how much will chainlink be worth in 20222022 Realistic Chainlink Price Prediction

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how much will chainlink be worth in 2022 BNB BNB Price, Charts, and News -... 2022 Realistic Chainlink Price Prediction
everyone welcome back to five day crypto happy friday my name is chase today were going to look at chain link were going to look at link versus ethereum link versus bitcoin link versus the us dollar and were also going to get into maybe one important chart for bitcoin and also take a brief look at the dxy so if you like the video today give us a thumbs up follow us on twitter telegram and patreon everything can be found in the link below if you want to learn a little bit more than what you see in the youtube videos follow us on there so lets get started for link ethereum were on the three-day chart so looking at this what do we got well we got our trend line at the bottom hopefully our big support line going back all the way to 2019 as you can see after we broke uh resistance on this weve talked about this level quite some time this is a key level on the weekly chart as well so we broke that we came back down tested it before moving off to the upside but more importantly what are all these things that youre seeing well this is a new indicator that were going to talk about today so you can add this to your toolkit this is available for free on trading view so if you have trading view you might have to pay for the trading view account to get this but i think they start around 15 a month or so uh you can get free trials so i would suggest if youre in crypto for a long term its probably worth it um but go ahead and do that and you can its just this one right here super trend 10. now i dont use it very often i dont talk a very very often for one main reason first of all its just a momentum indicator so it indicates the momentum of the move and two it seems to be very you know uh not not certain if the volatility is high uh in these areas i dont ever use it its and i wouldnt suggest you use it as well but on the three-day chart i like it i prefer it this is my preference on the three-day chart has the least amount of fake-outs also you want to use it in my opinion again to get the most accurate readings you want to use it when the volatility is low how do i know when the volatility is low chase im glad you asked you got to put on your bollinger bands bollinger bands folks right here look how narrow the bands are right if you zoom out look how narrow that is that means low volatility when the bands are like this high volatility this this tool is not very useful but low volatility is key for this tool in my opinion again so when could we potentially get a buy signal for you can use this on any coin its not just for link or ethereum or anything you can use this on anything uh so on a three-day chart my preference like ive said low volatility how do you check that bollinger bands right and then you have those check marks right low volatility and on the three-day chart you come back and look at it and it will basically this is the momentum level indicator so once we get above this line we should print a buy signal that is currently to make it nice and even its just above this .01 level for the link ethereum chart so if you want to be super safe wait till that prints then it does then you would want to have your ethereum stack generally converted a majority of it over to chain link now if you want to do it earlier thats fine but just understand that the risk could be that we break this we dont have to hold this line but its becoming more and more um you know strong each passing candle that we get here so these are three day candles this is over 50 days weve held this and it looks like its key support based on back in here but look at this last time we had a really key buy signal with low volatility was 2018 over two years ago three years ago right over 36 months ago back in here its over i think i looked it up earlier its like 1150 days almost pretty amazing since weve had that okay so how what was volatility back then im glad you asked look how narrow the bands were back then you cant even see them right you can get the zoomed in chart but really narrow low volatility really narrow low volatility so once that prints again maybe we got this coming to look forward to right that would be pretty exciting so hopefully fingers crossed right happy birthday someones birthday all right lets go look at a different chart and get away from this but i just thought i would point that out now you got something else to look forward to on this weekend a volatility indicator all right uh link bitcoin on the big picture weekly chart look at our trend line that weve been making since 2019 weve held it as bottoms for 2019 and now look what were doing this could potentially in my opinion this is what were waiting for for link to explode against bitcoin is were being suppressed here from this big picture uh you know some previous support often flips as resistance after you break it which is what weve done against bitcoin so maybe this is what were waiting on for link to turn it around and really hit the rocket ship against bitcoin we got to break above this line again and start holding it as support on a weekly scale this could be key now what i like is that were so far were holding above our 21 week ema which were right on it right now arent we so lets watch and what this closes in two and a half days from now on sunday evening for those of you in the united states two and a half days from right now this will close as long as were up above here the 21-week ema uh we have a chance to potentially come back up and test it again if we break