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Is Ethereum A Good Investment? Pros And Cons Of ETH For context, all the best DeFi cryptocurrencies in the market today are Ethereum-based. Similarly, all top NFT cryptocurrencies like ApeCoin, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity are based on Ethereum. Ethereum’s dominance in various cryptocurrency use cases has two advantages. Sunny Lu: VeChain VET Is Complementing United Nation s SDGs 1. Effective and Timely Incentive to the positive actions 2. Proper Coordination and Allocation of social resources globally That s exactly what Blockchain can do and exactly what VeChain is helping to make happen! Go #VeChain! — Sunny LU, VeChain Ⓥ June 14, chainlink staking reddit A CHAINLINK LINK é um ESQUEMA DE PONZI? Cortes Insights
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And then Im going to continue with a little more analysis here that I think will be interesting for us to understand. I m also deciding here on the multi-has and also on how the team enters and communicates a little with this ecosystem, as I mentioned. for free taking this posture of muting and what you think is super valid you understand if observed is that today the crypto market as a whole is positioning itself in this line of very full so today for example there are no solutions there second layer, somewhat close, which are the ones that share the same dynamics as even virtual Machine So we have a great habit, the very base on this Mars where you and these accesses, you have other little boots here that are choosing not to follow this dynamic from even Virtual Machine like Solana itself to polkadot etc and you also have other applications that are opting for other formats like the issue of Cosmo itself and you have some ecosystems that are not this and communicating with the World. the right bridge is like the case of Cardano particularly I think its a little bad idea I dont like it so much I like a dynamic of communication between the ecosystems generated more naturally Perfect and take advantage of the best that there is between these lots and it was a little bit of reading the graphs when he makes this movement in the square and support not only from the network that have more than several other networks and for me this whole structure of a web 3.0 enters why Because in addition and naturally applications with work much better within of a specific boot we will also need solutions scale skills to make this process this whole dynamics cheaper and then polygonal times come into play, etc. within the ethereal world and here is between the fact that the mind is not born can be a back to the front but there is no other lot in other applications that you will need precisely to build these bridges here for communication between the players for their much better functionality so in short, we have another piece of infrastructure there when we are talking about dealing with all this dynamics And then for you to be able to visualize it better, right? of processing functionality and we have the data storage parts even connected to this dynamics that would be the databases like falcões would be the indexers there that a dynamic organization and it would be who will bring this data this information from the real world to Glock gen is the beginning between a little bit of what it is, right, something that we know as Tino, so its cool to see this need for this importance of communication between Block Chances and Science for us to have a world of web 3.0 functionality that has a nice dynamic we have dynamics and manage to build a very good form and then following our line is and precisely net of data external to the world for Block Xem we have a link of one realize that the graphical has a much more functionality of organization of internal data in box in when we talk about getting out of this data and for the world often we are really talking about me that I command is talking about market data when talking about databases of payment model of events infection with being external to the wedge paz apart from the universe, we are talking about a team, we are talking about another dynamic, right? And then the big point of ting is precisely if this infrastructure process for this data arrives the same. external information on web 2.0 for example throw all this out to the world on Xbox So it will select the best possible way from the data providers and part of their names send it to a smart contract like kitchen and this smart contract will be used there by several applications of the com ecosystem that need that certain information so in the case of price, we will need free solutions for the nightwing process, we will need solutions for the insurance process, which will need solutions even for the deck aggregators to know and they would have a comparison price to find out what the best price is the best training they are proving to their users in the same line another the iOS that they over there on the team link will be Precisely the part here takes me right so today we have a lot of touches based there right and other values ​​ in other data So you have, for example, another one is this one here is based on the dollar you have Rio Pax Gold which is based on gold and among other applications And you really have to do this bond conference and the team just does this also the process of fulfilling it Astro through its network and informing it through its contract people to bring more security to its users so it seems that it is a completely different dynamic on the dynamics of pulling data to bring data and this data to increase the ex between the applications I understand so much that these two projects, right, graphite intense energy one project brings the information communicates the information increases the ex of the market and the other project wanted precisely this organization so that the applications make the best use of this data another example CD Case satin link e thats why I like to think so much about infrastructure assets, its precisely Rondon