for this move around like it was a long time ago somewhere around here so lets say 147 years ago so these trades take some while to arm play out but they do play out at hit our target pretty much on the dot a little bit higher right and then ever since then weve been seeing a rejection but what weve also been seeing is a bounce off the top of this ascending triangle right off this range over here a send triangle I think where you guys want to call that I know you guys before the rising wedge but um even creature likes the rising wedge and likes using the sending I saw it via measured move off the rising wedge to the upside but I dont like doing that when I see a rising wedge I like seeing it as a trend continuation and they dont look for measured moves right but I just mean Ill explain that on your video but for now lets stick to topic weve been bouncing of this arm blue zone over here these two yellow horizontals for a while oh here we had a little bit of a scare where we close to weekly candles underneath and the key thing was for Bitcoin sorry for channeling to not break the lower trend line over here because then what wed be doing is essentially theres my drawing tools again be breaking out of the wedge sorry ascending to how you want to call it testing it trying again breaking into it and out of it right but we didnt do that got that massive support if you switch on over lower timeframes guys this was where Bitcoin had a messiah channeling had a massive run against Bitcoin and we moved all the way to the top of the range again now theyre coming back to the bottom range and I want to be a little bit more cautious over here again because we bounced off this multiple times we also have this rising trend line that shilling has so beautifully beautifully been respecting and made turn into massive mom ascending Ill go see ascending channel but I dont think so I dont think so cuz it didnt get that high or here for now the trend on the weekly you can just see it guys high low high low high low high low right higher lows and I dont wanna be playing against a weekly trend that is still putting higher those right remember we talked about every time over here at the mango grove yes you can be playing a trend towards a downside but always be cautious of the higher time frame trend stepping in and taking over right and the high temp at high time film trend over here guys is to the upside right the weekly has been putting in higher lows against the Bitcoin pairing so Ill be a little bit more cautious away Ill be looking to start taking profits closer and closer if you go back on out to the daily let me clear all of this out whether Im keeping this over here guys because thats a cup and handle that broke on with the upside I wont keep reminding myself of how beautiful chain link trades pattern within pattern within patterns and we have to we have to really respect how beautiful the shot is so Im daily to coming on coming on over to the bottom of the range over here where is our to on the moving average coming in right over there look at this kuhmo twist guys look at this right this was another reason why we should I remember the video with me and Krisha when I took this trade we talked about this commode to us how it is likely to get sucked into it as well we got sucked into it and were breaking into it now I am looking for support over here guys in fact we attempted to turn long way if you get if you get a 200 moving average test I will be looking to turn long and so just taking my profits I might long right its a favor attempting to fish for a hollow on the weekly oil so Ill have to put some thought into that but for now the straight is going really really well and so far eighteen percent and I want to talk about this right guys the reason I want to show hey look at that in person when I am so cool its because its not about Here I am so cool I have an 18% win its about if you keep following your trade setups over and over and again if you do not let your losses bog you down by staying in the loss lets say I was staying in my trade yesterday on my I was stubborn can I stay on my Bitcoin trade I refused to get out no I want to show everybody that Im right its gonna come down eventually and then this morning see its coming down its coming down its gonna break and Im gonna be right like I can come onto YouTube and tell everybody I was right if Id stayed in the trade Id be wasting all my time on my mental effort and my energy trying to make this trade work for me by willing it to work for me right you cant will the market do crap guys mark is gonna do what it wants you have a thesis you have a probability after that its all in the market its not on you its not on you right so you have your thesis and as soon as it doesnt work get the head out and move on to the next opportunity right this one focusing on trying to make Bitcoin work when its not even sitting in my imperfect environment having huge event blah blah blah why why bother so make money elsewhere right sometimes you sit out sit out and wait for when things are suitable for your trading environment okay so thats pretty much it guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video we talked about Bitcoin we talked about aetherium we talked about channeling we havent talked about channeling USD Chinle well see okay so lets go ahead cheering the USD before we wrap this up Im very tired um chilly USD is do nothing guys its going sideways in this range yes you can trade the top of this range bottom of the range top of the range bottom of range until it does make a decision and breakout Im not too interested and remember what Im looking for Im looking for chain link us need to make a move that is not its not big its move is not because of bitcoins moves right its move was independent of bitcoins move so on the see chain link move 8% to the upside of bitcoins moving 4% or vice-versa to the downside right I want to see chillin make an independent move for now it seems like its being held up because bitcoin is doing well because if you look at the past like what ever since 18th of April all the way to 7th of me its done nothing its just gone sideways but that doesnt mean chain link is a bad asset or anything like that everybodys saying oh cheerleaders are doing anything its lagging behind know I think Qinling LED this came down to the pre breakdown level its right over here this breakdown level over here and even bigger levels actually this blue zone over here ok so its come up to its pre breakdown level and has certain solid a consolidating above it but coin only recently started doing that alright only recently came up to its breakdown level so the coin is catching up to chin like so dont Tom dont let that like dont let peoples ideas misguide you because theyre not looking at the big picture so going back to channeling calm USD if we do we have beyond me the tank you know yeah thats not a good look lets turn on the 21 EMA if he close on me the 21 he made the tank him as well as move this on top okay if we close underneath the tank in the 21 EMA as well as horizontal sitting at 355 guys I have to say Id be looking for this move over here all the way down to $2 an idle sense ki-joon to a moving average thats why be targeting does chain-linked lead again remember bitcoin is sitting against monthly resistance chain-link is not showing strength to me channeling bitcoins going down right bitcoin sitting against monthly resistance or does bitcoin give chain-link that push to clear this resistance as well of around 2000 85 cents and then chain-link see its continuation clearly over here chain-link is simply stagnating right its stealing people are not coming in bars are not coming and youre seeing these lower highs where youre kind of weighing out in their strength the slope is not as aggressive either the 21 EMA is beginning to curl in its beginning to flatten out youre seeing all of this some again I dont mean to dishearten you guys if Im seeing things that you guys arent seeing our blog take it step-by-step in time the way the kind of like my daughter right look back at how I used to play dota and Ill seeing so much processing so much information to me baffles me when today well in time you guys are gonna be able to look at the charts and see way more than me way more than me right a lot of that is in the mango seed Im telling you these guys are gonna surpass me these guys are gonna surpass me so after I got up up my game up my game so yeah thats thats what Im seeing with our channeling guys if we do break this to the upside 3000 any sense Ill be looking for around somewhere around I had different horizontals you had updated this horizontal so lets go ahead and move this no no no I kept that different reason yep okay yeah so first four dollars and 31 cents thats a weekly resistance level but on the daily we could get all the way up to 4050 and perhaps even to four dollars and ninety cents right so a lot of upside potential for channeling if it does break three thousand eighty five cents same story with Bitcoin if it does make that nine thousand four hundred arm region on the monthly though Im looking at Im not trying to look at the lower time feels until the harvin is done you guys can do what you want there are opportunities by all means but we are seeing resistance that youre seeing it youre seeing it right so chain link up site up side arm range around 3000 eighty-eight cents you can move this a little bit higher or right over there and lower side range is three dollars and fifty four cents if we do see 354 looking for 298 if we take out 391 Id be looking towards this entire area where were gonna see wallet ility were gonna see Walter T okay so yeah thats pretty much it for channeling Bitcoin a theme guys I hope you guys enjoyed this long long video I will see you guys in the next one Get the Dashboard: Learn to trade the Mango Way! 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