this were probably in for more downside action against bitcoin well see but key trend line on a weekly scale big picture thats what you want to use all right link on us dollar on the daily scale weve talked about this as well this is our potential golden cross approaching here you know some coins have already gotten it some coins are well beyond it uh potentially for link were probably still looking at another three to five days assuming that you know price action doesnt just crash back down here right um weve talked about support and resistance levels in the previous video so if you havent watched that go check that out and from a tuesday those should still be in there um short term like the next few days wed want to hold this 200 day moving average this is a simple moving average so right at 28 on the number we need to hold above that is until we can you know hold the 200-day moving average get more bullish and then start holding the 50-day thats thats thats whats gonna you know give us the catalyst that we need to make the bigger moves until that happens were still kind of just stuck in the mud here okay so last time we got a golden cross was way back here uh in february of 2020 before the pandemic drop right so we dont really look at that because its kind of the anomaly the black sheep black swan event so um the last golden cross was potentially probably going to lead into something like this right if we didnt you know if we could omit the the pandemic then i think we would have likely have been kind of in this area with this golden cross which we were showing strength across you know every coin pretty much was doing great it was starting up again uh before the you know the black swan which is why we recovered so fast right so been a while but after that you know historically golden crosses tend to be pretty good for said coin thats why theyre called the golden crosses death crosses tend to be pretty bad for coins right hence the death cross which which one sounds better and worse okay so uh lets go look at what else we got uh the gaussian channel this is polka dot lets get off of polka dot we talked about that yesterday get your chart signed up chase there we go all right link link on the five day if youre new uh we use the gaussian channel on a five day uh time frame it tends to be the most accurate you can use it on the daily or the weekly or whatever uh generally the higher time frames would be better to look at versus shorter time frames the shorter the time frame the more fake outs youre gonna have so on a five day tends to be most accurate buying at the bottom of the gossiping channel tends to be a good decision in the you know months and years ahead but these three lines will act as support and resistance as you can see here once you break one to the upside or downside youre likely going to the next one uh theres nothing certain in crypto but uncertainty but you have to play the odds right so playing the odds is why how all the hedge funds make all their money even the best hedge funds in the world are wrong uh 40 50 of the time theyre just right a little bit more than theyre wrong with billions of dollars so thats how they make their money its not like someone has a secret to success right its just they know how to trade a little bit smarter than some people and and only some of them right so thats another story for another day but uh getting back on track link usd weve held support here on this median line which is thicker for a reason its a bigger majority if youre coming down here youre more bearish if youre up here youre starting to hold bullish signs but what look at how much weve been in limbo here for link this is why we cant do nothing we get up we come back down we go down we come back up so were just kind of oscillating in between these two lines until we make a break one way or the other were just probably going to continue youre going to continue on the path until you take a new path so where where do we need to get to to make a new path im glad you asked its 34 on the five-day gaussian channel thats cut and dry plain and simple if we break 34 hold it as support on the gaussian it looks bullish right theres other levels based on support and resistance based on you know change from the daily candle daily chart to the weekly chart we have a little bit different levels but on the gaussian channel it says we need to hold 34 as support before we can get more super bullish than we already are so big picture time frame i think link is going to do quite well its trended up basically since inception the only people that are you know get frustrated with link are people that probably bought you know forty to fifty dollar range and just dont understand why i cant do anything but its up you know thousands of percents over the past few years so just patience in crypto usually leads to more profitable portfolios okay what else we got link big picture again on the time frame on the weekly chart uh our trend line here look at our bottom trend line this is the more important one than the top right because the top we only have one touch point back here and maybe one here id like when you draw trend lines you want to have at least three thats the minimum on the weekly time frame they tend to be stronger trend lines than like say a 15 minute chart right if you have three touch points on a 15 minute chart or three touch points on a weekly chart the weekly ones gonna be much more concrete so right here going back to 2018 again a bottom march 2020 a bottom and july 19th bottom okay how long are those bottoms between each other lets take the average roughly right roughly were doing rough here scruff mcgruff four 450 450 days lets call it 450 right how about