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hello hello welcome to master crypto October 17, 2022 long time no see Well some of those again recently seen, eh because eh I met them at the bitcoin conference in Amsterdam and Westergasfabriek and you can already see that I have a particularly eloquent chaparons taken to this conference of course I knew nothing about it And yes in stark comes the intense way in which I approach such a conference eh also testify, for example, this photo huh and eh, I also made very good photos far above the quality that eh the average photographer I think eh show eh so I was there Yes and that is really not the conference I want to talk to you about by the way this hat I got on Bitcoin Amsterdam from a representative That was a hotel owner in eh San Kitsch is located in the Caribbean and you are welcome there You can get a second passport if you are allowed to bring enough money with you at least € 200,000 you do not have to invest and that it lands you get a second passport you can pay tax-free crypto eh there what you can also do everything with crypto yourself so eh well then beautiful bathrooms are in my passport I dont know why either and at the end of the story I found out that they royer Fair on that island and that enough everything there in Bitcoin Cash happened I already envisioned paradise eh It Is A Matter Of Patience quietly waiting for the day when there will also be an island for normal Bitcoin people right Yes siebels 2022 Amsterdam with gang not been Why do I want to talk about that then well maybe because Sergio was just like speaking afterwards and eh also in eh in the College then Gilbert furiously walked around and those two after that link of course Ah what a nice choice of wok and chainlink On the one hand came over leidscher on the other hand eh open then he is loosely transparent Volke by Sea and eml eh forms on the other hand and both hope to provide that solution for sweeftijd Swift is the organizations of siebels and hope to provide the solution for that piece of intere parability and they both do that in their own way of course the one does with eh the oracle system another does with the gateways the gate a function actually that takes place above or next to or below a certain block in technology well yes and of course the question on my lips is yes which one is going to be the dominant factor and then can will give you a spoiler Alert that that question is not explicitly addressed in this video and where I will nevertheless take a look with you at what these erm two coins can mean now and Swift is working with both is exploring both to how they can connect all those all it networks all blockchain networks with each other in this world albeit more closed and he said it more eh via the Arkel function Look that ISO 20022 adoption program ISO the standard ISO 20 022 that is coming it must be fully implemented by the year 2025 by all financial institutions affiliated with Swift and there are more than 11,000 ehm to do business anyway those institutions process large amounts of data with their customers and also with each other and such exchanges that work when they do receive the sender as a common denominator have a common denominator on how they interpret the data and we know of course dont we from the crypto world know that eh smaat contract that he can eliminate the intermediary eh between people and that you can reduce costs and risks with that provided contract of course putting it together with that caveats ehm and of course with time those carts are 100% reliable eh eh eh but yes thats how to eliminate daily eh data standards eh This eh the need to let people interpret data eh That can be automated already brings there of course also the costs ehm fight back and the speed up and you have to think of trillions huh so thousands of billions in data that is processed alone 700 trillion in global debt ehm because thats what the world is floating on today huh thats what drives us eh fake money is mutually processed in this way and it is of great importance for institutions that they receive the correct date of course and see when the various send options are intermediate institutions that create problems in automating transactions from system to system and ISO 20 022 that standardizes with it the input an old brush of the messages from those financial institutions and think of payment transsections in eh stocks the d-bud credit transactions um and yes and everything you can think of a financial information stocks that are distributed or uh bonds that are distributed Look and yes and then Nazarov comes to speak on such a siebos and from his words I conclude that the CCIP standard of chainlink cross Chain interrups probability protocol eh that he is on the ropes, say about the fourth industrial revolution eh to be able to give hands and feet It is eh well on its way to becoming the defactor Interface between the top banks and hundreds of eh distribute Legend Technology satis Block Change who want to quickly eh process transactions back and forth and you have to think about intertroperenbility between blockchains mutually safe eh secure access secure Management of access and a single