is chainlink a good investment in 2022The main risks with investing in Chainlink LINK crypto

Bitcoin: Highway To The Danger Zone BTC-USDSeeking Alpha 1 day agoAs we can see, Bitcoin bottomed at around $3500 just before the start of 2023. The world's first cryptocurrency then rallied 346% over the next 192 days. Following this, we could characterize the Today's cryptocurrency prices: Check rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum, ,1 day agoThe market capitalization of Bitcoin and Ethereum stands at $594.41 billion is chainlink a good investment in 2022 The main risks with investing in Chainlink LINK crypto
is chainlink a good investment in 2022 Explained: What Is Ethereum Staking And How Does... The main risks with investing in Chainlink LINK crypto
I had someone guys is Alex cook and Im gonna make a new video talking about chain link and what some of the risks that I see with it so a lot of my past videos and Ill include a link below to the video where I was talking about why I like chain link I want to talk about just from a standpoint of being prudent what are some of the risks that are involved with it investing in chain link because look I Ive done well as kind of contrarian you know I like to Zig when other people zag like if too many people were telling me that chain link is you know the greatest thing ever it would actually kind of make me nervous I dont really see that right now in fact in general I dont really see a lot of hype in the crypto space and Im not talking about on like you know crypto media cuz theyre always gonna be bullish about Im talking like in more mainstream sources I see articles here and there but like the hype is nowhere near the 2017 like craziness when things really were getting out of control so one of the risks that I see in chain link is is it gonna really meet its value proposition meaning like is this too ahead of its time like I like the idea of smart contracts I think that they will play potentially a big role in helping companies automate their processes in the future especially things like derivatives you know I could see a lot of use for energy companies or financial companies that do swaps agriculture companies that do like commodity swaps or things like soy beans corn ethanol things like that but you know is this maybe too ahead of its time like are we really ready for this yet so being the first person and make something isnt always good from a business perspective so Ill give you a few examples of this you know nowadays pretty much everyone has a smartphone but it wasnt Apples iPhone that was the first smartphone in you know I Im not too familiar the history of blackberry but what I would consider well the first smartphone actually was the Palm Pilot and when Palm IP ode that was almost exactly that peak the Nasdaq bubble or you know take a look at social media know at pretty much everyone uses some kind of social media whether its Instagram or your instagrams to anyone right now but the first big networks like Friendster and MySpace like theyre not even relevant anymore or you know Google or you know I personally DuckDuckGo as a search engine but you know AltaVista like its not even relevant anymore like no you ask jeez you know some of these search engines that you know what kind of relics from the nineties being the first person in the space its not necessarily the best so if someone comes out with maybe a superior service to chain-linked I might consider investing with them right now I dont see anyone else kind of aiming for that value proposition so thats why I like chain-link but thats the kind of risk that I would look for is are they really meeting the demand that theyre trying to fill or could someone else come into this space maybe its a stronger player so if I had access to the chain link management team I would ask some questions on those in like how well are you serving how well are you serving your clients they knew they have mentioned some pretty interesting partnerships that I think have a potential to that but lets see how these play out because its easy for people to put out a press release its not easy to put out a product that you can scale so lets keep an eye on that the other thing that you want to consider is that crypto is still a very volatile space and its going to be like that for a while you know you do start to see things now like Bitcoin futures that trade on exchanges that could maybe act as a hedge of sorts but you dont really see crypto options markets yet in dont like futures that Ive seen or for Bitcoin you dont have that for theory em you dont have that for litecoin you dont have that for chain-link all right so it is still space where you dont really have hedging vehicles well not you dont really have any vehicles you dont have heavy vehicles period you dont have an options market so because of this youre gonna have volatility and youre not necessary to manage that volatility so thats a risk as well so I am still invested in Shane link at the time of making this video you know if you watch this video maybe five years from now you know who knows whats gonna happen but at the time of me recording this video I still in personal investment chain like I have skin in the game I do think the technology is interesting but no matter what investment is like keep mine crypto is not magic like interest an asset class like anything else and just like any asset class no theres rules you dont want to be too fearful you dont want to be too greedy you want to be realistic like people that are saying that crypto is just going to go to quadrillion market cap that crypto is just gonna you know change the universe you know kind of be skeptical these perma bulls also be skeptical the perma bears who say you know its just fraud which okay look yeah there has been fraud in the space like lets lets not discount that like the crazy bit connect guy yelling into the camera yeah thats an obvious fraud but now youre starting to see some projects that have some actually really interesting value propositions so Id be taking a look at those like lets not you know lets not stereotype everything just because of a few bad actors so you enjoyed this video hit subscribe know this is not meant to be investment advice as for informational purposes like Im not taking an account as suitability on your end you have to make that decision for yourself if crypto is right for you if youre willing to assume those kind of risks because there are risks in it but if you like this content hit subscribe and thanks for watching Ive talked before on why I like LINK. For the sake of prudence, here are some the key risks that you need to be aware of. CLICK SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! Not investment advice, no statement on suitability. Do your own research and consider your own risk profile before investing.Link to video on why I like LINK: 5qQ_YpU0m3I&t=15s