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hi Im Buckner update on link Im on the one day time frame here on binance Im gonna run through my two accounts for link my bearish count has been my favorite account for a while Im gonna run through that count first of all so for link Ive got us coming down here in a zed wave of a w x y x z like so from the highs so uh wxy for a w a b c for an x a b c for a y triangle for X A B C D and E and then a final Z Wave in three waves Im looking at this as a w x and then an ABC down for a y to complete the Z-Wave so this is the this y wave in y Im going to be looking at here in this update in a bit more detail so if we come down a little bit from here put it down to the four hour time frame lets take the volume off as well so theres less clutter on the chart for now um so this move here what have I got so Ive got a a b c down for a w from the from the triangle e wave here back in November to the W lows on the 30th of December Im then looking at this as an X wave where weve got a 3 3 and 3 for an X sorry W X and Y for the X wave itself and then for this move down for the Y Im looking for an ABC and I think we might be starting the C currently and the way that Im counting this is Ive got this as a wave one down like so if I just put this into a different color like that and then Ive got a triangle for B currently where weve got an A B C D and E and then from there Im looking for a one two three four and five for our C wave to the downside so five waves down from here I think is the most probable outcome for a link and I would anticipate that these laws here of that W are broken to the downside um it looks as if the I mean the X wave didnt come up as high as the start of the W so I would expect to get a brick of the lows of that W probably in and around the one-to-one extension of wave w and y so you can see here this three wave move for w rejected from the X wave down for the Y wave well the one to one which is a typical extension for a w x y comes in at five dollars so five dollars is roughly the Target that Im looking for link to come down to here from where it is at the moment which is about 690 which from where it is now is about a 27 28 drop from current price levels um is what I would anticipate here falling in a ABC um down where youve got a C with one two three four and five so Im looking for five legs down from this point um so it looks like weve started as I said weve started the first leg and then Id expect a retracement for a two then you get a three four and a five targeting that area down in and around five dollars and that would complete a three for w three for x and a three four Y and that will give us the final three wave move down for the red Z Wave as you can see there so that is what Im looking for for link I think thats the most likely scenario um over the next couple of weeks essentially thats what Im looking for for link um once that Z-Wave is finished that then completes that move down from the highs back in I think it was April 2021 it seems like forever ago with link lets have a look May 2021 that will give you a completed wxyx z um combo on the way down here and then from that Ill be looking for a new essentially a new bull market to to uh go from there really so that would be my main account for Link at the moment there is a slightly um more unlikely count but its still valid which is this one here whereby we are already in a bullish count and from these laws here back in December you have a one leading diagonal wxy for a wave 2 and then we are now in a wave three in yellow or we are about to complete a width two to the downside where you have a one and this looks like it will be another w x y down for a two now this count is valid as long as we stay above that pink line at 0.589 uh sorry 5.89 if we dip below there that invalidates that wave one up and for me the chances are then that the other count is most likely however by the time weve got past that point 5.89 were already getting fairly close to the actual Target which is at five dollars so for me thats a little bit too long to wait for confirmation I look at this as whats the problem whats the probability well I dont like this count that much because of the way this looks for a wxy the x-wave has gone considerably higher up than what I would typically like to see it doesnt mean its impossible but I just find it unlikely that this is going to turn out to be a wxy and then were going to head up higher just because of the height of that X wave there compared to you know where you would come for your W and then youve got your X and then youve got a potential y um or an A B C Y still in play I just find that a little bit hard to believe um that it would go that high for an X wave if we just have a quick look in terms of the move down here um for the airwave move down just put on a retracement tool um and if we put on that one you can see that its gone Way Beyond the 1.618 which for an X where for me is just a little bit too far um so whilst this whilst I will call this a valid count I just think its an online account so for me the most realistic option is a drop to the five dollar region at least break these laws for a w so if we dont quite get as far as the five dollars at least break those laws here which if I just zoom in a little bit um what love we got here for this weve got a lot of uh 538 so anywhere below 538 really for a c wave would be nice to complete a w x y to the downside and I think that in my opinion would be a very nice buying opportunity for link for the mid to longer term from there so thats my update on link if you like that please hit the like button subscribe and Ill catch you in the next one cheers This channel focuses on daily chart updates and technical analysis for popular cryptocurrencies. crypto binance bitcoin link chainlink Disclaimer: The content on this video and channel is not intended to be financial advice. 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