Here Is Exactly Why It Will Happen! chainlink security$1000 Chainlink!?

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chainlink security Ryan McNutt - Co-FounderCEO - SphereOneLinkedIn Ethereum: Building Blockchain... $1000 Chainlink!? Here Is Exactly Why It Will Happen!
Well my youtube friends, it’s been a while since  I talked about that stinky, stinky cryptocurrency.   It’s a coin, you can smell it from a mile  away...because it reeks like none other in   the crypto space! So...the big question is. CAN  YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...what Sergay is cooking!?  Well take a big whiff, because  it’s time for Chico Crypto!! If you can’t tell from the Sergay hint...the  crypto that stinks like none other,   is that decentralzied oracle solution  stinky link! Also known as Chainlink!! Now I’ve probably been the longest supporter  of Chainlink out of any crypto Youtuber.   September of 2017...all the way back during the  last crypto cycle, just a couple of months after   I started my channel... I made my first  video on Chainlink, breaking it down! Please don’t go watch that video, it’s  embarrassing how bad I was at presenting   content compared to today!! But since it’s almost  been 4 years since that’s time to bring   the heat with Chainlink once  there is some BIG News floating around!! Sooo, I’ve been talking about Unibright a lot  lately, and their connection to enterprises such   as Microsoft! This connection comes through the  baseline protocol and their baseledger offering   which is in collaboration with Provide!! In early  October, there is a major blockchain event...ETH   Atlanta, which is the Ethereum event for  Enterprise. This is put on by Provide,   Baseline and the Baseleger...and as we can  see Unibright founders Martin and Stefan   are presenting the Baseledger and providibright  showcase. Scrolling down, we can see   Yorke Rhodes, the co-founder of blockchain at  Microsoft is also presenting, as well other big   enterprise names from Cona Coca Cola, Consensys,  Splunk, Service now, and even Ernst and Young….. But no Chainlink? Why no Stinky Link?  If you didn’t know Chainlink is one   of the 14 founding organizations of the  baseline protocol, which also included AMD,   Ernst and Young, Consensys, MakerDAO, Microsoft,  Splunk, and of course Unibright and Provide! So is Chainlink not involved with Baseline or the  Baseleger offering from Provide and Unibright!?   No, No, No my gotta look  further than just the surface level! It was announced last year, that Provide  and Chainlink would be partnering and   collaborating “to make a new easy button  for enterprise smart contract oracles”.   From the blog “Provide Technologies and  Chainlink announced a new collaboration today   that will integrate Chainlink into the Provide  API, offering enterprises a low-code framework   for building with Chainlink. This will  allow developers to: 1 Access Chainlink   data feeds by way of the Provide API 2 Enable simple turnkey deployment of   Chainlink nodes into your own infrastructure  and 3 Allow enterprises to consume premium   Chainlink data without needing to acquire or  hold cryptocurrency to interact with the network It then says “In addition, this integration  further positions Chainlink as the de facto   standard for smart contract oracles  within enterprise business process   automation by way of the Baseline Protocol. Chainlink is the de-facto standard  for the baseline protocol.   And Chainlink was being integrated into  the Provide API….So can we confirm that? Well going to Provide documentation and to  the oracle section, it talks of the easy   button mentioned in the Chainlink collab blog.  It says “Provide is the easy button for consuming   real-world data which has been oracalized  on-chain i.e., written to a smart contract   after consensus has been reached by a set  of independently-operated nodes oracles.  Provide supports Chainlink decentralized oracle  networks which consist of security-reviewed,   sybil-resistant and fully-independent nodes   which are operated by leading  blockchain devops and security teams. Provide and Chainlink have created the enterprise  easy button for oracle solutions in Enteprise. Now   jumping into the Baseledger whitepaper it says  “The Provide Framework streamlines the effort   coming out of traditional enterprise consulting  services, in collaboration with a customer’s   business process and domain knowledge.  Visually-designed domain models are then   transformed into code generated artifacts such  as smart contracts, oracles, and zero-knowledge   circuits. The Provide stack which includes  Chainlink oracles serves as a protocol- and   cloud-agnostic reference implementation for the  Baseline Protocol and this same flexibility makes   it well-suited to play a significant role within  the first reference implementation of Baseledger! Obviously, Chainlink is involved  with the Baseline protocol, Provide,   and Baseledger! Chainlink will be at  ETHATL...they just aren’t presenting   as... of yet….But this involvement goes  so much deeper than most people realize,   and it has everything to do with Microsoff  and the Speaker at ETH Atlanta, Yorke Rhodes… So if you didn’t know the Microsoft Suite of  tools are getting blockchained and baselined.   