foam for chainlink5 Tall Chain Link Fence with Double Gate Sanger Texas

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hey welcome come on in class is starting now welcome to affordable backyard University the weekly show that teaches you how to confidently buy backyard home improvements the right way this week were sliding up to Sanger Texas where a lady loves her dog so much she built them a playground in the country and thats next so just like every week were gonna start off by defining the parts of a fence that make it a good fence a chain-link fence in this case a five-foot tall chain-link fence has about four real parts its got corner posts its got line posts which go in between the corner post its got a top rail its got a tension wire at the bottom which is really important and obviously its got the chain mesh fabric now the backbone of every fence is the posts but on a chain-link fence theyre even more important because its under stress its being pulled that fabric is being pulled tight so those corner posts thats why theyre big theyre two and three eighths inches they are deep in the ground with maximizer concrete those line posts support the mesh theyre deep in the ground but theyre not quite as big and thats why that top rail has got to support the pull and the stress and that bottom tension wire keeps that fabric smooth and flat heres a great picture of a 4-foot gate supported by three corner posts but thats where the poles coming from heres her double gate so the mower can get through and oh my gosh is that the music again I guess Im gonna shut up let you guys walk and look Hey wed like to thank you for visiting with us on affordable backyard University if you liked what you saw click the like button help a brother out we make videos every week if youd like to be notified click the subscribe button ring the bell leave a question leave a comment leave a criticism if you liked it like it This week we went to Sanger, Texas. In this video, were showing how to build a 5 tall chain-link fence. This fence was specifically built for her dogs.In the video, you will learn what tools you will need for the installation. Download our new e-book BACKYARD SECRETS Know about 8 Tall Galvanized Chain Link Fence With Plastic Slats In Sanger Texas from this video LUJVy8G2dlc