chainlink bep20BEP20, TRC20 e ERC20 qual a diferença?

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chainlink bep20 How to Generate a Deposit... BEP20, TRC20 e ERC20 qual a diferença?
and answering the title of the video, the main difference between these networks is that if you send the token or currency to the wrong network, then the people you are sending a wallet to will never recognize acceleration and you will end up losing that currency if you want to to find out more about this follow the video And then guys, Im here with the baiana open to explain better to you What the hell is this IBEP network two drinks 20 rc-20 Omni TRC 20 baby sun for those who dont know the bar if in other brokers there they have several connected networks in certain currencies or tokens and when you withdraw or deposit you have the option of withdrawing through this network or receiving it in the brokerage wallet through this network. open to show you that inhabit price also has two different networks in the case that gives price it has erc20 which is from India ethereum and Beto and 20 which is banana So lets explain the main difference between these networks well the first BEP two is a network created by balance before BEP 20 is open and 20 is a more recent network from Barra if it is even better than bf2 and some ringtones can be transferred through this network put using this network So if you are going to transfer I prefer others networks, right because there are more chances of having other brokerages accepting and abep two is this is a network to give bananas that it was initially created to bar in cidex the banana Sedex uses abep two here on the side of abep two Ill even zoom in here we have bebe 20 abep 20 the newest network in Barra in which the so-called bananas smartshake is a Block chain just like etéreo doesnt change anything it just changes that the rate is lower and its the way to mine its different ok im wrong yeah yeah steak o Eterno is even trying to implement steak, but it will take a long time for the Barra network on these Martin Sheen It already started with steak enabled the main difference is also behind the BEP 2 and abep 20 network. pep2 network when I click when I see my address it starts with BNB which is the balance stick already drinks 20 network when we click it will start with 0 x which is the same pattern as the ethereum network lets wait for the bar to load here well guys this one is not working now, just because I went to record the video it gave error 504. I said that I understand that you should only send the SBT erc20 or bebe 20 to this address is Marco. sent to the brokers main wallet is higher than the amount you sent so dont send less than 10 dollars from the SBT, right? here show address you can see here that for both the beb21 rc-20 network the address will be the same why does this happen because the barnes network like i said is the same thing as the ethereal network you can generate the address with the same private key so if you end up sending a little drink 20 to your own wallet to your management wallet you can recover it using the private key of your etéreo wallet if you do this to an efficient one that does not accept Depp 20 it will hardly do that because the guys its kind of slow there Think how you want what you did Brazilians They dont like it very much again the price increases here came first and already implemented the main network of the biggest ex in the world, lets see if they work if you ll come back to show us the others nets I think she wont come back but lets do a Google search whats next is the TRC 20 hotels and 20 for those who dont know its from Trons boot because its called PR thats it then it comes from trunk to trunk is another Block Shake is the same as the ethereal one The difference will only be in the rates in the form of mineral I dont know if its for the purpose I posted that the group is Ford but what goes here the rate is much cheaper thats because the ethereal is much cheaper expensive than the baiana opens dont touch them right and also what I brought Tom goes cents the bar Im not here is worth a few tens of dollars while she goes thousands of dollars and because of this high price of the ethereal the fees to pants so tall he also felt it given away likes to say that the eternal one he is the fuel the eternal is the fuel of the ethereum network so his tendency will be more and more passion fruit until this one Explain why he is infinite because he has to be cheap because otherwise people wont be able to use Smart contain him the afternoon was made to use Smart Country the vitalle he didnt think people will run ether and people are the risk is increased so much but when people realize that the Éder is infinite as it is only used for gas, gasoline or oil from the network then they will realize that it is not worth running because it is infinite the price trend is lower and lower but while that does not happen it is Ester the ground network 20 ep 20 these two are the same together with arc20 so if you send some currency to a brokerage that accepts these networks always prefer the bebe 20 network or even rc-20 another network that also has the so-called man this network was the first network in SBT is its own network, but it is also a little expensive so if you send money from bitpreço work on this or from the base for 20 price or to the author who also accepts I think the ap exchange also accepts the pit always for the bp20 that its the cheapest if they accept that youre 20 its even cheaper but like some of ours this video is the bug by Beto and 20 that the person dances if theyre not carrying it but I decided here to show you a wallet that exists the possibility you can use these two networks that drink 20 and the even normal network that braids milk for those who dont know behind strong It was acquired by the beard if they support the barnes network that is the baby 20 when you add a new touch there you can select which one you want to observe the bebe 20 network and there you can transfer the touch, you know the price of the Dubai exchange of the alter of the bananas itself, everything to your own wallet and inside that interesting wallet because they have an app explorer you can access the the application to decentralize the inside and you can exchange coins anonymously there it is very interesting that another wallet here also supports multiple networks is isdefe this wallet I didnt get to use it But it accepts it let me show it here for you its here o o wi-fi this wallet, in addition to supporting Beto and 20, it also has us. Centralized, you can also access decentralized kitchens inside the wallet. If you want to withdraw the coin from the scale, theres a baby 20, use this network because its much cheaper now if it doesnt have it, its just ethereal, it only accepts RC-20, choose the RC 20 network, now lets go to points, youre withdrawing bitcoins from the bar, there also supports the token of Bitcoin on the net bebe 20 only that hot that you are sending it only accepts a deposit of 20 with em so send it through the Bitcoin network and not through the network bebe 20 ok if you send Bitcoin from Barra in that via bebe 20 to some brokerage that does not accept you will lose this 24 because the broker will not know how to use it I think that in fact the transaction is completed because the address is different the Bitcoin address does not follow the eternal pattern but heres the tip there always observe what the brokers TIM block is youre sending or the wallet youre sending and send it in the right way Do a search on Google which is the blog Tinga that broker accepts questions at support and sends them in the right way so you dont lose the coins the video was that guys I hope that If you liked it subscribe to the channel there Instagram is in the description too I answer life over there faster than here right because today everyone already has a cell phone in their hand so youll stay healthy there and Ill reply thanks for watching see you here leave your like and go Instagram: Facebook: Steam: Uplay: itxToledo Origin: itxToledo Canal: itxToledo ️ E-mail: OBEX: Bitragem: Meu PC no dia desse vídeo: CPU-Z Validator: Músicas usadas: Qualquer dúvida a respeito do vídeo, pergunte, não custa nada.