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howdy welcome to the show yeah its hard [Applause] you know the crowd goes wild whats up everybody thank you for joining me today if you guys can hear me and you guys can see me let me know in the comment section down below cool we good yeah cool all right if you guys dont know who i am my name is artie this is crypto lunch every single day we do a live stream talking about the entire crypto industry all the new things that are happening as well as slightly in-depth technical analysis on the coins that you want to see as well as the top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum so our whole goal here is to help you make as much money as possible to keep you informed about the entire industry so if youre new to the show and you havent subscribed yet what are you waiting for for those of you that come back day in and day out i thank you guys so incredibly much its not even funny all right let me get the rest of my screen set up and then we will get right into the show yo rasmus i see you too good day from alberta god 4 30 a.m what is wrong with you bro sleep dont watch me im kidding watch me um all right all right all right all right lets start off the video with something incredibly incredibly special because um i saw this on the internet and i saw it a while ago but it makes me laugh every single time and so i want to share a little bit of joy and excitement with you as well so youre gonna love this its completely irrelevant to the entire crypto industry but i gotta say its funny so just give me a second like i have multiple screens up for streaming on facebook on youtube on twitch so if you guys are ready for a little bit of laffy laugh time then uh then this is this is this is the right clip for you ready five four three still loading maybe this might be an entire fail ah ready lets turn up the volume a little bit make my face smaller ready oh man that just makes me laugh every single time all right lets uh lets talk about cryptocurrencies huh uh look at xrp its a big pile of crap as always continuing to be a big pile of crap and just delisted as of this morning 10 a.m off of binance so if you bought on binance a couple of days ago you can no longer trade this so youre basically stuck with it if you put it in a you have to put it in a private wallet pretty much um dude seriously if im in a bad mood man like just watch that for two seconds and im im a happy camper um but to like put up the entire like like that was the music video that like was a production and like people were like yeah thats a good idea all right so checking in from florida long time listener first time caller asking about cardano theta as well as xlm and xrp well do anything besides play chicken okay cool so we will go over all of those jay coleman thank you for uh putting in your input and distro dino jimmy jimmy oh my god are you really yes jimmy whats up bro jimmy is a good friend of mine probably best friends we were actually gonna do a live twitch stream gaming channel just between me and him because our dialogue between each other when were drinking alcohol is one of the funniest things known to mankind jimmy maybe we might actually revamp that i think we should do it what do you think jimmy all right so looking at the uh xrp um as you can see it was you know consistent and steady but not having too many gains and then four days before the news about the lawsuit there was a big pump you know hyping up the huge project and all the potential it has knowing that a lawsuit was in the works and then that press release came out and the price dropped 80 percent i wouldnt touch this with a 36 and a half foot pull mr grinch dont touch it dont get in it dont think that its gonna jump back up this is a bad project to be in you could lose all of your money i know people that have so genuinely genuinely genuinely like you may make some money if it goes up but i dont think its worth the risk i maybe if youre playing with like 100 bucks and you want to you know see if you can make some money off of it maybe but literally i just i dont like it dude i dont like xrp whatsoever um what else did you want to look at uh cardano so looking at cardano on my list of wheres wheres my crypto dude my computer is just lagging today it does not like what im doing um lets do this a different way wow sorry guys its just its not its not its not good um i know i have it on my list here link iota blah blah blah there it is okay were good so cardano is doing a 618 retracement a nice healthy bounce back from there we are having some long wicks on the up and down side but that is literally just the traditional retail trader getting stopped out of his position it starts going up and then it reverses down the person gets stopped out and then it continues its upward momentum its the same thing with these down you know these rejection down candles when we hit that price point you get these long wicks on either side and thats just thats just closeouts thats stop losses thats margin calls um but overall i mean we are super heavy on the upside so cardano on the long run uh in my opinion is huge and will continue to be huge um great investment great company and uh thats pretty much all i got to say about that um xlm i believe thats on the bottom of my list lets check the comments section man you guys are going cray cray in the comments today uh that guy actually i know hes a renowned musician in russia like his his high-pitched vocal scream is like i not even mariah carey could do something like that um im thinking we might do a zoom session soon it was just like i dont know i like the youtube live because like even in the zoom session like there was a lot of like technical difficulties like you guys cant chat with me so i dont know im im debating whether we should continue it or not if history is to repeat itself then ethereum will have a major correction like it did in february 2018 before going to the moon uh i dont believe so we are in a different space in cryptocurrency adoption and if you think about every single cryptocurrency that uses the ethereum platform for their blockchain its theres no way theres no way that it can do what it did in 2018. i just made an account on castle how easy to withdraw money yeah its super easy um all right