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your big head is just a big case for your big brain the best Oakley classes for big brain guys next on five news everyone this is sunglass rob a que the biggest headed optician export rx with our friend Nick from Oakley who doesnt have that big of a head medium-sized to talk about the best Oakleys for guys with big domes I know youre out there and I know its hard to find the right size glasses weve gotten a lot of requests for videos like this and people are always asking us for lists for glasses with guys with big heads so the video is about to come up but before subscribe to our channel and like this video and put a comment about how big your head is Im a seven and five-eighths hat which is it that big but I feel like my head gets bigger the farther down you go yeah and if you have any questions put it down in the comment section or email info at sporter XCOM and well get back to you or call Mikes got a big head hes enough to show on the phone you can help you call and ask for Mike yeah okay anyways were here with the best oakleys for guys with big heads Im pretty excited Im not sure where to start I think Im gonna start with the holbrook XL yeah I think thats a thats a good starting point so if you know Oakleys you know the Holbrooks theyve been a best-seller for ten years theyre amazing theyre just the classic timeless design more of a everyday lifestyle frame and I had and have a few pairs of regular Holbrooks and they were always like I just love the color it was a Sean wide edition or a ruby red edition so I just like had to have it in my collection but there were a little small for me when the XL came out nope yeah this is something weve been asking for for a while Oakley is very popular with people that need larger bits yeah and I think in the recent years weve kind of made me neglected that a little bit no youre back baby were back so bringing some new styles and refreshing some existing style to kind of accommodate that yeah its already a best-seller so why not make it in Excel right Sam yeah yeah it makes sense and you have a big head means you have a big brain so you have a good job big wallet I think no were sure thats entirely its not how it works Im trying are you gonna try it on with your regular so its really not that bad you have my regulars so theres a regular size Holbrook for people like you what exactly is right why you got a front um I know Im here for moral support okay why dont we stay in the Excel range and go main link Excel so main link I love because its really RX about the RX stands for a prescription so if you need a prescription sportframe doubt the Holbrooke any of a high prescription the main link we recommend a lot but it wasnt that big and now theres a main link XL so youre getting unobtainium nosepass unobtainium temples do you know what unobtainium does what does it do the more you sweat and how do you get to stick your in tackier guess so its like grip its like as you need a grip it becomes alive and like the glasses stay in place so more of an everyday looking frame but still hardcore sport frame yeah it is this is the one thats meant to do it all yeah so if you can only afford one pair glasses or you only want one pair of glasses loudly well know that I have more than 800 okay so thats the main link XL love it its amazing and then Im gonna go to the target line the target line is I think a one size fits a lot of people yeah its not directly a huge frame but I have a big head and I have a pair that Ive been mountain biking in that Ive been golfing in that I love well I took one golf lesson but thats the can I try this on sure I think they fit me fine like I feel like theres even maybe a little bit of room what I love about these is a couple of really cool features that have this complete unobtainium saddle nose bridge so you get unobtainium everywhere keeps the glasses in place without more unobtainium so its not as abortive looking but theres texture on the inside has this extra a little bit of flair of no matter which is helps with wind and light because its not a full wraparound frame but if youre the high prescription it hides the thickness a little bit cool side note and then if youre wearing a curved hat this angle right here was specifically designed not to interfere with the Hat so a lot of really cool feature is target lines like technically in the Gulf family but I wear for a lot of sports its an awesome pair of glasses okay and then why dont we go to the deck or dad card oh boy its the deck courts special besides the fact that its pretty cool pretty cool looking and fits really well this is an ANSI rated frame and lens combo so OSHA approved full answer rate its seven point one six T glasses for guys with big heads and there are exa both they are highly RS yeah we sell a lot of these deserve anything theyre so cool they come in a couple cool colors its like a USA flag one theres