SickBiker Tips. chainlink circuit breaker4 Worst Mistakes In BICYCLE CHAIN Maintenance. How NOT to do it.

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chainlink circuit breaker Bitcoin to go lower? Cryptocurrency... 4 Worst Mistakes In BICYCLE CHAIN Maintenance. How NOT to do it. SickBiker Tips.
this is a bicycle chain and it can work on your bike with you for thousands of kilometers never breaking and never failing if you maintain it in the right way so today on shy back studio Im presenting to you four main mistakes in bicycle chain maintenance are you ready all right here is this Shimano chain taken out of the box what we get here is of course the manual Im gonna show you that in the second super important one many guys dont read it at all the chain of course itself and extremely important part which is the link and here is the mistake number one reusing this link all right some guys say that Shimano want to just sell us those links and make more money more money and they tell us not to reuse the link but Im gonna show you something when I was 17 years old and I got my first Cannondale and had no money for tires for chain for anything when breaking the chain I will just do it very carefully so that I would leave the pin here on the outside link and I would be able to just reconnect my chain once again and push the link back through big big no-no never never ever do that if you see my bicycle like chain tool here you sometimes wonder what are all these rings that collect on the chain on the on the spin after breaking the chains this is the part of this pin which is no longer as strong as it was this is the beam okay so if I reuse the spin the chain might break in this place especially under stress when we are changing the gears and pushing the petals if you are if youve broken your chain somewhere you know in the middle of nowhere and you have the tool you can reuse it and go back home but just bearing in mind that it can break you know for myself it it would go for hundreds of kilometers but its sometimes its it would sometimes break but if you get home get yourself either a new PIN and just remove the one that you already used oranges by a quick link the quick link will allow you to open and close like break and connect your chain for many times because of its structure and special additional hole here and you can use it for many times as long as it doesnt open very easily which is more safe the quick link of the pin I would say for super important races I would use only the chain with original pins that was never broken but the quick link is okay as well so big big no-no reusing the pin when breaking the chain number two number two is not removing the original grease from your chain the original grease is super sticky it protects the chain against the moisture in the warehouse because sometimes the chains would wait for for us as it as a customers for months maybe years so the grease is there but its super sticky and its not made for writing I know there were some comments on my chain loop episode that we should just leave it because thats the best way to for for the chain to to just work for many kilometers I will withstand that critics and I definitely recommend cleaning the chain but how to do it a go for the KMC website they tell us the very nice instructions on how should we maintain the chain but Im gonna just tell you very very shortly I use the rack I use some kind of degreaser this is the Makarov I havent tested this one years so this is not my recommendation but I was just spray degreaser over the rack now important factor here squeeze it very very well and then once my chain is installed on the bike just clean the after the outer surface only the outer surface of the chain thats it we dont want this degreaser to come in between the links and just inside like under the rollers this is super important so not too much degreaser on the on the rack but leaving the grease and going especially for the MTB light will make your change so so you know dirty and your draftin will be loud and your gonna just use your and where your sprockets very very quickly you want to clean the chain okay third mistake is another extreme of what I just told you and that would be using some strong degrees stronger greasers and making so-called shakes so some guys many guys actually use degreaser put it into some kind of a jar and then putting the chain there shaking it very very well and you know the chain is clean and looks nice but you never want this stuff to be too long on the chain and also leave it there and here comes the instruction if you see here sorry Im going to read it like that it says in the warning part never use alkali based or acid based solvents such as rust cleaners rust cleaners Ive seen on huge channels on YouTube using those on the chain which says never use it it can cost break or serious injury so thats what I say now sometimes sporadically if my chain really gets super dirty super dirty and I cant just really clean it I would do this shake but only for a like minute or maybe maybe minute or two and then clean the chain so we use the water clean it a little bit right away because we dont want this chain to break okay so reducing the pins not cleaning the original super sticky Greece making very aggressive shakes often on the chain and finally the fourth one is leaving the chain wet after cleaning the bike overnight and you may just think that when you after cleaning the bike when you just do this the chain is already dry but Ive made an experiment once I did that and I put the chain on the heater on my house which was very hot overnight the next day the water was still between the roller and the pin because it is so adhesive there and it wont dry very easily so you have to make sure your chain is dry after cleaning the bike what I do I use the rack of course but I also spin the chains at very very creative backwards on the highest gear and then I loop the chain because good loop would also push push the water away so that is very very important so these were the four mistakes maybe one extra if you are using the the directional chain make sure you put it in the right side on the bike it says it shows you specifically here you want those signs to be readable so from the outside and the clean one from the inside of your bike thanks so much for watching give me some some of your comments just below the video what do you do and you dont do for your chains and how many can understand are you able to to use use it and and reuse your direction then after exchanging the chain thanks so much see ya you Visit my cool blog: HUGE bikes and components SALE: Where to buy bike products: Chain bike Chain breaker Solvent bike Chain pins