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whats up everybody Logan here stock investor AKA crypto investor back with another video today were going over the 4chan token now the 4chan token just got listed on coin market cap brand new listing and they are up 442 right now doing amazing were going to go over the information on this token and how you can get it in just one second but before we do that just quickly I am not a financial advisor this is not Financial advice Im not telling you to buy this token or anything like that this is strictly just information take it with a grain of salt always do your own research first before investing in anything especially crypto because crypto can be very volatile also there is a ton of referral codes down there in the description box have a look at those best referral codes for the best crypto apps you can get yourself free money free rewards free crypto things like that just by using those referral codes down there and funding your account its real simple referral codes benefit both of us so check them out in the description box and lets get into this token here so the 4chan token its spelled four dash Chan is the name of the token and then 4chan is the ticker symbol uh there is a huge warning at the top of the coin market cap page that everybody should be aware of before even thinking about getting this token it says according to Godless Labs the smart contract for the following asset can be modified by the contract creator for example disable selling change fees Mint new tokens or transfer tokens please exercise caution with trading and all please do your own research so that could be very sketchy they could disable selling they could change fees all that type of stuff can really uh be a total scam so be aware that thoroughly do your own research you do not want to be involved with a honey pot or a rug pull or anything like that it doesnt necessarily mean a hundred percent of this token is going to be a scam but it definitely has a big potential to be a scam and they can alter these smart contracts basically in any way they want to so be aware of that thoroughly do your own research this is definitely a meme coin I know this is meme season right now everybodys pumped lets get in on the next big meme coin but you dont want to get scammed so thoroughly do your own research sometimes tokens may be up for bad reasons because maybe somebody cant sell the token uh the taxes and slippage is too high things like that sellings disabled and so then the price starts Rising like a honey pot nobody could sell and then the team rugs you you never know Im not saying thats going to happen specifically with the 4chan token but its a definite its a definite possibility so uh 24-hour trading volume right now is 8.2 million dollars for this token uh fully diluted market cap 461 thousand dollars and market cap 5.5 million dollars so uh there is a lot of people saying uh scam in the uh comment section too so it says dont be foolish um some you might get rugged all this stuff you cant trust the dab blah blah blah lots of uh lots of negative comments in the but I mean theres bullish comments as well its about half and half but um yeah be aware of that okay be aware of that big warning here now 4chan is obviously a website all about the memes and so thats where this token comes into play with meme season now they dont have a lot of information on this token either it says white paper on their uh coin market cap listing you can click on white paper but its only a two-page white paper and the second page is blank and most of the uh most of the information is just a couple lines on the first page so not tons of information on their white paper now this is an ethereum token if you did want to get this token it is available on uniswap so you would fund your trust wallet or your metamask wallet with ethereum go into the daps find unit Swap and then trade your uh ethereum for the 4chan token using the contract address that you could find on their web page or white paper etherscan you can find it on coin market cap you can find it all over theres even a link to uniswap on their web page that you can easily go to you can find it all over make sure you have the right contract address uh you probably will not have to change slippage because it says zero taxes so it says zero percent taxes on buys and sells so most likely the default setting for a slippage is going to be fine and just be aware there is going to be a little bit of network fees and gas fees when buying tokens off of uh uni swap now just be aware its a zero percent taxes so if slippage seems high then well why would slippage be that High I mean unless its like super congested but they dont have an insane amount of holders yet or anything right so theyre up 481 percent but according to their ether Scan they dont have 2 000 holders yet they have 1905 holders which is a good start theyre definitely off to a good start here uh with this token and eight or sorry nine decimal places on this token there is a total Supply theres a lot of tokens so thats a million billion trillion quadrillion I think its 100 quintillion tokens so thats you know quite a bit of tokens there so it says the this is all basically all it says on their web page right here is this line it says the 4chan token was forged in the fires of B and then its you know like a meme symbol there um and tempered by the edgiest anons around its the digital embodiment of everything that makes 4chan the ultimate online playground for rebellious spirits and meme Lords alike and thats basically all the info that they have on their web page I mean I know its an insane amount of info now if you go to their telegram which is on coinmarketcap at 4chan portal and four is spelled f-o-u-r its not the number like everything else 620 subscribers now theyre uh Twitter only has five tweets so far and you can find it at the same thing um four is spelled f-o-u-r at 4chan token it says where degeneracy meets crypto and they have a DEX tools chart that you can check out it says they just joined in May 2023 so its only May 3rd so this is all their Twitter is literally made within the last couple days so thats why theres only five tweets 465 followers and so it says never forget who made all of these theyre talking about 4chan and its got you know all the all the different memes on there tons of different memes like uh tokens that Ive Ive just done recently like they have the wojak guy they have Bobo they have MooMoo uh they have Pepe they have uh Giga Chads on here tons of tons of different memes that were all created in 4chan so thats where this this uh token comes into play in meme season they are basically the creator of all of these memes according to them anyways I havent fact checked all this but uh so it says this so this is where the normies hang out and it says uh yeah remember us airdrop waiting for our girl so theyre tweeting at somebody and those are their only three tweets available the other ones are probably replies and then on uh yeah on their white paper they uh really have the exact same information as their web page and besides that um on coin market cap it says 100 of liquidity has already been burned and the contract has been renounced zero percent taxes launched by Og crypto Wales and that is about it it says its a meme token on the ethereum ecosystem for Chan is Community Driven and cannot be controlled by anyone be aware of that huge warning though at the top of the page this token is not fully audited uh kycd any of that stuff uh theres some negative comments lots of sketchiness involved here so thoroughly do your own research before investing dont just ape in on any meme coin with your life savings and uh you know lose your hat now I am not a financial advisor so why dont you guys uh let me know in the comment section what do you guys think about 4chan do you uh do you think this token has potential or what uh leave a comment down there make sure you guys 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