like a blue line Louis a blue line ones maybe my favorite very cool we have it really not a rad to either Tom det-cord amazing pair yeah okay Prizm lens options in this and non-prescription with and thats our exit what we said yeah even prison yeah yeah okay so this is the turbine the turbine to me is like classic Oakley classic look design classic big head this is like the familys been around in this world for a long time you have a lot of unobtainium even out of can move on the outside just for aesthetics really really lightweight like its almost like nano no matter I dont know exactly whats going on but super lightweight knows great big rectangular I mean these are the these are the big-headed boys right here I think sweet yeah yeah very Oakley very comfortable shape up and around in our line for a long time yeah just kind of a refreshed version of it its really really well it gives you a ton of coverage yeah okay and then were going to the double edge which again I feel like the iPad I patched to the room is frame yeah this is kind of in that family yeah I patched one was better than the two I dont have a pair of bumped like I missed that one in my collection anyone be able to find yeah this is like the new version of that eyepatch family so no unobtainium on the temple little tiny bit on the nose not as much as youre actually doing hardcore sports and these even though they have a little bit unattainable a little bit more kind of lifestyle everyday look and feel but to me very big head very ugly yeah and I think the rap and how it contours and kind of shapes to your head you can wear it doing sports you wouldnt call it like you said your hardcores boyfriend why dont you try them on normal head size exactly you know oh boy yeah alright that feels big on me were gonna go to I cant stop talking about these glasses these are the suit rows Sutro is like an oversized look so on a big headed guy its still kind of bigger but it fits a lot of people because like different Nick tries them on theyre just supposed to look that big yeah very 80s very radical very like Im making a statement theyre from the latitude collection which is merging like high fashion and and hardcore sport so youre getting like this intense and a cool funky look with a lot of sport features theyre just rad you cant I mean I love those its a really clear thread and then if you are doing hardcore sports hardcore mountain biking cross-country mountain biking Road Cycling triathlon the jawbreakers one that you kind of have to talk about a lot of features adjustable temples which is good for us with big heads because you make them longer actually have these in prescription and clear with the embedded lens technology for night mountain biking because I just love youre just like almost wearing like goggles like this yeah full protection and then have venting so this is and then also if youre on a tri bike or more of aggressive position on a road bike its really hard to look over the top of these they go up kind of over the brow which is really really nice so again not specifically an XL version of another frame or a big-headed one but because of the design and the flexibility they fit big-headed guys really well as well yeah I was gonna say that Rob you cant hit the nail on the head this is a frame for everyone intense sport wants something thats gonna perform as large bastard you just automatic look like you just took time off your pee I feel fast you should have like a Strava code when youre wearing this and I walk to my car later its gonna be quick yeah yeah Wow like theyre all right those are our favorite big head Oakleys if you have a pair of these and you have a big head let us know about it in the car last action yeah we do love you love you and we love you for watching these videos yeah theyre fun right are we doing a good job let us know in the comment section or give us a thumbs up and wed love for you to subscribe to the channel okay big headed big brain brothers later Looking for some Oakley sunglasses to fit your big head? Dont worry, Sunglass Rob can relate! Oakley Rep of the Year, Nick Farnham, and Rob take you through the very best Oakley sunglasses for big heads.Shop Oakley Holbrook XL- 1:14 Shop Oakley Mainlink XL- 2:30 Shop Oakley Targetline- 3:27 Shop Oakley Det Cord- 4:33 Shop Oakley Turbine- 5:23 Shop Oakley Double Edge- 6:05 Shop Oakley Sutro- 6:59 Shop Oakley Jawbreaker- 7:40 Check out more Oakley product reviews, buyer’s guides and tutorials: Check out more Oakley product videos: Learn more about Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology: Shop all Oakley Sunglasses, eyeglasses, and goggles: Still have questions? Give us a call or leave a comment below. SUBSCRIBE: CONTACT US: Email: Phone: 877 789-3633 FOLLOW US: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find the best sports prescription eyewear for your specific needs at SportRx: Sportrx Oakley Prizm Prizm,Oakley,Sportrx,