to the next one well we got about 500 days right so what if what if we have about those times for their next bottom lets see where we would be so 450 would put us october about a year from now right october mid-october of 2022 for our next bottom look at the price its a hundred dollars i would like for a chain-link bottom to be at 100 that would be nice right okay what what what about if we do 500 lets go look 500 days puts us roughly in december of next year still if we were to repeat that and stay on this line which are both you know neither have to happen right we dont have to stay on this trend line we could go higher we could go lower are we going to who knows but just fun to point out certain things certain patterns if they repeat were looking at you know october to december of 2022 for a bottom around a hundred dollars give or take right december and hold this shrine might be a little bit higher now for the peaks look at the peak right if we get another touch point up here say and next summer well we could be approaching 200 look at that so if we continue this pattern stay within this channel you know on the high side we could hit 200 maybe maybe even a little bit more based on if we you know how long it takes its also going to depend on not only how long it takes but how fast we get there so if we go straight up immediately its its a little bit riskier uh the faster the coins get up there like our summer bubble when when link went from you know up to 20 right here look how fast it did this right think of solana as of recently how fast that went up thats why its struggling to continue that the faster coins move up its like a bullet train right you if you you dont really want to try to jump on the train because you never know how much when the tracks are running out but you want to be and try to get in those coins before the train leaves the station you dont really want to chase the train you can all kinds of troubles uh but so maybe were getting ready to you know get on the the link hyper train and you know to bigger gains all right so just fun to point out for friday you know i i would i my personal opinion i think were we will see at least triple digits chain link in the next 12 months at the very minimum i think we could probably see you know 200 if we take you know about another year i think its gonna take another year if if were going to peak in a year i think we can hit over 200 unlink maybe plus plus or minus a little bit um i dont i i just i dont see it peaking at 200 or anything like that if were gonna peak you know in the next three to six months its going to take some time uh the longer it takes the higher the ceiling can get so keep that in mind all right uh if youre still with me lets look at some bonus content we have the blx which is bitcoin it just goes back in history longer so and you notice this is bitcoins entire history on an rsi weekly scale this is probably the most important line in all of crypto it determines if you go back and look at these where we are here it determines bull and bear anytime were below this line roughly 53 on the weekly scale below it is bare above it bull you think of it like a farm if you if you like if youre into that the bears are on this side of the fence the bowls are on this side of the fence they can peek back and forth occasionally but if you spend too much time on the other side of the fence the other animal is going to eat your other one i dont know uh so so the peak that were in the the the market that were in right now generally in my opinion is that were repeating something similar of the 2013-2014 uh double peaks so theres plenty of videos on that um that ive talked about before if youre new here you might be wondering what im saying but if youre not new you know you know that im i believe that were in the 2013-2014 double peak cycle i think were going to make another peak in the next 12 months or so 12 to 18 months i would lean more towards 12 i think within about next year or so give or take a few months that we will peak again and if if thats accurate and we believe that uh look at 2013 2014 the double peaks right here and right here well look what we did we peaked under this just briefly and look what we did this time weve peaked under it although a little bit longer but look lengthening cycles lengthening cycles looks like this time was a little bit shorter this time is a little bit longer but look what weve done we look earlier this week last week we were actually under this this this lack like a hinge until we close and uh you know this weekend will close but this this we need to hold above 53. i cant stress how important that is uh we need to hold look at the start of the last bull market right we went up above it we came back down held at a support went back up came back down hell does support went back up came back down held that support its key we have to hold this if we close down under this and start coming down here were probably going to be bearish kind of territory for another several months at least till the end of the year in my opinion if we start closing under here watch this on a weekly scale the rsi on bitcoin you dont have to look on the blx i just did that to show you back in back in these areas these earlier areas so if you just use bitcoin uh you youre only going to be able to see back to probably about this area uh blx slash you go further in history thats thats the only reason so using bitcoin thats fine now if you just wanted to keep an eye on this uh i would highly recommend you follow that and keep a close eye all right crypto fear and greed index were at 48. what does that mean well lets go look at it down here so were coming back down a little bit we broke