integration will be pedable with the existing banking systems well through oracles all that and that CC IP eh Because in a Proof of concept phase eh that all can go eh deliver Yes and that standard with 2025 is certainly in its future music at the same time, banks are already moving towards that standard and the implementation is already in full swing eh and yes why do you keep it out of the comparisons you made when one is migrated that delivers a number of significant advantages with regard to the transaction management system that they have today and Dear people, I am not an expert in this, I know a lot how that works in practice, of course, such a TM so dont make me believe that all are pretending to be myself and that this transaction Manager Today has certain problems or at least the costs that well that is explained here in the Why piece Look and here is eh from a number of central banks in a row When his breath such standard about eh wishes to go or the at least when that is planned yes the bank of england that is already eh yes i think it belongs to this there you are november 2022 and the federal reserve that will take a little longer that will be 2025 so those are one of the later ones will switch to a daily standard and of course that digital dollar will also take place under the iso 20 022 standard all digital currencies all central bank Digital currencies will fall under this standard and communicate with each other via this standard and also the Deutsche Bank If those teeth exist Well they have also made a red folder regarding the implementation of the iso 20 022 standard And then you see that this sign appears here in several places Which should mean that it does not appear to be a vicious impact probably we are doing business with the bank isnt it the shape of it and that sign that we know that from somewhere or not then I thought so and when we travel back in time the fort Industrial revolution clouds worth everyone for you is of course very nice from this man erm we can already see standing there and taste provides programmable contracts that can make payments between two parties that meet certain criteria without the need for a middleman but it is dear people 2016 The predecessor of chainlink At least that address that address tastes like what is mentioned in this same letter from eh shelf What as a tipping point with regard to eh the fourth industrial revolution is by our own season just as praise a few days before eh the wind pepper of Bitcoin went public is this but eh is this address registered and under the engine Mossen after the meal eh Here you see this registration Yes so from an eh early start actually your inlik is in bed with eh klauswab yes and yes you have me previous video will my disgust listen to talk about Kwant dies Yes that I find it increasingly difficult to tell 80 to have quanties while I know that he ehm centralbank will facilitate these tours but yes that money is probably just as good for my dear presches chainlinky so yes What am I going to do now huh By the way, Jayden is not only from that Center I am this currency cell let it be clear eh But the auto function is going to automate contracts contracts for companies institutions and but also just for individuals ehm on a permission Operating empty and very transparent ways that is also eh Just say the death and that contract came as much more closed and really intended for financial institutions among themselves to do transa eh but it remains of course that both can be used excellently from center bank its okay and on the one hand I really want money do I earn eh more eh Bitcoin of course and on the other hand also gnaws that piece of Yes I want to invest in lockheed Martin No actually I dont want to invest either and something that will bring us to an eh more 1984 society huh where the central banks and governments have their population completely by the balls, huh and the moment eh someone starts to give a rebuttal and that does nt have to be immediately in the Netherlands with this government and but you also know what kind of governments there are in the world and then a certain opposition, it can be closed off from all transaction traffic by pressing the button, in particular, eh, cash would have been banned, see if you can catch a bus again or have an eh pamphlet printed, or eh yes, the most basic things and you can control LG because you can no longer afford an internet subscription and that way it gives eh impotence Tools And hands of regimes that you dont want there at all and on the other hand there is of course the separation between money and state that Where this can stand for and those two movements and eh that split Well thats where we will be in full swing in the coming years that playing field has to be worked out eh with on the one hand, more far-reaching regulation with regard to the crypto industry and even further deeper eh impact can have, for example, if the travel role became that moment and on the other hand you have that eh that free system where we have important votes that we have to choose en masse and especially at the moment that eh Finance 1.0 is collapsing even further eh and at the moment that inflation is higher