booyah today is make it or break it for btc and ethereum little fight between the bears and the bulls and thats what im seeing also um just just to show you guys so im gonna take this to the one hour chart and this is what we have right here like man i think i got a sneeze ah is it going to happen no oh i hate blocked sneezes so we got a little bit of a i mean there we go okay taking into consideration this right its not the prettiest thing but it gives you a general sense of whats happening right now and so when this happens it its literally just a fist fight between buyers and sellers and so what you can expect in the relative short term over the next few hours is for it to hit the bottom of this range to hit the top of this range maybe break out retest come out down on this side but eventually somebodys going to win this battle and with the momentum of everything uptrending theres a 60 chance itll go up and a 40 chance that itll go down but with how much rejection was here here here here i dont see it going past that level so dont worry that its gonna like maybe break under 30 000 or at the lowest 27.5 but it wont have any major major collapses its its got way too much momentum for the bulls and people waiting to buy at a better price so just give it a little bit but right now it is a fist fight um rasmus im actually waiting for my withdrawal yeah if you guys are having issues with coincasto please please just keep it in support not in the chat were having a fun time here so again like support will handle all the issues it may take some time but they will theyre actively dealing with all issues um all right lets look at ethereum because ethereum its my little love project i love ethereum um its doing the exact same thing as bitcoin currently you know the same wedge pattern if i were to draw it out but i believe that ethereum like if you look at the big bull run that we had in 2017 2018 with uh bitcoin ethereum didnt match that day for day it was uh like a month behind so we might actually see bitcoin stagnate a little bit while ethereum has its own massive rally and i would love for it to break through its previous all-time high and yeah like if it does the same movement like bitcoin its previous all-time high was 20k ethereums all-time high is 14. so if it hits that 14 and then doubles like bitcoin did up to 40k i mean thats thats 2 800 for an ethereum token crypto thats huge thats absolutely huge um what was the other thing that you wanted to see x xlm xlm lets check out xsalem xlm all right um lets draw fibonacci retracement level on this from low to high looking at a 618 retracement double tap that and now its basically like a lot of people are scared with their investments right now with getting into crypto because they they just saw the crash they dont know theres not that momentum of like bye bye bye bye bye bye so its gonna consolidate for a little bit but its going to consolidate in between fibonacci levels so youre looking at something like this you know it might reject off of this 382 go down to the 5 break past the 382 then retest it as support and then kind of just do this like its going to hit in between these levels but essentially youre looking at take profit one right here take profit two at 45 and take profit three at 55. so if youre in a long-term trade you know you buy at this level you set your stop loss at the 764 or a little bit lower i suggest like the 80 level i dont have that line drawn but thats usually where i go to and then once you hit take profit one you move it to you move your breakeven to your entry point and so on and so forth take profit one take profits you take profit three basic trading rules guys um should i sell bitcoin and wait for it to plummet because of head and shoulders uh no because thats like if the pattern is obvious and 99 of people see it and they go for that that is a huge its like a perfect layup for the big banks and the big investors so theyre expecting everybody to you know run with the head and shoulders pattern and so they you know get out of their positions and the only way you can buy a million bitcoin is if theyre a million bitcoin for sale so youre gonna get stopped out um yeah im covering it right now um i see tether in the news and u.s has magnifying glass on it um yeah i saw that also um but i yeah its the only stable its the most popular stable coin like its its not its not selling tokens for share of its company so theres even if there is some sort of news on it theres going to be no risk like it wont devalue because its a stable currency its a stable coin so for every usdt thats out there in the internet there is a us dollar to back it up so theres no theres no going to like drop in price it just doesnt work that way uh what do you think is happening with polka dot um lets check out polkadot actually theyre usually on the top gainers in the last 24. not today so polka dot still at the eighth place 13 increase um lets look at the chart really quick dot dude i watch so many currencies it makes me want to puke all right polka dot strong strong 50 level retracement gonna push up to the upside youre looking at a 13.50 take profit on this current move um im a newbie here so just wanted to ask if you can go over the indicator tools really quick you recommend on trading view or do you know of a few for okay so trading view is free uh i only use actually you know what dm me on uh linkedin um here is my linkedin profile im putting it in the chat window right now dm me on there and i will send you video its like a 20 minute video of like settings and its basically a tutorial everything that i do like the basics of it the moving averages the support and resistance how to read candlesticks my settings on my fibonacci tool so if you guys want check it out right there jeez you are the clearest person on youtube for trying youre welcome louis im glad i can be transparent um so continuing on looking at polka dot like i mean its this is good for buy for me for sure everythings gonna continue up i dont see a a downtrend maybe you might see news articles of like oh you know bitcoin crashed 20 will it continue down and thats just that fear-mongering that causes people to sell off more creating a liquidity pool for the buyers and then the buyers take over everything every time you see really really