altcoin review 8 of 30 chainlink unlock scheduleapi3 is better than chainlink.

AVAX Price Prediction - How is Avalanche Performing This Year? In 2025, the price prediction for Avalanche AVAX is expected to reach a high of $72.19, and a low of $61.88. On average the token price is expected to hover at around $66.00 throughout the year Ethereum 2.0 คืออะไร และทำไมจึงมีความสำคัญ? - Finnomena Aug 6, 2564 BE Ethereum 2.0 หรือ ETH2 หรือ “Serenity” เป็นซึ่งเป็นการอัพเกรดในส่วนสุดท้ายหลังจาก Frontier, Homestead และ Metropolis โดยในเวอร์ชันนี้มีจุด chainlink unlock schedule api3 is better than chainlink. altcoin review 8 of 30
chainlink unlock schedule What is Ethereum Gas? How ETH Gas Fees... api3 is better than chainlink. altcoin review 8 of 30
why API 3 is a better investment than chain link I know theres been some waiting for this one you dont understand the tech weather man Im actually going to start with the price action first chain link has a 3.8 billion dollar market cap and approximately 49 of the tokens released API 3 sets out 106 million dollar market cap and approximately 56 of the tokens released so instantly the tokenomics are better then lets say a venture capital firm comes in and says they want to buy 5 million dollars of an oracle crypto the percent change is much bigger for API 3. but heres my number one issue with chain link on this second Bull Run many cryptos made all-time highs Bitcoin Matic H bar not link and while the overall Market was coming down in February API 3 was making all-time highs and its easy to say that at present time the chart structures are basically identical accumulations happening for both and from bottom to top API 3 offers better returns just slightly thats if chain link can even remake its all-time high some people think Im attacking link to attack it no used to be in my old logo I used to like it but why am I going to go for the mediocre performer I also dont trust Financial projects that are started out of the Cayman Islands which they werent even there not going to belabor this point go check those videos out if you want and to be fair API 3 has magical locations too but again Im choosing between Oracle projects now most people get turned on for chain link because of this massive ecosystem fair but so does API 3 they have a lot everyone knows what AccuWeather is I know its signals is I use signals I know what R is and theres so many other things being built with API 3 but this case point is largely mute additionally when I look at the news for API 3 largely positive and again Im not on chain link theyve had bullish news too fundamentally theyre about equal just API 3 has better percent potential API 3 has been active during the spare cycle building Community future bag holders so is chain link now whos running API 3 which by the way you should always check if a project has a white paper and it does hear the names Barack which looks like he did some work with chain link before kind of made me think when Charles Hoskins broke away from ethereum to found cardano another API 3 co-founder was a software engineer at Facebook and this Points really big API 3 received 3 million in seed route Investments and these funds are very busy even today here Pantera theyre getting ready to pump and dump the entire Market themselves 1.25 billion which you should take a look at their portfolio theres API 3 chain link is not in their portfolio this is a different crypto Ill have to look into this in the end I dont give a who the better Oracle is I care about development confidence and percent gains API 3 wins hands down what do you think of this review do you agree what would you like to see next thanks for stopping by Both projects are decent considerations, and please note, I am not invested in either one of these. But if I am to choose between two oracle projects, I would strongly go with api3 over chainlinkcrypto. Link has strong fundamentals....but so does API3. In fact, many of the collaborators and projects working with API3, are actual things you and I use! Like accuweather and Cignals as examples. The percent gains between the two, API3 has far more potential. B