than getting higher and people are increasingly not an engine that it is not at all like to leave a money bank account I think that is an excellent entry point and me to immediately reach the people there with a different money system eh that is there so that they dont fall into that trap at a given moment eh of that beautiful digital euro connecting us all in quotes eh its not just so that someone can be completely shut down of course there are all kinds of other eh perverse incentives that eh anyway he power european eh So when a lot of power becomes centralized Well then she quickly thinks that they can play God and that they can make interest rates negative, for example, and people are forced to spend their money faster if they just do a an expiration date on the money eh of eh 10 or 20 percent of the money in your central bank account that vaporizes in a month and a half So Id better spend it or the farmer and Romania need a subsidy so we draw that from the farmers here eh in the Netherlands who going to pay out that money a little faster so that a little more comes in eh In summary you are just no longer owner Even Sovereign about your own financial trade walking Lets live stream to the app deputy managing director of the eh international monotary fronds proud here This state to tell how center I am going to enable these to currencies governments to check for exact evidence of where people can and cannot spend money on we think Sabbath inclusion is through What We Call gram ability program yes and when you should then carbon credits because we must of course combat climate change and in that respect I am all for it and but the way of further checking the population and what they do and do not spend their money on imagine before they can program the money eh that eh that plane ticket that is out of your reach because you have already bought a eh new large television Ehm and you can no longer spend that money on that bank account that is now Listen to how this potential program Ability Come help Common and agencies 2 improve huh But we must realize very well that this is absolutely undesirable for a free society where people still have freedom of expression Where there is a right to protest huh to make that heard against noise and when there is simply a right to own sheep is because you know the credo of the world eh economic shaping in 2030 very on Nothing and be happy I cant imagine it would be happy in the world in which everything is arranged for me eh registered Well at the same time that is a world where we are not that far off now either, but at least I still have the television of free choice eh, good thing I see this man eh from the inf who I actually like a bridge between I just focused a little more on chaineling and Im now going to focus a bit more on eh Kwant death and well if we just look at the course then its high time I did that of course because a run has made over Ledger eh if you look at this now at 200 and you had it in june you could have run out of it for an uh 40 bucks that s a 5 times and weve shot high ourselves and you see this one on the week its an uh undecided uh its an uh very big spinning dojy Kendall look a little closer to the day Then we see that a retreat has started where we are now ehm testing this one eh the 1.618 four benacci eh is that a resistance we know how to get above that and one will go for a while a little further on possibly to here 2,618 on about 290 or are we going a little deeper eh can get a correction towards 160 or well 130 Of course it will also depend on eh Bitcoin I think only bitco- or he has q&t he focuses on not attracted much from the bear market at least at the moment and since then you guys from this year good ehm good from Janet Jellen who is also fantastic of course We need a cbdc that will then give so many new possibilities make the jump to ehm chief product Office of Quant hey So now the consultation piece is back on the benefits of cbdcs and designing a system that can deliver them and in particular can provide mutual communication and you say our pay existing payment systems when it was fine in the feather kingdom so why do we weigh in at all the cbdc then its whole bulge reason huh They are not cryptocurrencies and although their block its technology uh comparable its behavior of ciper de series is quite different from that of the volatile crypto markets civiliziers its electronic electronic real time version of uh Cash money Well get money and there is therefore a weasel I differ because everything is monitored, isnt it in such a civilisi and that is of course not issued at all with Cash regulated and covered by a central bank and of course forests are much better than those cryptocurrencies such as etherium or Bitcoin Well, look what a central bank that money What they give how that behaves now huh but yes they have the series are programmable they can be automated and that is why companies and customers better check their payments to customers example what you give is that when a well delivered that automatic eh is paid without him having to put another person eh eh in between and crossporter Trans Action are therefore international and dance actions that can be easier