market structure after we made a low a new lower low right we didnt want to break our 42 level that we made back in august and we did right we came down here so now bitcoins fighting all of cryptos fighting uh to rebuild this structure so our house of cards collapsed a little bit prices are on the rocket shelves as you can tell the dxy is making some moves um the dxy needs to remain under 93.5 well look at that in just a second actually lets just go do it now were already talking about it just go do it all right uh bitcoin nope not bitcoin uh what did i say the dxy damn okay so the dxy our key level is we dont want to get above this 93 and a half what i just talked about right what would that why that level well were then we make another high or high that is what you not do not want to do we do not want the the dxy the dxys i dont know where these actions come from the dxy is just the us dollar index and when that goes up crypto tends to have problems and goes back down uh when the dx y drops we all know crypto rocks okay its its bad uh uh so we made a high back in march 29th we made another higher high august 16th so we need to get rejected off of this to say the least lets get a double top and go back down this is what we want to do we dont want to make another higher high or were in trouble plain and simple if were continuing to show bullish signs out of the dxy were going to continue in my opinion to show bearish signs and crypto at least for the short term now macro term we could put this on a monthly dxy and you can see if we put this on auto zoom out for the past you know 35 years the dxy has been trending down macro level this is 1986 back here right this is probably older than most of you so macro term i think the dxy is in serious scrap i think the dxy is going to be losing value in the big picture as it always has been but short term right we we we just got to continue going down here we dont want to start reversing this trend that weve been doing since basically 2020 uh if we get another big drop here out of the dxy which i think we will um this would certainly need to happen if bitcoins going to go to 100k plus um and crypto is going to you know 510x from here were going to go to uh you know 10 5 10 trillion dollar market cap we have to make uh the dxy you know get rejected somewhere in the not so distant future back down and lose these levels would be just absolutely phenomenal for bitcoin i would suggest ive always as ive always maintained that when bitcoins above 100k i would highly guess i would highly suspect that the dxy is is at or losing both of these levels these lows and making hopefully newer ones going into you know 2022 2023 something like that all right so now lets get back on track to our our uh crypto fear and green index so as as weve broken market structure made a new low if we want to build back up again we need to make simply just make a higher high or a higher low right we were high were building back up higher high so as were coming back down now we need to watch not breaking 30 again so if we come back down and bring 31 or higher then we can start building this up again and start building a new structure just like a building so you break you break the building down you got to start from scratch and start building it up again you dont want to continue if we come back down and were like at 29 or something its going to be tough for crypto to make any kind of moves that are not pretty bearish for the short term so watch that every day all right quote of the day rather failed with honor than succeed by fraud so true by sophocles a while ago those probably said a while ago when the name is kid sophocles named my dog sophocles uh those names were that whyd they go away i dont know all right meme of the day so its from wolf of wall street i imagine if maybe they can make a new wolf of wall street maybe 10 years or something maybe this will be in there about crypto be pretty good all right car of the day mercedes 1967 old school its one of our first old-school cars weve done 1967 280se convertible i like that color its like black rose its like dark burgundy but i got the the model car and the white one the convertible and the red interior pretty nice all the trunk and hood opens its yeah id id love to have like an old school car like this to cruise it around pretty slick what do you think old school new school probably old school guys are old school cars right you kind of favor what youre what youre used to but i still like them all i like them all so thats it for the day happy weekend im going to be out of the country next week so spotty wi-fi im gonna try to do whatever i can but for the four of you that are still watching this long um i wont be in this area uh next week but travel laptop ill try to do my best might not have video on my next videos but ill have hopefully can do some charts well watch keep an eye on crypto uh maybe ill have my phone at the worst case i can do updates follow me on uh twitter telegram patreon ill try to do more updates on telegram if i cant make youtube videos or upload or anything like that if i have some issues at least try to keep up with telegram throughout the week going on vacation again with my family because you got to live it up when you got the chance why not all right uh ill see ya right back here uh on the next one um peace and love i dont know uh ill see you on the next video let me know if you have any questions what do you want to see what do you want to be uh stop all right see you in the next video happy weekend happy friday happy length day every day is length day Today we look at a 2022 Realistic Chainlink Price Prediction. 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