black vinyl coated chainlink6 High Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence

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black vinyl coated chainlink Ethereum - Wikipedia Ethereum allows anyone to deploy... 6 High Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence
wow that so so hey guys yeah so uh my guys needed a couple of parts and uh i was in the neighborhood anyway no i wanted to come out here and show you what they got going on here six foot high uh black chain length vents here you know black vinyl wire and uh you know you got the one and five eighths black powder coated top rail one and seven eighths line post we got the two and three eighths uh terminals and and uh these guys they want uh slide gates in because uh well obviously with everything going on people been breaking into everything you know kind of like my trucks getting broken into too uh but uh it happens and thats why these fences go up so uh heres like i just wanted to show you some of these fences here what the guys got going on well one guys standing around but uh yeah you know uh whats been happening theyve been breaking into these uh little storage units down there and so they asked a little fence company like fix the fence llc to you know hey put in a couple little gates so we got a they wanted to get into the garage here and i told them i said well you dont have enough room for the gates to slide into he said well john this ones not going to be open all the time i said fine okay well then well put them up like that and so were able to we are able to come up and now the guys are working on their last gate and okay here we are guys finished product out here in portland oregon six foot high chain link all black powder coated uh post rail gate frames vinyl coated chain link fence anyway so yeah looks good these are the rolo latches i was telling you about okay okay we had to put a 1-5 8 over on this side for it to work um yeah it looks good i i think they did a great job for what we did here you know so uh there you go guys have a great day keep smiling Black vinyl coated chain link fence with powder coated posts, rail, gate track, gate frames and fence components.