to let cbdcs with the help of Kwant overleider it is of course the verrom this all with you uh go through and take care he people we have cbcs is security can it Stolen hacked uh or any other way erm well become a tarnish well Quant who believes that cbdc can be designed as secure as critical National infrasher structure and secured the way we secure the existing payment system and economies ehm well introspectibility would be hard of these well designed cbdcs also a good balance must be arranged between privacy and that is a joke and regulation BloX in Technology makes it possible to receive all information and from eh the means of kayac and anti Money laundry Rules without destroying privacy Well well see it look here you see within the Community hey there is of course also plenty of use there now siebels erm that came the death is ready that sensor thinks you can do that be able to operate the system because yes it is of course a one person Grote Markt and came Yes 14.5 million coins so if you have some coins from that yes then you are sitting on a check table as that can also be the case with link of course you are on the tick rope with regards to taking advantage of all the transactions that are going to be done on that uh swift network uh and here uh Swift is teaming up with kpg when operability is needed and theyve found it and working with krabge way to do a cbdc to cbdc transaction between two different ehm blockchain in the back of networks of course you do nt get to think like Bitcoin hes about closed systems eh two to corn and corda as well as Fiat money and government money to cbdc uh currents And all that in real time eh so say finalized immediately Well that s further continued now 14 central commercial banks eh that eh French beard German Bundesbank asbc No you can also read it yourself are there collaboration in a test environment to eh this further eh on the Scala towards a eh big story and well Here you also see that Chef where the parties are in bed as I said Swift is convinced that these eh solutions will put others and a tail to serve, say, language of Us cases and Here you are being spoken about huh this solution can a cbdc network eh its operators Enable central banks to eh to easily and integrate national civilis here networks about international payments through the introduction of a connector G2 and that is say the language used across Legends wide the connector G2 that is run is operated by the network operator and they can send all kinds of message all kinds of data eh they can implement the rules of it and there you are what all comes in from international payment traffic they can link that to the cannacy within their own network is within the rule exists within their own network and smoke here too all discussing not eh specifically mentioned They talk about single entry and exit he leaves them Lei with the few lines of code that discuss it is actually necessary within the epile to be able to settle all those eh normal transactions between all those cbdc networks eh so civilization a country a call it that and with a banks and the median well eh cbdc network a eh country azo can also stand there has its own script cbdc connector K2 followers that becomes Iso 2022 standard that is sent to eh the cbdc network or country B hey who also has such a G2 and can then translate that into their own situation within their own consensus rules of yes that Central driver sensor with a Digital currency of that country and the advantage when you have such a gay 2 here such a Connect there and it contains the eh neuecasse wer information then you dont have to identify yourself every time and meet all the reasons for that registration when you go from there to there because all that is already arranged here so that can be a lot of friction eh avoid Yes the know you two connector that has an approach that simplifies the maintenance of identity management uhm and it simple make all those networks tlt to dlt or dlt to well whatever to be able to accomplish but each see just needs to connect to Swift and that gay 2 and I therefore order consultations with that and that eh it will send the status of the transactions within the network and thus comply with all kinds of transparency between those different networks and I started with my client part of the collaboration between Swift and Capgemini well on the other hand KP has not used any way again Arkel technology to serve their customers and that is the bridge you want then read here in the Community of Kwant deaths it was released in the discord is also possible eh arcle blockcha is now Interoperable thanks to over leidschen, so with that the bridge from Swift to death has also been made final and that means that from now on Oracle will blow up a robust and future Westen blocked for more than 430,000 countries and perhaps that explains the run that q&t has had over the past period has made those new customers all have to buy some q&t in order to participate Ehm in consultations of course He runs third largest software third largest dust hair remains of the world is where 252 billion and uh Oracle blockchain is now talking openly about leidschen huh about a partnership and eh collaboration