long rejection wicks on a red candle that means thats where buyers are saying no were not going to let you push the price down any lower and they start buying through that um all right if you guys are new to the show and youve never seen me before welcome dont forget to subscribe we do this show every single day talking about cryptocurrencies live technical analysis whats going on in the news um ive been looking at the news all morning and theres no real like you know nail biter stories are like something captivating um you know the winklevoss twins are in every single tweet ever on uh anything going on in the crypto industry but i mean were seeing a lot of backing um through big financial institutions even you know jp morgan is changing their tone on a daily basis towards cryptocurrencies before they were like its just a pile of dont even do it um yeah dude like fidelity international invest six million and firm behind cong like its crypto its crypto crypto crypto the entire world is moving to crypto at an extraordinary pace and if youre not in crypto right now if you dont have any cryptocurrencies in your wallet like what the hell are you doing like buy some bitcoin buy some ethereum you dont have to buy an entire bitcoin you can buy .006 of a bitcoin or you know half of an ethereum like put money in there and in 10 years time you will write me on linkedin and youll be like dude im a millionaire and its all because of you because you made me spend 500 on bitcoin like its i i cant express enough how important it is to own some bitcoin right now to own some ethereum right now its stupid to not have any money into it um cool so long short is back up and running uh we changed the structure of it so if you if you guys follow the links in the description its uh on the coin castle exchange in their apps section right here on the left side that says apps you click long short um weve trained changed the structure a little bit so like while were having a massive bull run or a massive bear market to where the price is like skyrocketing in either direction at that time the volatility is higher causing you know so when the volatility is higher and youre seeing these massive price price sprite price spikes the uh the percentage of your wins is going to be less so i believe its down to 50 so if you know bitcoin is going from 30 000 to 36 000 within a few minutes the percentage gained back is going to be far less and then when its a more consistent currency and low volatility then youll get higher payouts yeah thats just how the new structure works so currently its at 60 so basically what you do is you assume whether the price is going to be higher or lower with bitcoin in the next 60 seconds right now this could actually go up to a 618 level but we are seeing a bit of a downtrend so lets wait a second see if it rejects on that point or goes up to it and that way we can determine whether we should go long or short this might actually be primed for a short position yep see it broke that previous resistance that could have just been a trap but its chilling there so the sellers may continue to pull it down a little bit more that would be nice so if you are correct during these 60 seconds it flashes red if you are or sorry if youre correct during the 60 seconds it flashes green if you are wrong during the 60 seconds it flashes red maybe i just you know dumped 10 bucks on nothing but you lose you lose your initial bet and if you win you get 60 profits at this current time i got 20 seconds left for it to do something please go down just keep going down price rejection price for come on reject reject come on please three two one ah that was so close wait a minute did i win did it literally dip in the last second hold on refresh the page just in case because it kind of like didnt know huh i won yay good job artie pat on the back so if you guys want to play this go check it out on the coin castle exchange links in the description below if you would like to make a video on this and post it on youtube on your own personal channel i will personally fund you 100 usdt to play this game for 45 minutes an hour you know starting low like one dollar bets and then five and then 10 then 20. and uh yeah so well have a one-on-one meeting if youre interested in that definitely message me on linkedin and im going to put this link in the description really quick um lets see hold on hold on hold on this is the link to tonights live stream im going to be doing a live stream for like 30 minutes 40 minutes and were just going to play some long short and hang out so um im going to put this in the chat section right now so you guys can have a link if you arent already subscribed to the channel you should have gotten a notification about it but thats going to be a link to the live stream tonight starting at 8 30 pm um 8 30 pm central european time c-e-t cool awesome so if you guys havent already check out the links in the description but we are working on a huge project uh with coins loot its the worlds first cryptocurrency loot boxes you can read all about it by going to whitepaper where to buy the tokens on the ieo and the ico if you buy right now on the ieo you get a 25 bonus but let me show you a quick demonstration because we got a demo version for you guys its and essentially you click on a five dollar defy box right and then inside you get a spin mechanism you spin and hopefully you land and look at that you for a five dollar investment you got seven dollars and 25 cents worth of a cryptocurrency so through this every single five dollars you open up boxes with you get a diversified portfolio and you get like all the top crypto currencies its super fun this project is really going to be a game changer for a lot of the industry and i feel like once this takes off then every single major exchange will be copycatting what we did but we are the first so therefore we are the best and we will continue to maintain that position so if you guys want to check it out go to i think im going to end the episode here and i wish you all a good afternoon i hope you guys enjoyed your lunch and um we will see you tonight hopefully for the long short live stream thanks for joining me guys and i will see you Bitcoin Breakout will happen soon but the 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