Oeste verification so basically today we have several applications and smart contacts that need to generate random information but now it s not capable of generating it reliably by itself and Time manages to generate these models is random with tests on top of that then this will be a good base and the games market np3 market etc another example here is also the model right of smart contract activations that I had equippers that manages to facilitate there the life of a good part of developers and then they got it there recently you dont know the product and what I think is cool is that we really build this infrastructure and this layer of data within the crypto market from the data option to the data yesterday so you will have There are several very good data validators with solutions there, there, the second layer compiling all of this within the TIM network that through their names and then these templates will be, right, to meet the need there, from the GIF ecosystem to the insurance ecosystem for the Tolkien ecosystem traced to the terms of smart contract games ecosystem and many others. it was internal data between lotions that are going to be necessary, right there to organize information to carry out training to carry out operations to be read own applications that yesterday applications contain multiple data and need them to be organized in a way and then this dynamic of organization of data came in for free internal data so its nice to understand this dynamic of both external data and internal data and here at the end we will also have a storage layer over there, good it from there too in So this is the format that we have for the entire market of crypto of all the dynamics and he and thats when we talk about the data part And then its cool to break down these three logics in these three functionalities because I think they are the three most important personalities within this market, naturally I think it must have emerged there some doubts and sometimes we pass a little faster and then I think its worth Danilo pushing us to try to answer as best as possible. adegraf What do you think about the competitive advantage it has over Street Fighter we already have a legal traditional market the great point of the comparison marked free fire is that the universe right you have a Centralized Player that is creating some algorithm something for you structural inform the relevant data in their case there are models of decentralized incentives to do this and naturally there will be more or less interesting data center of the universe I thought you will create incentives to organize and create a better and retractable database plus the line there of your users who need this process How cool, me Marcos He just asked what it is and Edson yuzur ex-pawns Marques the user experience so with easy with intuitive is each of the applications so we talk a lot asked for when we are dealing with applications that will be used mainly by retail, you often always choose the one that is more intuitive, easier, you know, we see how much these technology companies that are talking about WhatsApp Instagram how much they invest is not for your whole experience to be the best possible today obviously the ex of WhatsApp on Instagram are not being good its because we are not able to access them I think that even on Instagram its back now but WhatsApp still breathes through devices but thats basically it I think which makes a little sense, right? I have to pull it. Ill pull it up. Just Artemisias. I saw some criticisms that are very based on an analysis of the Zeus Capitão, which is a so-called market analysis house and that the outlets, by the way, are not such a good analysis house. I have a big tip that normally people dont understand how it works, its not the value dynamics of the Token link and just like that its the economic logic how all this dynamics of the Virtuous cycle works and thats it, its very stormy a thought or in the crypto market who lived in the market of Christ for a long time that a case of Christ should necessarily be composed just because I wanted it to be employees and the great truth is that many applications will need Topo in employees only if they are growing they are working within your network within your dynamics of need, you felt that everything will be fine, it will be preserving the value of the touch and it will even be opening up a wider range of appreciation and then it is important to understand this logic of the tuc names of anyone who is one of the assets by this criticism over there like this link but it is a very unfounded and not legal criticism Henrique is asking if this strengthening of the Astro of information through degraf tokens steak reminds me of the system mentioned by you new the team link 2.0 is this system its already operational at TIM, how cool Great question and as far as I have information its still not operational there are still some processes to be done for in the case of time 2.0 its operational in the case of the graphic and yes it already works and its been working very well tell me by the way ENTRE NA LISTA DE ESPERA DA MERCURIUS PRO ABERTURA ESTÁ CHEGANDO Você investe em Chainlink LINK?A Chainlink faz parte da web 3.0, o futuro da internet como nós conhecemos, totalmente descentralizada e com muito mais dados integrados entre o mundo cripto e o mundo real. A Chainlink faz, justamente, a ponte entre o mundo tradicional, como os bancos, e o mundo dos criptoativos. Nessa análise eu explico como o protocolo faz esse papel tão importante para a expansão do mercado, e quais são as nossas perspectivas para o futuro do ativo. [ASSISTA A ANÁLISE COMPLETA AQUI] 0L7KiqN33VQ chainlink link ---------------- [COMO MONTAR SUA CARTEIRA EM CRIPTO] [ANÁLISES DE MERCADO DIÁRIAS POR E-MAIL] [GRUPO DO TELEGRAM] acompanhe as mudanças do mercado diariamente [ASSINATURA] torne-se um investidor consistente em criptomoedas: ----------------------- Mergulhe no mundo de Criptomoedas: Análises diárias no Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: chainlink,link,