one of the biggest announcements of this year for consultations of course the team of Kwant is fully engaged in meeting all questions all eh requests so Im going to go very fast and eh blah that blah but yes the link is so obvious and the utility eh the actual eh that which is actually worthy of the q&t token well that is also clear to me in my opinion eh You can buy a license from it You can use it thanks to q&t keep Can you develop uh Ill get over it a bit faster of course huh you can have virus on the platform pay and you have to put in some q&t for each participant and with that q&t you have in it you also record your identity transactions that are fulfilled within with q&t and clients who have to hold q&t tokens to fulfill multi-chain transactions And when the license expires then it has to be the news with even more q&t tokens also a G2 eh that requires a four paid What a Fiat eh that that just last, for example, eh But they must have been paid with q Ent tokens NK earn q&t per transaction that goes through extra kunhetocus can be stepped to further increase the capacity of the G2 and in the end are actually q&t as a link yes not by definition for Meant you and me but of course it makes fun or fun or we will fill it up to be able to speculate on the value increase that this can bring in the future and will probably just bring center I am these currencies They are still completely eh inevitable and we get very sour [ __ ] over us if I may characterize it that way And yes you have to decide for yourself huh I think eh do I want to serve with that there were increases that actually are such On the one hand eh your tokens you wanna ants worth more You can sell the bitcoins sell something nice from your family for yourself eh the hole all went a bit better than that of one and on the other hand of course you do that at the expense of eh that network that is developing that people keep eh will grab more by the throat and will considerably limit the possibilities of eh of a coexistence and I have also resolved to myself at the moment that it will be promoted a little more concretely here in digital euro and then that I will be at the front of the protest but they in The Hague and I will do that in Golden Riekes way then you can do a few but yes In the meantime I have a link and I also have because I dont have that many panthers at the time I still have them and yes certainly one with stinky links that am I not suddenly going to get rid of it now and I have my conscience I say yes but link is much more than just for central bank this one is also something and that is true blockchain technology cannot do without oracles and yes blockchain is of course much bigger than just cbdc in fact cbdcs are by definition not open per miss you discharge ehm blockchains so I keep my links because yes it is a bit more specialized Well that is more focused on banks central banks financial institutions all around that is also eh 20022 standard or number 20.22 whatever you want whatever you want 2.0 2000 2 nice and important huh I know but then you get it if youve been raving for so long choose your choice and easy dont blame her I think but hey Well you probably knew this although some older news but you can see here if you want to be a Legend if you are eligible for chaining stitching in December so eh I already made a video about it of course a lot of them will also be made about that shanging stitching so eh if you dont know that yet Go and see if you qualify for this with your Wallet, but you must have kept at least seven links eh on the tuterium for at least 50 percent of the time during this period is of course a very high amount eh But eh Well who knows, you fixed that well Lets see if q&t can still pick it up for a bargain Put all ethics Overboard on the other side eh link has of course if we zoom out a bit more to make eh whole Run or maybe just an extra one to make a trap right with the whole Bitcoin crypto High Risk uh stocks happen in this world Were going to see it all I dont have all the answers either but well keep an eye on it for you and well watch Yes with optimism but also a bit with along the Beaver that uh that future that wef So I say people you are doing well going well on your portfolio until next time bye Er is geen ontkomen aan. Een digitale euro, een digitale dollar, een digitale central bank digital currency. Bijna ieder land zal ermee te maken krijgen. Maar wij zijn de samenleving en uiteindelijk bepalen wij zelf hoe wij deze willen inrichten. Tegelijkertijd zijn we met vele voorspoedige decennia dermate in slaap gesust, dat we vergeten lijken te zijn wat onze vrijheid waard is. En hoe deze zich verhoudt met nieuwe technologische ontwikkelingen.CBDCs, die komen er. Maar wat gaat alles met elkaar verbinden? Worden het de meer gesloten gateways van Quant Overledger QNT, of de open oracle netwerken van Chainlink LINK? Of wellicht beiden? Disclaimer: Niets in deze video is financieel advies. Ik ben geen financieel adviseur. Alles is louter voor educatie en vermaak. Heb je vragen, of behoefte je aan te sluiten bij een onderzoekende, enthousiaste groep, elkaar helpende cryptoliefhebbers? 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