chainlink team membersBattlefield 1 with friends ARE TEAM SUCKS!!!!

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whats going on guys stealing Jam back with another battlefield in one video with Jane links come and Jamie crook buddy also Im here playing just cuz three I have battlefield but take care of load what are you doing lovely what are you loading the a means saying Oh a min aqua thats the matter what were doing sergeant Oh finally but it said squad full kickin yeah if you go for my way squad leader so I can do something we go also turn off the music I meant when was that ok all right hey Jordan now turn off the music hmm what know why is it all black oh its a restart it and they need to fix black but I can see the flags yeah I know I know yet me started no cups parel are we losing em all right awesome ones got the same three thats not me it is not gay we had objected can I win the so please please please oh my god I actually winded a helicopter its not that hard to learn the helicopter just cuz three plus ive only been playing for like four hours four hours I got yesterday but Ive been doing other stuff like not flying helicopters okay lets see this Hawk copter I dont we shoot stuff hey x 10 might utilize to get out Logan how much was steep my little girls at about 60 69 i got it for 30 howd you get a third 30 I just went to gain shop like dr steve said five two more copies in those 30 bucks how its supposed to be 60 oh my i was down audran you uh oh wow its full uh quick to people what your storage oh no not no not squad squad game oh my lets go I got advice I got to revive do hmm you go you gotta kick some home or from a little of you what what gun shy huh you just get kick somebody swinging at Logan in the game the game is falling off the squad oh oh oh its loading its loading we have lost objective ready no I dont good okay wrong one we have taken objective Charlie oh you got any help on be I need a medic whoa gunshot again he go any minute you call hes coming at two he took thats chess no I died whos the boy your golly you are Logan are you in the game Logan are you in the game I my Logan we have lost objective melter you this is about l my stream well you know what Im in here whats up oh well thats gonna be it ill just trying to show you guys some raw gameplay about the one and tuned for more videos yeah I got the medic I mean I got the elite class poke is the George you can objective Edward ah ding I thought I thought wherever teammate would have got him real real purpose teen oh my oh my oh my that was the most trash grenade I think Ive ever done in this game hell yeah and my flag they had more fuzzy mm-hmm ah all we need to keep d if we want any chance of winning this game we also need yeah we just keep all the dresses we have yes there you go were capturing it back right you see that an enemy tank oh god what Pat what we are losing objective being it that should have killed in as I put there eccentric it is available near your location we have taken objective apples oh my we have lost objective Freddie objective job late I gotta go see my family real quick ill be back in just a couple minutes oh yeah that was a bad idea we have taken objective Charlie we have lost objective hes a good ankle oh my I dont have to see that gun mmm Hugo well lets go but we need d you need to be well its keeping this room Johnny yeah oh my the ice yeah what we lost his game you are my most objective Duff Oh we have lost objective Charlie we have lost objective but the enemy I know actually got off it we have taken you where are you at hmm were you a hair look okay go for d we need to keep d thats when you will get Andy Beck ah whats up I was I reloading bingo oh we have taken objective Freddie all right yeah lets get we got a bag lets go keep see cuz you need cant using my objectives so what what we have lost objective Charlie thanks minute okay okay thats crap those in the head too what kind of oh my o.o ty we have taken objective done oh its mo ah we have an armored truck each year armored train and mute the garage you going driving the train again you go im driving the Train either objective we have lost object we are losing oh hes going down what good then that sig is getting hit is it oh are you in the mortar seat yeah the big ass mortar how do they have every objective go back it up back and we have lost objective Charlie how did they have every objective money back wow I did well I didnt think they had Wow just hold of jason i didnt think theyd I thought ah thats my bad I thought I thought that since we got see we can move on dit je like shoot on an a because I thought our team was pushing it I just forgot to look at the objectives and see that they are team did nothing to keep it up back Oh thinking Im really went native Wow I think my phone was on the other team Wow a Hugo Hugo what hunter and Dom around other team they were yeah always guys thanks for watching another battlefield one um video with chain link um crook and inner man um yeah so Ill be making more videos of battlefield lon maybe some infinite warfare when I get steep and were gonna be doing a lot steep videos because i really like snowboarding so were gonna do some steep videos and then im also getting trying to get an oh god oh so i can have way better videos for you guys thanks for watching Check out all of the chainLink team ChainLink CrookChainLink Scump and other team members at ChainLink gaming -- Watch live at