C Hoskinson Says Vasil Hardfork Is Ada S Biggest Upgrade And ,Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, in turn, took to his YouTube channel on June 20 to share some of his own thoughts on the delay. Hoskinson said the Vasil hardfork is ‘code complete’ and is practically prepared for launch. Secondly, Hoskinson stated following Consensus, Cardano had a lot of communication with DApp developers What Is Bitcoin? Definition and How It WorksThe Motley Fool Investing in Bitcoin in . There s no denying that owning Bitcoin has been extremely profitable during its short history. Its value has increased from $1 in 2023 to more than $60,000 at times bitcoin vs chainlink BITCOIN ALREADY COST $100,000 OR MORE VECHAIN AND CHAINLINK UPDATE
bitcoin vs chainlink Bitcoin Kurs, Wykres BTC i kapitalizacja... BITCOIN ALREADY COST $100,000 OR MORE VECHAIN AND CHAINLINK UPDATE
bitcoin is recovering from yesterdays dip its nearing 11 900 once again but i will argue that bitcoin costs at least a hundred thousand dollars if not more already and why do i think this well keep watching [Applause] so last night was a little bit iffy people were fearful bitcoin was going continuing to drop and all coins were falling in a drastic way and it ended up being completely normal um you know i tweeted out this chart and and uh it showed this channel that bdc was in and this goes back all the way to uh july 27th so almost a full month and you can see that the lows are getting higher and higher and higher right and the highs are getting higher too so bbc is stuck in this channel and you could see that it did it did reach the bottom of the channel about 11 500 ish and then it just continued back up so to me this looks completely normal that bitcoin yes will go up and yes itll come back down but the momentum the strength behind it has not gone away now if bdc all of a sudden drops a thousand points or two thousand points and goes below ten 000 thats a different story but right now going from 12 000 4 down to 11 800 this is completely normal and you could clearly see it right bdcs probably go slowly start climbing up again above 12 000 slowly slowly and then the next boom up the next pump up will bring it to 13 000. so i think over the next week or so probably five to seven days were gonna start bdc were gonna see bdc start climbing again probably slow increments like last time right about a week well be above 12 000 for sure and then get ready for the next leg up so this is perfectly perfectly normal in my eyes and if you look at the rest of the all coins they have been coming up theyre not nearly as red as yesterday and look at the strength of the one one coin ive been covering a lot chain link it is above 17 again so yeah its not at 19 but its still at 17. and you know i still have people on twitter theyre like oh look at look at that drop look at that dip i told you guys i told you guys that it was gonna go down well no duh of course things come down but you cant discount the fact that chain link has gone up like a thousand percent within the last few months and it continues to be strong no one expects everything to go up forever its its a bummer to see things come down but thats where if you do your homework you do your research and hold on to the good coins the good all coins they will continue to do well going forward because we know bdc and the whole crypto market is in a bull market right now theres no worry people still argue were not in a bull market yes were in a bull market we just havent reached all-time highs yet and in certain cases like chain link it did reach all-time high ready many many many times so i started this video claiming that bitcoin already cost a hundred thousand dollars if not more so what do i mean by that well i saw this article and i thought about it and it makes so much sense its so easy to its so easy to overlook but honestly just take a minute and sit back and think about it and even in your own case and youll realize how true this is so this article talks about critical mass of long-term bdc holders seems to be making a hundred thousand inevitable okay why why well according to this one person uh michael goldstein he tweeted out most bitcoins already cost a hundred thousand dollars but probably more like 10 million but why what what does he mean by that well think about it 64 of bitcoin supply and this was back in december okay i dont know i think recently this has gone up even more but 64 of bitcoin supply has not moved since 2018. why is this because holders are holding for life-changing wealth theyre holding for a number much higher and the number much higher thats been thrown around for a long time is a hundred thousand and many people like tim draper and max kaiser all these guys think it could go much higher than that 250 000 300 000 1 million dollars someday so guess what holders of bitcoin thats what theyre holding at theyre not really trying to trade bitcoin here there maybe they are but for the most part whatever they have their bag theyre holding and theyre not going to sell it until it goes much higher so if you think about it 64 that hasnt moved theyre probably at least waiting for a hundred thousand dollars to come before they start selling off some of them may even wait for a higher 500 000 or a million dollars before they sell off thats why if you think about it the cost of bitcoin is pro its already there at a hundred thousand dollars of course these people that arent selling theyre not affecting the price as much as the traders are right now but as this number as this percentage keeps going up goes up to 70 goes up to 75 percent goes up to 80 percent think about it one day when say 90 95 of bitcoin supply does not move anymore does not does not move does not get traded think about what thats going to do to the price the people that are trying to jump in and trying to formal in theyre just going to be buying bitcoins at insane price while the rest of us already have our bags full so i i think this is this is mind-blowing i mean if you take take a second take a minute think about how mind-blowing this is this is ultimately whats going really drive bitcoin up besides everything else of course the fundamentals and and and store value and hedge against inflation all that stuff and ultimately whats going to drive bitcoin up is the holders the ones that are just holding on forever until bitcoin reaches a much much higher level and that is that is powerful thats really really powerful if you think about it lastly i want to give a quick update on v chain they partnered up with travala today and it is pretty good travala has been around for a while theyre in the travel industry and they work with a lot of hotels and now because of this partnership 2.2 million hotels can now accept vet which is very good theres still some people thats thinking all these partnerships for v chain is still fake i dont know why they cant get the flood out of their head but vechain is definitely here to stay and they are legit and they are forming partnerships left and right all right guys thats it for this video what do you think at what level at what price will you sell your bitcoin at make sure you hit the like and subscribe to the channel follow me on twitter and leave in the comments what price youre willing to sell your bitcoin at fifty thousand a hundred thousand two hundred thousand a million dollars lets hear it you Today I make the case that Bitcoin already cost $100,000 or more for most HODLers. 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