From Baseline protocol documentation, we can  see Microsoft Dynamics is already integrated!  Baseline is also integrated with Microsoft Excel.   Last month in the middle of July John Wolpert  tweeted about it, and it was showcased during   their office hours, how spreadsheets  and business data can be baselined! By the way, I’ll be joining the  office hours this Wednesday,   September 1st...mark your  calendars. Do not miss it!! Dynamics, Excel is based….but what’s missing? A  big piece of the office suite….Microsoft Word... And guess who is involved with getting that  piece of Microsoft to the Blockchain? Chainlink…  Last year, Aaron Wright, co-founder of OpenLaw  , the smart contracts legal contract company,   spoke on a Chainlink broadcast  and this is what he said! The Metamask for Microsoft Office, Oracles  can communicate with Microsoft word,   and smart Contracts can be built from them!! Even  legal contracts, spun up on Word by a lawyer! Although there is more...this  Microsoft rabbit hole goes   deep! So let’s dig ourselves a  big old hole for this STINK leak… April of 2019 Microsoft announced the token  taxonomy framework, a way to standardize tokens   and their creation by creating a set commonly  agreed upon standards for each token type. As   we can see the initial blog of it’s announcement.  Marley Gray of Microsoft was the author…. Marley Gray is a principal architect for  Microsoft, who has been with them over 21 years,   who directs blockchain business development but  also more..which we will get into in a second! Now just over 1 year later, the Interwork Alliance  was created. This was a global enterprise alliance   whose goal was to standardize token powered  ecosystems worldwide!! And this was going to   be accomplished in part with something called the  IWA, Interwork Alliance, token taxonomy framework!   Doesn’t that sound familiar? Like the  framework Microsoft announced in 2019? Well, it would make sense as Microsoft is 1  sponsoring member of the Interwork Alliance & if   we go to the board of directors, guess who is  sitting right there? Marley Gray of Microsoft!!   And now….switching back to the founding members  of the IWA...Chainlink is listed as 1!! Sooo, I wonder, oh I close  the Chainlink-Microsoft connections are?   Is there just a connection  through this alliance!? Oh   hell’s way closer and  tighter than most people realize! And I gotta thank Linky Leaks for finding this  one! They tweeted “New Microsoft patent with Town   Crier in the references : chainlink...with  a source to the patent and picture proof.   Give Link Leaks a follow by the way...they  are legit, profile down in the description… Well diving into the patent, we can see that  it’s for a ledger independent token service,   it’s from Microsoft and one of the investors is  Marley Gray! In the abstract it says “a computer   system executing the service can receive, from a  user, a request to create a token on a distributed   ledger network. The computer system can further  provide to the user one or more token templates,   where each token template corresponds to a type  of physical or digital asset and defines a set   of one or more attributes and one or more  control functions associated with the type” It sounds like this uses the token taxonomy  framework, to assign attributes to tokens!   But how does this tie into chainlink? A few ways  and it has everything to do with the references!! First down in the references, like Linky Leaks  said, Town Crier is referenced as helping create   this patent! Well if you didn’t know...Town  Crier, the hardware based oracle system,   was acquired by Chainlink in November of 2018! One connection down...many more to go! Also in  the references for the patent...Marley Gray and   something called Bletchley is referenced 3  times! Also referenced is another patent,   submitted in late 2018 by Marley Gray,   and clicking into that it’s for something  called a cryptlet smart contract! Now going to Marley Gray’s Linkedin it says in  his most recent job description for Microsoft   “Moved from driving the Business Development  strategy for Blockchain at Microsoft   to building out my baby, project Bletchley. I  am driving the architecture for the distributed   ledger application fabric for use with  blockchains like Ethereum, Sawtooth, etc. Now lets just play this historical clip  from 2017 from the Flan Man himself Sergay! Town Crier was referenced by Sergay, Marley  Gray’s baby Bletchly is highlighted and the patent   submitted by Mr. Gray in 2018.. Cryptlets,  the smart contracts, are also mentioned!   Do you get it? Because we do & why we like to  get so STINKY! Cheers I’ll see you next time! $1000 per Chainlink!? Do you still believe!? Chico does & here’s exactly why it happens!!It’ll happen because Chainlink is tied to Microsoft on a major level!! Chainlink is also involved with the biggest cryptocurrency enterprise...the Baseline Protocol! How big is Chainlink’s involvement!? How deep!? 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